Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't Hire The Problem

This time of year, the decision to live one sort of way or the other never seems to be more prevalent then to say yes with a resounding voice, choose life!

In this season of joy, giving, and delighting in seeing the wide eyes of the children, there are those who have either suffered a loss, dealing with trauma, or haven't sufficiently recuperated from whatever has happened in the past. Take some comfort in knowing, you aren't alone. Singles have the same issues as well and has stumbled onto a "strange' path in dealing with the matter. You can read about that here (Make It Plain Lenora).

Nevertheless, for you, the mature true believer (whether single or not), you have studied, you have prayed, you have asked God, yet you still don't have that Christmas Spirit. The solution is simple though some would think that the weight of the problem demands so much more. Its as easy as considering your ways (Psalm:119:59, Proverbs 4:26, Haggai 1:5-7 AMP)  .

Before you click over to something that's going to tickle your ears or comfort your flesh (2 Timothy 4:3 KJV), just meditate on that for a moment. There is a root to what you are going through (Matthew 15:13 KJV). If you take just a few minutes, this journey could be a profitable one (1 Corinthians 16:12 AMP).

There was a plus sized model that had been hired by the most famous modeling agency in the world. She was in high demand having fashion designers calling on a constant for her to be their shows. From New York to Milan to Paris, she was in high demand and enjoying every minute of it. then one evening as she was coming off of the runway and about to change into another outfit, she heard a fashion reporter say, "she has such a beautiful face, if only she could lose about 30 pounds everyone would want her." The comment caused her to turn to see who said it, while doing so, she lost her footing and stumbled. As she was helped up, she looked to see who it was, but there were so many people back stage, she just couldn't tell. Once changed into the new garment, the stage designer whispered to her, "smile, you look fabulous!" She thought she was smiling. When she stepped out onto the runway, the audience oohed and applauded. The designers saved their best fashions for the end  and she was always chosen to wear the best designs. Yet the model was still contending with what she still needed to do to be the best in her career - lose 30 pounds.

The point to this scenario and the title of this entry is for you to watch who you hire (Ephesians 6:18 AMP). When an employer looks to fill a position, he/she does so because there is a problem. The position was created to resolve the problem. Having that particular job available means a solution has been in place. The employer asks questions to make sure the candidate is well qualified to handle the task. He/she doesn't deliberately try to hire more problems. The well qualified candidate might find other things that can be improved upon and has the solution for that as well. Being highly qualified is an asset to the company and an excellent fit for a long term employee (Matthew 7:18 AMP).

In the perspective of us as individuals, we do hire and fire as well. The comments we hear can be constructive or devastating. Construction is an action word meaning to build and make strong. Devastation is just the opposite. Like an employer, you have the task to hire that which is edifying, exhorting, or comforting (construction). The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy (devastation).

Parents can say some things that aren't always profitable for you, yet you might think, because they are your parents, you have to honor them (Mark 7:10 AMP). We don't choose our parents, we do choose what to think and do (Philippians 4:8 AMP). God is good. Best friends are there because of common interests that surpass any similarities with anyone else. Even so, not being raised in the same family does create a difference and at times can be challenging; yet there is a friend closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24 AMP. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You have a choice to have a good day or not. What do you say to yourself to seal your 24 hours will look like? Will the day be progressive or destructive.

The model in the scenario was already in high demand. She was doing more then the models who are the ideal weight and dress size. She was setting a trend and getting the entire fashion industry to take notice, but still one comment could have it all destroyed in a matter of weeks, days, or hours. If she hired that comment to be her truth, all she would have left is the memory with more photographs then she would know what to do with. It would be a portfolio to keep reminding herself, what could have been or how much she lost. Regret (Proverbs 10:22 AMP).

God says you are fearfully made, more than a conqueror, and able to do all things. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5 KJV). Goodness and mercy follow you (Psalm 23:6 KJV) . The Holy Spirit leads and guides you (John 16:13 KJV). Jesus is your Defense, Judge, Salvation, Deliverer, and Lord. Is there a better list of qualifications? Who else is more equipped to do the job? Who have you been hiring? What's been your truth? If you are being honest, we have found the root we previously discussed. Now rejoice and ....Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who Signs Up For This?

I write a separate blog for Christian singles for purposes of teaching messages that aren't readily heard over the pulpit. It is to tell the younger generation a couple of things that aren't usually thought of or expected. I have tried to understand why the older generation keeps such crucial information to themselves when we all hope that the next generation has much more success then the previous one - or at least, we are supposed to be thinking this way (Titus 2:3-5 AMP). Is it more amusing to see such young people crash and burn then to see them at peace with all that they have been blessed with? I try to understand why. The only answer I can come up with is - jealousy. If you have a better answer as to why you haven't taught anyone anything - I will make the retraction.

It has to be true in every believer's life, where we have looked around at all that we have been through and can still say that I am standing and still on fire for Christ. But then upon closer scrutiny, maintaining the stance doesn't seem like the victory that it was supposed to be (Romans 12:11 AMP). As you struggled through to get to the calling you know you are destined to do, sinners right and left are making what seems the abundance that is supposed to be yours (Colossians 3:5-6 AMP). While you drive the hoop-dee, Pimp Daddy laughs at you cruising in his Lexus. While your trying to put some pennies together to purchase laundry detergent, the neighbors who aren't thinking about God just came home with bags and bags of designer clothes and shoes. While you look at the spouse you married believing marital life was one thing but the rolls of fat or receding hair line is clearly telling you otherwise and a co-worker with a Cabala red string just came back from a European holiday with his live in girl friend. You just have to ask, what the bleepity-bleep-bleep is going on (Galatians 5:19-21 AMP)?

The subject matter for this entry has much to do with marital life. Its the look on the spouse's face after finding some disgusting habit that he/she never saw while dating. Its the expression of seeing the spouse as some sort of stranger. For some it happens within a few weeks, for others, it not only takes years but also seeing single life as the treasure once had and should have kept.

The institution of marriage is a wonderful thing (Hebrews 13:4 AMP). The sanctity of that union is something that all single people who believe Jesus is Lord aspire to obtain. The issue which draws me to write is the rush of getting that sanctity by any means necessary. When all of the fairy dust is cleared, the wedding favors have been taken or tossed, the bridal gown is put away once and for all, and the attention is resumed on the factors of life - promises vowed are expected to be upheld. That expectation is stressful to those immature not quite ready for absolute monogamy. Seeing skid marks in underwear, having to see your bride shave her armpits, or sitting on the toilet certainly ruins the mystique. If ever wondering why one wishes to maintain a certain sense of privacy, you now have the answer.

While the things aforementioned doesn't seem too big to discuss right now, when going through them, it is all one can think about until something bigger comes along. Which is what I am trying to get to. Originally, I thought I would never think about marriage again. I had been through it and wasn't looking forward to getting back into it. In fact, I made a promise to God when the papers were signed and all things were finalized, I would never do such a thing to myself ever again. I did mean that, much like I meant once I had my last child, I wasn't going to have anymore. But then in reading the Word of God and realizing why women were created, it would be selfish for any woman to make the resounding statement never, ever walking down the aisle of matrimony. Why selfish? Because woman was created for man (1 Corinthians 11:8-9 AMP). If she refuses to do what she is created for, she is going against her purpose. She would then be in opposition to God.

Then one sees where marriage has been going in the last 20 years. It isn't something hopeful to be apart of. Initially, we all think that our marriage is going to be different from everyone else's but most certainly those people having experiences in divorce court believed the same thing at one time or another. Just like a vegetable garden, the marriage has to be worked on so not to be over run by weeds, small animals stealing a meal, over growth of the vegetables, and insect infestation. When Adam was given the garden to tend, it served 3 fold. Adam had something to do, he was developing habits to continue to do, and could see if he slacked off from doing what was needed, something or someone else could come in and take over. This is marriage and the man's responsibility to maintain - or at least initiate the maintenance of it.

Women must see what he is doing before accepting a date much less his proposal. He has to have something to do and is maintaining it. If she is desperate to marry and doesn't see certain matters already in place, she will be the one doing it all. This has happened over and over again. She is exhausted, with children, and doesn't look anything like she did when he first took her "off the market." She becomes resentful and bitter towards him. He doesn't know what has happened to her and why she is angry all of the time. What he will say that destroys the marriage is that she changed. That would not be true entirely and most of the time, he knows it. He changed her because of what he didn't do but promised to when they exchanged vows.

I have a theory about May/December romances. I believe a man gets such the younger woman so she won't realize what the women his age already knows. It is why the men in the ministry I use to attend would go elsewhere to find their brides. They knew that the pastor informed the women of the church certain things that they needed to look for in a man. If he did not have those things, not to give him the time of day. The pastor expounded on a wealth of information, having been a conformed "wolf" himself, according to him. He saw the women of that ministry as his little sisters. It was touching and appreciated, yet the appreciation was short lived because there were marriages going on in the ministry but not to the women that had been in attendance for many years waiting. The wait served as temptation to dummy down for the men and pretend not to know what has been taught to them or continue to wait and past the test. The deception was seed sown to be harvested once the marriage had taken place. Again, bitterness and resentment would be the product of such seed.

In scripture, I was reading of other marriages that did not have the happy endings that is originally thought of when the exchanging nuptials come about. Nabal was an evil man as considered by David (1 Samuel 25:5-32 AMP). He was wealthy enough to give to David's troops after battle but didn't see how he had to be the one to loose his possessions for the sake of men that had done nothing for him. David was ready to drive his sword through this man for having such an attitude. But if it weren't for his wife, Abigail, to run and save her husband from his mouth, she would have been a widow sooner than expected.

Job was on his own having an offering fest for sins that no one confessed to him. How upset could his wife have been losing all of her children and everything she had helped to build with this man? She didn't know what he had done. She was over wrought. Why else would she have told him to do what she did (Job 2:9 AMP)?

How about Queen Vashti? She was minding her own business while her husband the King had declared a 6 month party of drinking wine. No one was drinking but him when he called for his wife. Why wouldn't she go to him? Was it because that is all the King would do is party and drink? Could she have been tired? When she didn't go to him, was it disturbing to him or did it become disturbing when he received the advice from a bunch of princes? After their advice, the Queen was dismissed. She received a bill of divorce. How surprising could that have been (Esther 1:1-20 AMP)?

When we marry, do we do so with blinders on? Are we so in love with being in love or with being married or with having guilt free sex, or with the financial benefits that come with marriage so much so we don't see the hearts of those we marry? The Word tells us that man sees the outward appearance but God sees the heart of man. He tests the hearts of men. With Him being the greater one on the inside of us, do we really have an excuse or surprised at what our mates will do over the years? God tested each and everyone of us. Many of those tests were given while we were going through the dating process, if we are being honest with ourselves.

In reading the testaments from the scriptures, we must be able to see that in sowing good seed there has to be a good product. God said that with every seed of its own kind, will produce that product of that seed (Genesis 1:12 AMP). If love is sown, love is given. If peace is sown, peace is given, If kindness is sown, kindness is given. What choices have you made? It is written, God said for man to be fruitful and multiply. While for years believers  thought this to mean procreation, being under the new dispensation, why not think in terms of the fruit of the Holy Spirit? If we multiply that, how pleased would God be with us?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Is A Husband?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post entitled, What Is A Wife? This would be the answer for what the women would like to know. There is balance in all things in Christ.

Most women have this image of what we would like for our husbands to be. If our biological fathers were wonderful in our childhood, the imagination doesn't have to go far. The only difference is along with that perfect personality it would be nice if only he doesn't wear his socks to bed, has washboard abs, a 6 figure income and enjoys it when his wife spends his money. I know, I know, then we have to grow up incorporate the Word and get real about the matter (Romans 12:2 AMP). Its the last part that many of us find difficult - the getting real part.

Getting real for some, especially if the wait is longer then anyone would have expected, is to settle and be flexible in not getting what we were hoping for. This isn't something I am guessing at but have seen, have done it myself, and have asked questions for the answers to be just what I wrote - settle. When making that decision to settle, it is because some other thought caused the original thinking process to change. The thought being that it is impossible to hope to gain such a person. It is the knight in shining armor, the gentleman that will not only be the ideal husband and father but will cause you to be the envy of all of the church ladies who married beneath them (Jeremiah 17:7 AMP). It is the not having to deal with flicked boogers, scratching himself in front of people, ear hair, belching, passing gas without  regard to whomever else is in the room, and so many other things men go through when they leave their 20's and 30's. I know, it isn't a pleasant thought; nevertheless, its better then being a spinster - right? Well, it is the end result in some of the thought processes with leaving the original hope that we can have all things too.

Why did you change from hoping for the best? Is it because of where you live? Is it because your environment is conducive of not creating men as described above? Is it because you don't feel you are worthy of better? Is it because you have been told it is better to marry then to be the age you are without a husband or children? Is the person you are with not someone who you are particularly attracted to? Have you already settled for Mr. Right Now? Is it too late to make the wrong right?

First, let's get some things straight about the original thought you had with the knight in shining armor or the wonderful characteristics you were hoping for. Remember when Jesus said that we should have the faith of a child (Matthew 18:2-4 AMP). It is because children only have innocent intent. Their thoughts are not bamboozled with negative words. Many times children have hopes that they keep to themselves because they would like to keep those hopes. Recall what happened to Joseph when he told his brothers what he had dreamt. His flesh and blood sought for his demise (Genesis 37:11-18 AMP)! Jesus also told the adults that it would be better for a millstone to be put around the neck of the person that offended the little ones and be thrown into the sea (Matthew 18:6 AMP). Why? Because the thoughts and faith of a child is what God has put in them. It is their vision, their hope of what they can have if they are diligent (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). Children know nothing of prejudice, hate, and malice unless taught by an adult. Keep your original hope alive and live it through all the way until the end no matter what has been told to you.

A minister assumed that I was interested in a particular man. I never said anything to him. Yet he took it upon himself to preach to me about who and what I am and if I am worthy of this man's interest. I wondered who did he think he was for telling me such things. He even got personal into what I looked like and if I could ever be worthy of this particular man's interest. I found the whole thing fascinating. Because I never spoke to this man or the minister in the first place, I never had to defend myself. I allowed God to be who He is (the Author and Finisher of my faith) and watched the show. Both individuals are no longer a part of the ministry where I was attending. That was God getting His revenge and it was so much sweeter then anything I could have ever done (Romans 12:19 AMP)!

I did learn from that experience. For the longest time I thought I had to be a certain sort in order for me to meet that sort of man. Yet Ruth was a Moabite and came to a place with her mother-in-law, Naomi, to meet Boaz (Ruth 1:22 AMP). Boaz was the wealthiest man in the area. Ruth had nothing. Esther came with her Uncle to enter a pageant to see who was it that would be chosen to be the King's new queen. Esther wasn't a queen herself until she was chosen to be (Esther 2:7 AMP). The minister preaching said that the man he assumed I was interested in was a prince among men. Then he compared who he thought I was to what he thought this man to be. He had no right. He didn't know me. He was dealing with his own insecurities and using me as his scapegoat. God showed him otherwise though.

In the dating process, there will be all sorts of men that will say whatever they can to gain your interest. He might be the knight in shining armor or a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is up to you to have your artillery at the ready (Ephesians 6:11 AMP). You have to be prayed up. In everything you do acknowledge Him. When you wake thank Him for the day and pray for what you would like to happen in the day. It might be such a small thing but faith starts off small too. Once you make this a habit, watch and see how God will change the course of your life and put you in an environment that is rich with all you need to gain all you had hoped for - originally. Pray for those that put those negative thoughts in your mind (Luke 6:28 AMP). Remember the verse about the millstone? Pray.

Finally, there is a verse that perfectly describes what a husband is. Most pastors don't preach this message (well, none that I have heard in the 30 plus years that I have been attending church services) much. I believe it is because they would have to answer to it themselves. Nevertheless, it doesn't make it not true. He must love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave His life up for her (Ephesians 5:25 AMP). This is a powerful statement. It says so much in one sentence. Is there such a man that can do what Jesus did for the church? If he didn't have the ability, God would have never put the verse in scripture. He (as well as you) can do all things through Christ which strengthens you (Philippians 4:13 AMP).

Let's make it a visual: If you meet this wonderful man and he has a good career and has established himself in the company where he is but you were given a wonderful opportunity in another part of the country, would he leave his job and go where you need to be? Or would he expect for you to leave the opportunity that you have to stay where he is? Here's another visual: If a man you are engaged to gets an inheritance of 6 figures and is thinking it would be to his best interest to have you sign a pre-nuptial agreement, do you think he had this epiphany from God or from his own mind and are you in agreement with what he suggests? The last visual: If while the two of you were dating and both of you were working at places that you both enjoyed, when you got married he decides that he would like for you to be a stay at home wife. Something neither of you discussed while dating. If it is upsetting to you, should he still expect for you to be at home? Yet these things have happened in the lives of married couples. The woman believes it is her duty to compromise every single time for her to be the help that her role is, yet, the man has not compromised anything. He is the head of her and expects what he wants. She is to be submissive to him and to do as he wishes. There is no compromise, yet the woman compromised with her original aspirations to marry such the man. Inner turmoil begins in such a union and spawns into something else that is not favorable (James 1:20 AMP).

The Word says that he who can find a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22 AMP). He would then have to make a search. Unfortunately, this has been preached to look at the outward appearance. Being under a new dispensation in Christ, we have to look deeper into that verse to see that he would have to find the wife from within. Does she have a heart to be a wife? If he finds such a woman, then he obtains favor from the Lord. He would have to rely on God for that. In so doing, he has favor. He doesn't get the favor unless he can do those things. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to note what he is asking and what he expects. If he cannot give up anything for you, then he is telling you the love for you is not there. He loves himself more then you (2 Timothy 3 AMP). There is no settling in that believing he will change eventually when you marry him.

Here's another visual: Whatever a man considers to be a part of his livelihood is what he has become comfortable with. He planned  for it. He worked for it. He is content with it. If it is compromised, he will do whatever is necessary to maintain to keep it. Enters a woman he hopes to be his wife. Which is more important? Would he give up his livelihood for this woman? He will obtain favor from the Lord with her. Does he already have favor from the Lord? How could he without a wife? Does he wish to obtain favor from the Lord? Would he give up his livelihood for that favor?

These would be interesting date questions. It is actually what the Lord asked the rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-26 AMP). Look what happened to him. What kind of husband do you think he would have made? Selah.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make Up Your Mind!

I have joined several Christian groups on Facebook and for the most part, I check in to see if there is an interesting conversation or question posed. Most of the groups aren't doing anything but compiling members. One or two have some finding scripture, posting it, and then waiting to see how many "likes" they receive. I give the groups a few months to see what comes of them, I even ask a question to see if there are any responses. Without a response and seeing how old my question gets, determines how long  I remain a member.

On one of the groups, my questions are rarely ignored. I asked one concerning my sister. She asked me for some advice but when I gave it to her, she became annoyed stating, "I didn't ask for a minister, I asked my sister. Why can't you talk like a normal person?" I was shocked to say the least. Treading on eggshells, I replied, "that's what I would say to anyone who asked me the same thing even if they wanted to know what I would do in the same situation." That response upset her even more.

The questions asked in the various Christian groups seem to also be a slippery slope. Those asking may not be Christian yet they choose a Christian venue to get answers. I was reading some of the questions asked and tried not to answer them. I read some of the answers, most of which were actually good yet others needed another question to explain what they were referring to. I posed the question about my sister on the site knowing that there would be a lot of readers and only the select few would venture to answer. Again, surprise is what I got when someone agreed with my sister.

Its not that I can't take criticism, I welcome it through introspection so I can be what God calls me to be (Proverbs 4:26 AMP). However, if you can dish it out, be ready for the questions that come right after so I can have a complete understanding of the critique (Proverbs 4:7 KJV). The "middle of the road" philosophy has been spotted with other associates of mine. In conversation, I noticed that certain behaviors can be overlooked and holy is used as the band-aid to cover rather then changing the behavior. For instance, we all know fornication is wrong in the sight of God; yet, if the relationship is headed toward marriage anyway, then....well, it'll be alright (1 Corinthians 6:18 KJV). Really? This sort of thinking is often without correction and considered socially acceptable. When did societal norms become acceptable in the church (Romans 12:2 AMP)?

A married minister was leading the congregants in prayer. Before the actual prayer, he caught the eye of one of the single ladies and winked at her. The Senior Pastor was told. He said, "well Minister Such and So has come a long way from where he used to be in that other ministry. It was just a wink." Services continued without a hic-cup, a dismissal, or a reprimand - nothing. Later, that same single lady was caught with other married men in the same ministry.

In finally reading some of the answers to my question and answering questions in their comments, one of the answers was what got me to write this post. To paraphrase what was written by one of the members: We all can write  a religious answer but lets just be real for once. What does that mean?

Religion is obtaining the textbook knowledge and using it as lip service. When you can use that knowledge and believe it for practical application in your life - that's Kingdom Living. Its obtaining the truth, retaining it, and living it. Answering questions with God in mind so He can be pleased (1 John 3:22 KJV).

When I talk, it is just the same as how I write (Colossians 4:6 AMP). When reading this blog, I try my best to make it easy and simple to understand (Proverbs 23:23 AMP). The foundation of the ideas is in the parenthesis with the Word highlighted and linked to the text so the reader will see I am using the only truth that faith filled believers have. We are to be like Christ, hence the name Christ-ians! How more real can that be?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You know who you are! You have been this way for quite sometime. Yes, you did the acceptable thing in Christian circles by going to the altar so all could see you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, but only you and God see how you really were then and now as you read this post (Romans 12:2 AMP).

As you looked around the church and see how many members conduct themselves, what were you thinking (Luke 6:45 AMP)? Did you really wish to be more like them in Christ, or did you just need one of them in your household so you could continue on in your dirt but be considered clean because of who you married (1 Corinthians 7:13-17 AMP)? Why aren't you ashamed yet? Look at what you have done to make that innocent person miserable? Does it matter to you? Has it ever mattered?

If not, you need to know something: just as real as God is to the people you decided to infiltrate, He will become real to you. He is good and His goodness continues as a Father. Would that you could be shielded by the one person you married. What if the one person you married called on Him for help? Shall I pray for mercy and grace upon your soul (1 Timothy 2:3 AMP)? Idk...I detest cheaters so.

Why? because if you cheat, you'll lie. If you'll lie, you will steal. If you steal, you will kill (John 8:44 AMP). All of these actions are the characteristics of the enemy (John 10:10 KJV). Entertainment of the these fruits is the same as the personality of sinners. Who do you think you are fooling (Galatians 6:7 AMP)?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Marriage: The Mirror Image

The common quote that is said amongst the Christian circles is, those that are single wish to be married and those that are married wish to be single again. Instead of tongue and cheeking it, why not look into the reason why anyone would say such a thing. First, was the person saying it as being married or single? Did he/she believe that to be true? If so, what is the plan for the rest of his/her life?

It has to be the eternity thing that has people saying the strangest things having nothing to do with Christianity. The Word tells us to be content in whatever state you are in (Philippians 4:11 KJV). Is speaking about the opposite of your marital status being content? It doesn't sound like it to the listener.

I was talking to a man who looked to be in his late 30's to early 40's. He is a married man and says that he is a Christian yet how he thinks is baffling. He told me that the internet has saved many marriages though, at the time, he didn't wish to be specific. I knew what he meant but really needed him to say it. eventually, he did so with guilt and shame. His salvation of marriage claim is porn. His reasoning comes from believing the 3 things most important to women and the 3 things most important to men. According to him, for women the 3 things are: security, family, and maybe sex. For men, according to him: sex, money, and if needing a third thing it would be children. I continued to listen to him as he made sweeping generalizations of what he believes women are thinking as opposed to men. I asked him if he and his wife had different perspectives why did he marry her? He used the analogy of starvation and sex to answer my question. This, I have heard before and is still no less comical to think of, especially from those calling themselves Christian. Nevertheless, when deciding to act on passions created without discipline, clarity is what is being sacrificed. The fog lifts when marital habits are put in place. Differences that should have been seen while dating are clearly defined in a marriage (1 Corinthians 7:28-36 AMP). Matters easily resolved by continuing the dating process are now much more difficult with vows professed in the presence of God, family, and friends. Because of these opposing matters, his resolve is pornography. With the admission of weakness, pornography only exacerbates any underlying unresolved issues. In other words, giving the enemy a place to do what he does (Ephesians 4:27 KJV). The enemy has only one job and is only terminated from it when the true believer gains new information from the Word (John 10:10 KJV).

In another entry on a different blog to Christian singles, I wrote about a co-worker coming into the realization of man being at fault for the state of the world. Men don't like to hear this, yet they know it is true. It wasn't unusual to hear men trying to defend their position and place blame on women or whomever else comes to mind; however, when I drive the conversation back to the Word, they almost look disappointed no matter the maturity level of faith what cannot be skirted is men was created first. He is the head of the house hold and the head of the woman. If he doesn't like what is going on - he can change it (Genesis 1:26 KJV). If he doesn't do anything about it, he can only blame himself (Mark 11:23 KJV).

With these things in mind, I asked this man who claims the salvation to marriage is porn, "why not tell your wife what you do?" His expression at that question was as if I asked it in Swahili. "I would never tell her that", he said. I didn't continue to ask him anything else about the matter. Whether he knew it or not, he just made drastic changes in his marriage. Its not only the pornography but the secrecy about it that will bring him a harvest he will definitely not like. God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7 KJV). Seeing that he has sown this seed, what is his wife doing?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who Gets You In Trouble?

I have listened to many ministers online, on television, on radio, and on tape (DVD and CD). I have been disappointed at some of the messages I have heard and have wondered why a minister that is supposed to be thoroughly knowledgeable in the scriptures, see the change in men because of the Word; and will still say things that have no reference to scripture. The truth as we know it is in the Word. Why would any pastor, preacher, minister, apostle, prophet, teacher, or evangelist speak anything different from what the Word tells us to do (John 17:17 AMP)? It makes no sense to me especially after the successful speaker has established a large following. That large following is there because of his/her initial belief in the truth. Any deviation from the Word will eliminate the large following. God is not mocked. God is good (Matthew 19:17 AMP).

This morning I turned the television on to listen to a pastor that I have heard time and time again. Usually most of the pastors that have had a television program like to use a by-line to grab the attention of the listener before he/she contemplates turning the channel. It is a marketing strategy that is used in most media. The thing is, the attention grabber has to be something that cannot be the same for the unbeliever that spotted the headlines of a newspaper. In the gospel media, no matter what the intent, the attention grabber has to be within the scope of the Word, otherwise it is deceptive. Deception is the definition of a lie. God has nothing to do with that (1 John 1:5 AMP). This morning the attention grabber was, "doing God's will doesn't mean you won't have trouble." He continued to expound on the trouble rather than God's will (1 John 2:16-17 AMP). Because of what I know in Christ, the speaker lost my attention. This was my second (or more) chance I gave to this speaker. A few days ago in trying to catch this speaker's program I heard a portion of the message: "the devil wants you to believe...." and then he expounded on the devil's wants rather than the will of God. Again, the speaker lost my attention and I either switched the channel or turned the television off disappointed with the lessons.

From that disappointment I thought about the listeners in the congregation, on the internet, and those that download messages to hear over and over again believing it to be the truth (James 5:19-20 AMP). There were, no doubt, steps to take to continue on in such denial of what the Lord says to do (Luke 6:46 AMP). First, when hearing something any clergy says, it must be positive and in the direction of the life that the Lord came to give us all (John 10:10 AMP). Listen to what is being emphasized. If it sounds more like the embers to a pity party rather than the supplies to an all day victory celebration, you must make the decision if it is in your best interest to stay in that ministry.

Second, if any speaker starts speaking about the devil, his antics on what he can do, and the fear that comes with those antics, please listen for the balance in that message. Know that the devil doesn't do anything that he isn't directed to do (Job 1:7-10 AMP). The devil cannot come unless there has been disobedience somewhere. The devil cannot disrupt the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The devil cannot infiltrate the anointing (Acts 10:38 AMP). The enemy is the enemy because of righteousness. The opposite of righteousness is unrighteousness. Confess your faults and righteousness is resumed (1 John 3:8 AMP). This is what must be stressed over and over again. Enough with the devil already (James 5:13-16 AMP)!

Finally, doing God's will maintains peace. He is a good god and would not have you to perish. He would that all men come into the knowledge of the truth. Why? Because it would be to the benefit of all men (2 Peter 3:9 AMP). If a speaker tells you that he/she will have trouble in listening to God, why then would anyone wish to be Christian? How would an unbeliever then wish to hear anymore that is being said? The truth is, if one experiences trouble when he/she is doing all that he/she knows how to do in Christ, the trouble experienced isn't trouble at all but the flesh trying to resurrect (John 6:63 AMP). If you recall in the Old Testament, Jonah was swallowed by a whale because he refused the will of God. Jonah wished do his own will. Another familiar book is with Sampson. He was blessed of God. When he stopped listening to the instruction of his parents, his troubles began. He found honey in a carcass and ate it also offered the honey to his parents. He then told the secret of his strength; as a result, he was held as prisoner and was made blind. With this same topic, we cannot forget Joseph. Joseph carried the blessing of God with him, how different or free from trouble would his life been if he kept the intimate details of what God gave him to himself? From being left for dead to being accused of rape, Joseph had trouble along with Jonah and Sampson. Was that because of God's will or their own will?

God gives us instruction to do what is good and acceptable in His sight. In being a man-pleaser, we open ourselves for trouble to come. Man might give that temporary praise but is the one who created man pleased? Will there be consequences for that action. The Word tells us that there is (Ephesians 5:6-17 AMP).

With sound instruction comes maturity. Maturity is a process as a baby learning how to walk. The baby falls now and again but never gets to the point of not wanting to continue. The bumps and falls along the way are necessary lessons learned even at that age into what not to do. The baby has a goal to stand upright and walk without falling. He/she wishes to hold his/her head up and be upright. Once the practice of walking is secure, the baby is no longer called a baby but a toddler. He/she doesn't wait to learn that walking is just the beginning. Running is the next level. Most toddlers are not satisfied until that level of running is met as well. These stages of natural development is also seen spiritually.

Spiritually, our baby steps are the 10 Commandments. We learn them and then tests come for us to apply what has been learned. God becomes real to us all when we pass the test (1 Thessalonians 2:4 AMP). Trouble comes when we resort to the natural skill we had before coming into the knowledge of the truth. From that trouble comes a trial (James 1:2-4 AMP). If the Word is still not used, then punishment is the result (James 1:13-16 AMP). Jesus is Lord and our defense (Psalm 94:22 KJV).

Keeping these things in mind and using them as a part of our daily living gives us all things that is described in the Word (Matthew 6:33 AMP). God's will is for us to live, to the full, and in abundance. The tests are good. Sometimes babies and toddlers fall. Trials come and they are good too. If we believe, we will receive and get back up, dust ourselves off, to maintain the faith. We have to get to the next level. Just like a natural baby or toddler, we seek what the next thing is for us to conquer. Once we have moved from the milk of the Word and can chew on the meat, we entire into liberty that Jesus spoke of. He said that the lambs can come in and out of the gate (John 10:1-9 AMP). This means we are so saturated in Christ, that no matter what we do, because of righteousness we will always be in Him. We cannot be influenced to be anything else but Christian (1 Corinthians 8:9 AMP). This by no way mean, once save always saved. God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7 AMP). If one believes that God will continue to see acts of disobedience as unrighteousness and confession is the cure - do not be fooled. God's tolerance of belligerence and disregard of the faith is documented over and over again. Ministers that preach otherwise - be warned (Matthew 7:21-23 AMP)!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What Is A Wife?

A question seemingly to be obvious but the truth of the matter is, most women enter the institution of marriage with a blind fold on hoping to feel for the target as she goes along (Psalm 119:105 KJV). In the past few decades, however, women might think that which is apparent, we have been missing it. Well, that's what divorce is. It is apparent to one what to do and the other is not in agreement. The lack of agreement over a given period of time is failure to maintain the one-ness that marriage is; which is the definition of divorce. It takes two to be married - so, it can't be the fault of one without the other. Right?

Coming to this conclusion, too many women have agreed to do some things different after processing other failed relationships in their minds. However, they don't realize that it sells themselves short of the treasure that women really are. Some women have agreed in many circumstances just to live together without some superficial paper stating what the two (the man and woman) have claimed to be in their own minds - married. This way, if it doesn't work out, each can go their separate ways without all of the red tape, lawyers and money involved (Galatians 6:7 AMP). Both have learned a lesson and the next time won't make those same mistakes. It works out perfectly and no one gets hurt. Right?

Here's the funny thing though, if it is just a superficial piece of paper why does it mean so much when the process begins? When celebrities that have lived together for years in harmony (supposedly) and then get married, why does that superficial piece of paper the reason for the demise of their union? Why is it that the difference between making those vows (promises) to do what the minister, clergy, or officiant, tells the two to repeat causes some to stutter, cry, or even pause at what is being said. If its so superficial, why get cold feet after all of the money has been spent, invitations have been sent, and the tailoring of all of the clothes have been done? Its the same person that you have been dating in front of the same people invited to come and celebrate with you just to get a simple supposedly superficial piece of paper (1 Corinthians 7:1-5 AMP). Right?

Yet, in all of that process of trying to figure what is and isn't superficial or what is good in the sight of God, no one has taken the time to find out what would be good for the two individuals getting hitched for the rest of their lives. No one has taken the time to see if that can be done and will it affect the Kingdom Life that was sought after all while the two were single. In some ministries, there is marital counseling and thank God for the insight there; nevertheless, before the two become one, there should be counseling individually for each to understand what is expected of the other.

We hope that the two are mature enough to figure this out for themselves, yet the truth of the matter can be read in black and white as the divorce rate is anything but zero. The answer is not for the two to live together in secret and hope that it will all work out, God is not mocked. The answer is not for the two to live with the parents of the other so the parents can figure it out for the son; and then, if that doesn't work, the parents can send her on her way but the son is saved and she will have to pick up the pieces with her own family. Gee, how loving!

When the two receive counseling individually, then let the next session be together as they come to realize some things. Did she wish to work outside of the home? Did she wish to have children? How many, if she does? Did she realize that she is supposed to be the help to her husband? What does this help mean to her?Did she know that he will be the head of her (Ephesians 5:23 KJV)? Did she know that she is to reverence him (1 Peter 3:2 AMP)? Does she know what reverence means? Does she know that he is to love her as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25 KJV)? Does she know what that means? Does she know that she is to be submissive to her husband (Ephesians 5:22 AMP)? Does she know that the verse above that one is that they are suppose to submit to each other (Ephesians 5:21 AMP)? Does she know that arguing isn't healthy in a marriage or any relationship (James 1:20 AMP)? These are the things that are baffling to many people, even those not seeking to be married. These are things that are necessary to be known to have Kingdom Living (Romans 14:17 KJV). Without Kingdom Living in place, marriage will not be the catalyst that will give it to the individual or the couple.

To answer the question, what is a wife, one would have to find out what Jesus expected from the church then make it applicable to the individual. This can be different to each of us because we are assigned different tasks in the body of Christ. Be as it may, she has to know what it is that God has spoken in her heart to do. This way when the right man comes and asks for her hand, he is going to treat her as it is written. She will recognize the greater one on the inside of him because He is the same on the inside of her. They are equal and joy, peace and righteousness can continue and are all the more stronger for it. Selah.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

When The Money Is Funny, Then....

What? The world says when the money is funny so is the honey. I say, if the honey gets funny because of the money then there wasn't that much honey there to begin with. Why wouldn't common sense kick in if a relationship goes South because of financial difficulties? The question should be, why is there famine in the land and why is it affecting you (Psalm 91:9-11 AMP)?

In Christian circles, it is said, when the money gets funny its God trying to get your attention. Where in the name of all things decent is that written in the Word? Where did that understanding come from in translation? Which story, what chapter or verse, just show me and I will make my apologies for being so upset at believing this swill for so long.

Seriously, when my funds started dwindling and it seemed I was living paycheck to paycheck, I went before the Lord and asked what did I do, or what did I need to do? It is how I had been taught. It says in the Word that when your pockets feel as if there are holes in them for us to consider our ways (Haggai 1:5-7 AMP). It is what I was doing. I was studying the Word, I acknowledged God, I had volunteered in various auxiliaries, I assisted with the ministry of the church I was attending, I gave the tithe and offering faithfully, I considered my employer as I did what I was assigned to do, and I honor my parents. What did I leave out? Where was I disobedient? I didn't know and my finances continued to dwindle. It didn't take long before I went from asking God to worrying about what I did wrong (2 Timothy 1:7 AMP).

Why did I think this way? Because of what happened to Job. He was scared that his children was sinning so he made a sacrifice to atone for sins they never confessed to (Job 1:5 AMP). Because of these acts Job did, he lost everything - including his children (Job 1:13-17 AMP). After all was gone, Job spoke out from what he was going through and the reader could see, how he thought of himself (Job 9:21-30 AMP). When God spoke to him, to me it was as if being chastised (Job 38:4-39 AMP). The voice of God seemed angry. He said to Job, when did he ever do the kinds of things that God has done? I never wish to hear such questions presented to me because of what is on or in my heart. So I did as the Word tells us to do, I considered my ways.

There are times in all of our lives where we don't like the things that we have done, for one reason or another. I heard some call themselves stupid and even hit their heads against walls. Some have gone to the extreme with abusive acts such as cutting and some women have shaved their heads. In the bible, men covered their heads with sackcloth and threw ashes over themselves. Job cursed the day he was born. How many of us have ever done that?

God said that He knew us before we were formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5-10 AMP). When He created everything (including man),  it almost seemed that He paused marveling at His own works. His critique of what He had done, is that it is good. Would it be blasphemous for us to say anything different then what God said? He told us to speak good things. Was there an addendum when it came to our individual acts that aren't pleasing in our own eyes? If being the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus means that we are in right standing with Him, could the words we speak take us out of that standing?

The Word tells us that an indecisive man will receive nothing from the Lord (James 1:6-7 AMP). The abundant life has been given to us from the Lord. If we speak things that are not in agreement with what God says about us, is that being indecisive when we had chosen life to begin the process of salvation? With salvation being what it is from God through the acts of Jesus our Lord, do we still have it based on the derogatory words we spoke about ourselves? Jesus came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18 AMP). Do we set ourselves captives again by the negative words we speak on ourselves and each other (Luke 6:45 AMP)? The Word says, there isn't another salvation to occur; therefore, we are not to take so lightly what Jesus has done for us - ever (Acts 4:12 AMP)!

So the money is funny, what are you to do? The Word tells us that storms will come. The Word also tells us that Jesus was tempted of the devil and used the Word for the devil to flee. This tells me when things come about that are not in the plan of prosperity (or my success in Christ), then use the Word and continue to do so resisting the urge to worry or complain. For it is faith that caused Jesus to react. It is the Word that cannot return to God void (Isaiah 55:11 KJV). To use both shows how much you have matured in Him. He cannot help but to be pleased.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It Was A Mistake

A mistake is a missed opportunity, a lapse in judgment, a wrong turn, a word spoken too soon, a signed contract based on the personality of a con artist, or a business deal gone awry. A mistake isn't repeated because it is costly whether it is financial, a person's time, or the direction of one's life.

Many car accidents come from the mistake of depth perception, running an amber light, not looking out of the correct mirror, or just plain arrogance. The same mistake is rarely repeated, if actually a mistake, because people value their vehicles. Trusting a Realtor with an attractive smile to purchase a house or a piece of land and later finding that the property has faulty wiring or flood damage is a mistake not repeated because people value not wasting their hard earned money. Allowing a stylist creative license with hair having the end result of looking crazy is never repeated because people value the opinions of others. A mistake isn't something fondly remembered nevertheless, is reminded of so not to do it again.

Using the phrase, a mistake, has been abused. People have had affairs, misappropriated funds, has run from the law, ruined families, people have lost their minds and lives based on someone stating that they have made a mistake.

A mistake is not a preconceived, premeditated, plan for action. People attend college and are trained for certain positions of employment so not to make a mistake especially while on the job. A doctor making a mistake makes him a liability. His/her insurance rates are too high to meet. Other doctors try not to associate themselves with a medical professional who has made a mistake. Police officers carry lethal weapons and have to rely on the months and months of training so not to withdraw their weapon too soon but soon enough so not to become the victim. A lawyer without the right strategy can make a mistake causing his/her client to receive an unjust punishment. A mistake for trained professionals is the difference between having a career and being unemployed.

In Christianity, a minister, speaker, or anyone calling themselves "the mouth piece of God" cannot have the luxury of stating that they have made mistakes. They have been to school and have had their own personal study. They have been in prayer and have a close, continuing relationship with God having taken on the responsibility of feeding the flock. He/she cannot afford to give the flock tainted or spoiled spiritual food. It is the difference of having a flock for the next sermon and closing the ministry down. There would be no reason for such a profession to make a mistake over that pulpit because of so many other factors have been set for such a thing not to happen. Much like a doctor or lawyer with the concentration being specifically on one subject so that he/she could do the best job for their client. The same with the clergy only not to be pleasing to man, but pleasing to God having still the assignment that has been given to them. After all, how many times have we heard that the pastor, minister, evangelist, preacher, or bishop have said that they have not taken their assignment lightly but has count it as an honor and a privilege?  How then would a mistake happen? How then could they have heard anyone else but the voice of the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-5 AMP)?

In that same vein, with a Christian couple knowing the basics of what is expected from the two of them that have become one in front of witnesses, how could a mistake happen within that couple? How could he/she be in an uncompromising position knowing not only that the vows spoken weren't just lip service but also that they have received the blood bought salvation of Christ, Who sees all? How could anyone with these factors in place (Christianity, the blood of the lamb, the anointing, a spouse, integrity, character, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit), then decide to embezzle funds from their place of employment, cheat on their taxes, lie to cover for a friend, manipulate to cause confusion, have an affair just to do it, plot revenge, continually be late on a job, start an argument to distract from the real issue, gossip, brag, or be a dead beat parent? All of which has been rationalized with - it was a mistake (2 Peter 2:20-22 AMP).

One of my favorite television shows for the last 20 years is COPS. It is the first reality show I believe that has come on T.V. and is credible. I watch the show and feel comforted that there are those that have been employed to uphold the law and no matter how fast the criminal runs, or cries, pleads for the officer to let him/her go with a warning, the officer doesn't say a word until he hears what is necessary from the device he has strapped to his shoulder. The information given back dictates what the officer will do to this person. If a repeating offender, there is no amount of tears that will sway the officer from doing his/her appointed assignment (Romans 13:4 AMP). It could be a traffic violation. If the offender did not appear in court at the date given, the judge issues a warrant for arrest. There is no skipping out on that court date. Once found, he/she will serve jail time. Those committing felonies, get the royal treatment especially if they run. Pepper spray, taser, canine officer, billy club, whatever device necessary to be used to subdue the non-complaint individual, it is used and well deserving because of the offense. It is written in scripture - I would suppose that's why it is so comforting to watch.

God is good. He is our Heavenly Father to those who believe. He is the creator of us all. How then would He allow for anarchy to continue and those perpetuating it to live a care free life. It doesn't happen for them and it would never happen to those who believe. Mistakes repeated are not mistakes. No one is fooled - not man and definitely not God. If man (in the authority of police, judge, or parole officer) doesn't take the opportunity to give correction, correction will be. God will see to it (Proverbs 2:8-10 AMP). Disregard what is written if that's what will make you feel better (Proverbs 1:7 AMP). Just know when making a plan, right it down. One is less likely to make mistakes. To call a foiled plan a mistake is deceptive. Deception is evil. With God being good, evil will never reign - ever!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey Preacher, You Said If I Did This Then...!

This is an entry that took time for me not to write from emotion but from the Word of God. I figured if I felt like this at one time, there had to be more then just me feeling the same way. The purpose in writing this is not to pacify the flesh, which would be the only reason for thinking that you are owed something for being a Christian and doing what is right in the sight of God, but for you to see the truth and to be set free from the obstacles that is keeping you from obtaining all that God has for you.

In going to the altar, or at your bedside or in your living room after hearing a message on television or where ever you were in accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior you were immediately put into the family expecting to go to heaven in the day of His return (Romans 10:9 AMP). You then realize (some sooner then later), that you have to know more of this life you just chose to live. What is expected of you? What is it that you need to change to be a true believer (Matthew 6:33 AMP)? What is all of the joy that other believers are talking about (Romans 14:17 KJV)? How can you learn more about this Jesus that now is Lord over your life (Mark 8:34 KJV)?

Weren't these the questions you had when first coming into the knowledge of the truth? There had to be more after you thought you were doing all that you were supposed to be doing only to find out that there was even more and then some more and then just a little bit more until you can get to where everyone else seems to be. When did you get fed up? Are you fed up now? What are your options? Are you tempted to go back out into the world? Do they (sinners) have it better then where you are now (Proverbs 23:17 KJV)? What happened? Where is the peaceful life in abundance that was promised to you (Colossians 3:15 AMP)? Did the preacher mean that's what was going to happen when you get to heaven? Well, what about now? Do you have direction now (Isaiah 32:17 KJV)?

It is a frustrating state of affairs especially when the whole reason acceptance into salvation was agreed upon was through fear. You know, the fire and brimstone message (2 Timothy 1:7 AMP). It is why there are so many that start to have a wondering eye (Proverbs 6:24-26 AMP). The message preached wasn't preached from the foundation of who God is - Love (1 John 4:8 AMP). There has to be love radiating from each message that a minister preaches otherwise he/she is on their own personal agenda to manipulate those that will hear. If it is not to increase volunteers, then it is to increase what is given in offering or to guilt those to go and witness to increase attendance. Without knowing why you feel like going back into the world, read the following and be encouraged. God sees you and His love is still there watching over you. Don't turn your back on Him because of the foolishness of men. Keep reading and guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23 AMP).

Why ministers preach what they do.
The textbook answer is, ministers have the assignment to feed the sheep of the Lord. Seeing that the Lord prepared the table in Psalm 23, the only way for the minister then to feed the sheep is through the Lord. The minister then must spend time in prayer, studying he Word, and getting to know the community around him/her in order to do the job by which he/she was assigned (Luke 2:46-49 AMP). This assignment has to come from the very One that prepared the table. If not then the so-called minister isn't there to feed the sheep what is needed. The sustenance would be tainted, fluff, and not nourishing. Why? Because it did not come from the Lord. How would the congregant (the sheep) know this? More on that later.

Why the message affects you the way it does.
God is omniscient, omni-present, and omni-potent. He sees all. He knows all. He is all. Because of this, He sees what you need and when you need it. When the minister, a true believer, accepts his assignment to do as he is called to, he receives the message from the Lord because of his obedience (Romans 6:16 AMP). When he stands at the pulpit to administer the Word, it is because he took the time in prayer and heard from God through Christ Jesus. That Word was specifically created for you. Those that hear will hear what God is saying specifically. It is the administration of spiritual food that the Lord prepared in Psalm 23. God sees your heart and what you are ready to receive. You receive more because you are obedient. This obedience equips you to get more (Luke 16:10 AMP). Blessings are abound and continually come as you mature in Him and are willing to not be a hearer only (James 1:22 AMP).

What you must look for in order for you to obtain what God has for you in the messages spoken.
Many people will listen to a sermon and assume that the message was specifically for him/her and they have to act immediately. They have this sense within. No one knows what this person is going through but that person and God. Some went to the extreme when thinking to act upon a given message. It fared well for some and not so much for others. Because of those that didn't fare well, this is why I am writing. The message specifically spoken for you has to come from the Word. It is the only truth we can trust. God will not ask us to do anything that is not written. Even then, you must have a sense of peace in order to act upon whatever you believe the Lord is telling you. If there is a question, go to Him in prayer (Proverbs 3:6 AMP). It isn't a sin to ask. If you don't believe you have the answer that you seek, seek Christian Counseling. There is no sin in this either. If you still don't have assurance, wait and allow for patience to have her perfect work (James 1:4 AMP). God will still be pleased because you are operating by faith through the Word of God (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). You also must be one who studies the Word. If you don't know what a blessing is, it doesn't mean that it won't come. In order for you to know who you are in Christ, you must study. This will not only enable you to recognize the blessing but it will also assist you in hearing a message and know which part was specifically designed for you to make changes in your life.

How you are supposed to come away from the church service attended.
The Word tells us that it is there for our edification, exhortation and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3 KJV). To be edified is to realize that because of the message you know exactly where to make some improvements in your life. The instruction was clear and you have received direction.
To be exhorted is being corrected for wrong behavior. It may not have felt good but you know it was good for you and to your advantage to take heed and make those changes in your life.
Comfort would seem obvious; nevertheless, we already have the Comforter with us. It is who Jesus left us with in the form of the Holy Spirit. The comforting of the Holy Spirit continues when receiving messages from the Word of God. Its as if there was a cup that needed to be filled with water. Now that we have it, the message only makes the cup brim over (2 Corinthians 9:8 AMP).

Where the messages are coming from and how you can tell the difference.
People are people, as my children have told me. When led to a particular ministry to hear the Word of God, it is not unusual that the speaker may have had a trying day or night before preaching the message. It is not unheard of that there are those that have tests, temptations, and trials that have been passed or have failed. There are distractions and those calling themselves friends which have later proven to be an enemy. If this has happened in your life, why would we not think that the pastor, preacher, minister, evangelist, apostle, or bishop have not gone through the same things? Personally, I have believed that once entering into the clergy, I expected for these people to have overcome much more then I have to still go through. How else can they teach me to get out of it? Nevertheless, I have since taken people from the clergy off of the pedestal I hoisted them up on. We are called to be responsible to listen intently and not rush to do everything that is coming from the pulpit (James 1:19 AMP). We are to watch to see how often the scriptures are used and in what context. We are to ask questions and take the lesson in prayer to see how it applies and where to use it. If the sermon has no scripture reference, prayer is paramount because we know this minister is going through something or is about to receive a severe punishment (James 5:16 AMP).

When attending church services, be quick to listen. The singing of praise is intentional to wash all of that which was on your mind before entering the edifice. Once the praise service is complete, most ministries go into a worship service to enter the Holy Spirit in. By this time, most of us have our hearts and minds where they should be (Philippians 4:7 AMP). When coming to service late, this is what is missed. You would think that you could hear the Word and skip these vital portions of the service. The truth of the matter is, without worship and praise, it takes that much longer for you to get acclimated to receive what God has for you. Whether it is retained is another matter altogether. Worship and praise is a God idea in ministry (Psalm 111:10 AMP). To forgo it is like a small fox chewing at the sapling you are desperately trying to grow (Song of Solomon 2:15 AMP).

The message in of itself is the food by which all of us need in order to function in our day to day activities. It must begin, continue, and end with the truth in order for us to be truly set free. Testimonials solidify or make "real" the verses of scripture spoken for some of us and visual aids are a mark that the speaker really studied and considered who he/she would be speaking to. Interpretations of the Word can get sketchy and this is where prayer before coming to church is necessary. A woman expressed to me that the man or woman of God assigned to speak to the congregation has received revelation knowledge that the listeners or viewers aren't privy to. We must adhere to whatever is being said because of the gift they have in receiving this revelation knowledge. The problem with that sort of thinking is, that it sounds good and people pick that up and run with it believing it to be the truth. Yet in the Word, He tells us that the listeners are anointed too. We are led in the Spirit too. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and tells us things to come too (John 16:13 AMP). So how is someone supposed to be getting something from God and it cannot be confirmed in His Word? I will tell you how - it is a lie, that's how. Revelation knowledge is knowledge that has been received from God and can be expounded upon through His Word. It is not confusing (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV). It is not anything to cause strife. It is not for the purposes of debate. It is soaked in where it has come from - the Prince of Peace. If you do not receive peace from it, it is not revelation knowledge to you. Let it go.

My youngest son called me yesterday because he was having a discussion with one of his co-workers about God and His Word. The co-worker asked a question that had my son in a quandary as how to answer it. It sounded good but was it? He didn't know what to say. He called me and asked me in such a way that I could hear how puzzled he was and I also heard why he didn't know the answer already. He could have been in a rush to get to work on time and skipped out on spending any time with the Creator of all (he knows better then that). I also heard in that question that his study time is lacking (he knew that as well). I answered his question in as few of sentences as I could. He had the answer, just needed reminding. My point being, once the message is received, we all have the responsibility to use that Word as a part of our daily lives. It is rhema. It is what removes the old for the new to exist. It is what we have when we turn from those wicked ways. We cannot keep coming to Sunday morning services expecting God to do what we won't do for ourselves. Make the effort to use the Word for everything and see the differences He will make in your life. God is good. Therefore the outcome has to be the sum total of who He is.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Presenting This Body As A Living Sacrifice

The title is from a verse in scripture (Romans 12;1 KJV). It is something to meditate on if you really think about it. Border lining on the stories of the volcano gods (or whatever gods used in the story) needing a virgin from the village as a sacrifice so the village could be spared, the scripture's meaning is for life for all that believe. Nevertheless, the virgin, in the stories, is usually dressed in white with flowers in her hair and unsuspecting as to why she had to be dressed especially ethereal on this day. I suppose it wasn't the fact that no one was answering her questions when they were chanting as they dressed her for the ritual. And I suppose she really never thought it strange of all of the villagers chanting a tune she doesn't know the words to. So when the blood curdling shrill escapes from her body, a noise she never used before, was when she saw the pile of sticks on top of a raging fire, rope at the ready to tie the sacrifice, and all of her friends and neighbors looking at her with all sorts of different expressions - then she realizes that the  sacrifice is her.

Isn't it funny that the villagers would be so willing to give someone else up rather then themselves? If really thought about, I suppose all of the women had to become promiscuous so not to ever be offered as a sacrifice. Therefore, what would be the purpose of having such an evil god lording over the village waiting for another innocent soul to be killed if none were virgins? Someone had to have figured it out, but then who would the villagers have as a god? Who or what would they worship that wouldn't demand so much from them? The better question, why would they have to create something that is already here? Does the Almighty God demand too much? Does He expect more then what people are willing to sacrifice? Could villagers from all of those mythical stories have been derived from how people are now (1 Timothy 1:4 AMP)?

In presenting our body as a living sacrifice, the verse is continued with it being holy and acceptable unto God. Therefore even after we make the presentation, it must have two distinguishable attributes...actually one in order to be acceptable. He has told us to be thou holy for I am holy (1 Peter 1:16 KJV). How can this happen? He is God? Having made man in His image, we must then be more like Him to have what Adam had before the fall of man (Romans 5:12-19 AMP). Adam was clothed with God's glory. How do we get to that point? Would you desire to?

Unlike the virgins in the mythical stories, we made up our minds to be a living sacrifice when we believed that Jesus died for our sins (Romans 10:10 KJV). Are we obligated to do anything in return? Would it be an obligation (James 1:25 AMP)? Do we not love Him unconditionally? Do we at least love Him because He first loved us? Have we not asked the question, what more can I do for You Jesus? Isn't it the reason we volunteer and help in the various ministries, feed the hungry, cloth the poor, and administer to the widows and unwed mothers? We give and give because it is the character of what Jesus did for us. It is His character to give. With Him being the greater One on the inside of each of us, we can't help but to do the same. This is a sacrifice. A sacrifice of our time, finances, our education, and skills (Matthew 6:21 AMP). Doing these things is pleasing to God. It is a body of work.

The same verse has also been interpreted as sacrificing our physical bodies. From being physically out of shape to trying to explain why one would have sickness and disease much too often, could also be true as being a living sacrifice. Someone who is obese gives the believer a huge test not to see the person as vile or nasty yet with another who is not overweight but with an illness that the doctor's cannot cure has been made socially acceptable. In the eyes of God, would either be accepted when presenting their bodies (Matthew 7:16-20 AMP)?

Doctors have found that obesity causes problems with the heart, circulation, respiration, arthritis, bone fractures, reproduction, and hormonal to name a few. All of these conditions root out to other problems that arise such as diabetes, gout, edema, thrombosis and more besides. It is also reported that because of the storage of fat for long periods (years), cancer is more susceptible. With all of this looming over the overweight individual, why would anyone just accept the size that he or she has become? Aside from certain people liking men and women with a little meat on their bones, the health of the individual is in question. When there becomes a condition impeding the quality of life, sacrifices must be made in order for the individual to be made sound, whole and complete. Sickness takes away the quality of life Jesus sacrificed His life for.

Nevertheless, people who are not overweight have left this earth much too soon with the same ailments described previously. What would cause for them to turn the quality of life around? Is it as simple as it would be for the over weight believer? Is it as easy as turning away from the dinner table?

Who said that is what the obese believer has to do to come out of the condition he/she is in? To present one's physical body as a living sacrifice, whether obese or not but with a physical ailment, the answer is the same as one with mental illness. If one keeps his/her heart and mind stayed on Him, because the trust is only in Him, then peace is the result (Isaiah 26:3 KJV). Each and everyone of us will be accountable for the life we live. What has been magnified will be evident in how we live. If it is more important for a person to have breakfast first thing in the morning and for every meal to be at the time that is designated with snacks in between, then the trust has been made in the food and not the one that caused the food to exist. If it is more important to make that business deal from the time one gets up and continues to make that money even while sleeping which gives the person a false sense of comfort in doing, when the deals all fall through and a heart attack is the result, it is because the trust was focused on the root of all evil rather then the One who gave the ability to wake up that particular morning. If it becomes more important to please people, who will change as the seasons change, rather then be pleasing to the One that created the people; then when a dissatisfied supervisor forgets all of the brown nosing but gives you blame for all of the wrong done in the office, a psychotic break is expected.

You see it is difficult to continue to do under anyone else's expectations  - even our own, but God asks for us to be one thing, holy. The only reason anyone would think this as being difficult is because he/she doesn't know Him. Jesus said follow me for My burden is easy and yoke is light (Matthew 11:30 KJV). It is easy to acknowledge Him first when waking in the morning (Proverbs 3:6 KJV). It is Him who has given you the ability to do this or that. Just give thanks...everyday (1 Thessalonians 5:16 KJV). Once it becomes a habit, move to the next thing. It is like taking your first steps into walking upright in Him. How hard is that?