Monday, May 6, 2013

Hmm, A Substantial List - Why Sub-par Results?

There is this expectation of quality when Christians ask God for anything. There is this expectation of quality when God hears requests from His children (Isaiah 43:26 AMP). Who do you believe will have their expectation first (Matthew 6:10 AMP)?

There is an entry in the Christian singles blog (Make It Plain Lenora) with some similarities as this one. Some believers think without any effort with their own lives, they are to receive this prince or princess and live happily ever after. Actually, in the Christian singles blog, there are several entries that refute this fairy tale theory with scriptural references. Click on the subject listing for all of those entries on the topic. Still, I believe this subject matter is apropos here because even though a mate may not be the focus, a lack of effort or a compromise of expectation and the results aren't anything you would like to praise God for.

Just pause for a moment. This issue is about to get a resolved but there is going to be a fight and we'll have to wrestle with that twist that was made in the truth when this lesson was taught (Ephesians 6:12 AMP).

Ready? "Ding!"

This topic is not new to this blog either. There is a subject listing here too. Check it out and click on the topic to your right in the middle of the blog.With each entry there is another nuance added due to the reasoning of those trying to hold onto that which has passed away (2 Peter 2:18-22 KJV). I hope those entries will make this one more clear for you.

I introduced this title in the group created on face book, Making It Plain. One of the comments were, "most people make lists, It is only normal (or something to that effect)." Having been guilty of doing this as well, I pondered over the comment made. As I thought about the scripture to correspond, the resolve being that there is a different expectation for a man then there is for a woman.

First, let's make it clear, if you can write a list of all of the qualities you would like in a mate, please make sure you can mirror or are able to state that you have all of those qualities as well. As far as asking God for some material have you taken care of what you already received (Luke 12:48 AMP)? A teenager would love for his parents to purchase him a car the moment he has passed the test to receive his license. But has that same teen made his bed consistently? Has he done well in school? Is he respectful to his parents and those in authority? If not, how then should he be rewarded with a car? The same is true for a believer of Christ asking for what he/she cannot obtain him/herself. What have you done for God lately?
Second, ladies for you to make a list must be in order for you to recall  not to compromise with what God has promised (Numbers 23:19 AMP). Bad relationships have come and gone. At the end of each one, we say never again. Just know that once you rid yourself from the fear of being a spinster, lonely nights, and the bong of your biological clock - you will have no need of a list (1 John 4:18 AMP). Your heart will then be set back in the right place (Isaiah 26:3 KJV). Your focus returns to serving God and for Him to say, "thou good and faithful servant, well done." Once you have formed that habit - the presentation happens. You know, what God did for Adam before the fall of man (Genesis 2:20-22 KJV).

Finally, gentlemen it is you that can create a list of what you need  from your good thing. The outward
appearance, education, skills, experience, finances, home owner, and so forth and so on. These are the qualities you are expecting for God to bless you with in a wife. Are you as accommodating to God? He has a list for you as well. Can you fill it? He expects for you to have practiced the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-24 AMP). He expects for you to be living enveloped in the 2 major commandments by which Jesus said you can hang all of the law and commandments (Matthew 22:37-40 KJV). He expects to hear your prayers for someone who has done wrong to you and you are asking for this person to be forgiven and blessed (Matthew 5:44 KJV). He expects to hear your praise and thanksgiving when what you have asked for has not been immediately given to you (Philippians 4:6 AMP). He expects for you to never be without the garment of praise, without being clothed with thanksgiving, or without the whole armor. Wow, that's a pretty hefty list. What does yours look like?