Friday, October 21, 2016

Who Is It?

There is a peace that surpasses all understanding, a warmth that covers your whole person (Philippians 4:7 KJV). There is an indescribable knowing that clears up all confusion - it is undeniably God (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV). Most Christians understand that description and can't help but to smile remembering when the love glove encapsulated each one of them for the first time.
Every experience that involves God will remove yokes, remove burdens, cause peace, reveal joy, and/or will show where we got off of the path of righteousness. If none of these things happen in what you say, hear, or do, it is unequivocally not God!

One Sunday morning I arose to make my son and I some breakfast. While eating, I heard a scream and then a wailing going on outside. About half a block away, there is a church in a the middle of services. Apparently, the praise and worship service overwhelmed a congregant to the point of not being able to contain himself. So instead of disrupting services, the person stood outside of the building and wailed. Wailed so loud that he could be heard at least half a block away with windows and doors closed. I suppose it is acceptable behavior. My question, is it God? Is God pleased with you disrupting an entire neighborhood with your praise?

Have you ever used the search engine to look up "the Holy Spirit" dance? When you watched it, did you sense the Spirit of God being in that? Was it the Spirit of God that told the person to video tape it and post it online? If you think it was, why would He do that?

There is a show about pastors on cable. I watched a few episodes wondering if it was another scripted
"reality" show or if there is a premise of truth to draw more souls to Christ. One of the pastors divorced his wife, opened a church in another part of the country, living with a woman he wasn't married to and expecting a baby The church of past would have frowned at this man and signed him off as a devil worshiper. Truth be told, I was frowning too especially finding out that his father is a bishop...but...(and I seriously can't believe I am writing this) God has given us all allowances so that we could apply what we know from the truth. I cannot fault him for following in his father's footsteps nor can I fault him for following the call God has on his life with his music. With that understood, what about all of the other dirt? Well, what about it? Is the plank out of your eye yet?

Look, I don't like it either when scandal is attached to the name of someone belonging in the clergy especially after all of those sermons for the congregation to live a better life. What can he/she speak about after that? Its just that in the show, there is that pastor that put it all out in the open. Is it arrogant or just being honest? Can he preach about not sinning or would he be a hypocrite? I don't know, but the Word is clear when it comes to deacons and bishops (1 Timothy 3:1-13 AMP). Is there more slack for a pastor? if there is, who do you follow and how would you know? Still, it's in the Word. You cannot follow God and mammon. It's as simple as that.

The voice of God is clear, concise, and it doesn't waiver. There are no loop holes in His instruction. People might not like hearing the truth because they know that they will have to change (John 8:32 KJV). Change for us is inevitable. God will forever remain the same. By now, you know the voice of the Good Shepherd (John 10:27 AMP). Disregarding Him in this day and age is just foolish!