Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting To Heaven

In this life as a Christian, we have one purpose. This may astonish some of you because you have been walking down a path that has not taken you to where you thought you should be (Proverbs 3:6 AMP). There is a good reason for that and it also answers as to why you have been asking God, "Why is this happening to me?" Psalm 84:11 AMP

When I was a Social Worker, I asked a woman who was a survivor of domestic violence, what was it that she needed in order for her to be happy. She paused for a moment and answered, "I would like a job in a factory." The residents in the shelter knew that I had a reputation of getting resources for my clients in order for them to have the tools to be successful adults. The effort was up to them. So in asking this woman the question, I assumed she had this information and was thinking on the resourcefulness level rather than the actual thing that would make her happy. I explained myself. Her answer was the same. She had no idea what she could do other than work that could cause her more enjoyment. I had to meet her where she was and didn't prolong the agony any further. I then thought about the rest of us. If God has given us all that would make us happy but we don't recognize it, who's fault is it (Hosea 4:6 AMP)?

When going to church, what is it that we are looking for? Are we there for spiritual support, motivation for the rest of the week, to be seen, or just to say that you were there for church attendance? It is what I found with some of the members volunteering. The purpose is to assist the pastor with the vision God has given him. In so doing, we have prayed to make sure God places us where we can do the most good. The pastor doesn't even have to know you exist. The supervisor just needs a body in position to do the task. Unless it requires for you to talk or God has told you otherwise, why say anything? Think of the human body. The fingernail has a purpose and doesn't substitute itself to be the mouth piece for God. The toe is assisting the other toes. It doesn't just decide to become a knee. So then, where are you supposed to be? What are you supposed to be doing to be pleasing unto God (Ephesians 5:1-14 AMP)?

You see, that is the real purpose for any of us in this world that we temporarily reside in. It is not to be seen in the latest fashion only to throw the outfit in the bottom of the closet because it was already worn. No one cares. It is not to show off how many dollars have overwhelmed your money clip. Once that money has been spent, who cares? It is not to show off your new car that loses its value the moment you drive it off the lot and if someone keys it or bumps it with a shopping cart, what is it worth then? No one cares. Joe Cool in high school lasts for less than 4 years. Josephine the Queen on the stoop lasts for as long as all of the neighborhood children grow up and have successful lives of their own and the queen is still on the stoop telling the same lies (James 5:1-6 AMP). What have they done with their lives? Where are they fitting in the body? Is God pleased?

There was a woman in the ministry I used to attend. I have mentioned her before. She volunteered for everything in the church. When  the announcements were shown on the big screen, there she was in almost every auxiliary. She worked so hard. I wondered what was she hoping for. I volunteered too. I didn't know where to work in the ministry only where they needed someone. It wasn't until later did I try to find my specific niche. There was nothing available in writing and so I resorted to pray for people on the 24 hour hotline. That same woman told me later that she was trying to be seen for ministry. She desired to preach. Not having that calling, I could not advise her either way only that I knew doing absolutely everything in the church was not the way to go (nor doing nothing). A few months later, she lost her job. She then lost her home. She went to the ministers on staff for prayer. I don't know what they told her only a few weeks later, she passed away. Who saw that coming? Did she build to get to heaven? Was she on the road in pleasing God? What did those ministers tell her? Was their information straight from God or did they encourage her to continue working like a Hebrew slave in the ministry? Clearly, she stated what her motivation was. Would she go against the very ministers she needed in order to obtain the position she was seeking? Selah.

The people of Babel began building a tower. Their purpose was to literally get to heaven. Together, they were in agreement and fixed on obtaining their goal. Do your realize how much work and ingenuity had to go into that plan? They had to make brick by hand, the bricks had to dry and then carry them to the next level in order for the building to reach the height they were seeking. The science of their building wasn't going to work simply because the base had to support the height of the structure. Eventually it would sway and the builders would come to their death. There was also the lack of oxygen every time in making the trip higher and higher. Would the workers make it or the trip back down? Was God pleased with all of this effort in getting closer to Him? You would think so; however, the outcome was that they were struck not understanding each other and could not continue making the structure because there was no longer in agreement. When there is no agreement, there is no peace. How could God be pleased with that (Genesis 11:1-9 AMP)?

When Jesus was teaching the disciples, He commented on Peter. He said that the church is founded on a rock. The rock spiritually as well as literally is a sound structure. It can withstand any height that is built. Spiritually it is the hope that we are all in agreement that we continue to build getting closer and closer to God (Matthew 7:15-28 AMP). Stretch and make it without limits. Do the best work you can. You will sense God smiling.

Picture this, the rain forest is called what it is because of the structure of the trees. It is its own ecological system. The seed that is not used for food is allowed to burrow in the soil and grow. The trees are already well nourished because of all of the algae and constant moisture all around. The only thing the tree needs is sun. It maneuvers around other trees to get the maximum sunlight that it can. Some have twisted its branches around others just to get that light. Finally, the forest is covered with leaves and though there is warmth, it is difficult for the other trees to get the height that it seeks. A storm comes and those roots that are secure withstands the elements while others have been ripped from the earth. When the skies clear, the little ones get the chance to see what all of the other older trees were drinking in. It is the sun. Understand?