Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It Doesn't Fit

When I first came into the knowledge of the Truth, I was really hungry for the Word. I tried to pick up the bible to study but it wasn't making sense to me. How could I use that language to make my life what Jesus said it could be? I was so frustrated, even to the point of throwing the bible across the room. I had to be angry with God because who else's fault could it be? Here He saves me and when I try to get to know Him, I can't understand not one thing He is telling me in His Word. I felt so insignificant. What made matters worse is going to church and hearing the man of God talk about how simple it is to understand and apply God's Word. This angered me more but I kept coming back to the house of God. Why? Like I said, I was hungry!

Because God answers prayer, a family member gave me a parallel bible. One side was Living Word and the other was King James. I didn't know they made bibles like that. It helped some but for me the Living Word reads more like a storybook. I was still looking for a means to make those Elizabethan words more applicable to my life.

Then I heard a woman speak using a version of the scriptures that I wasn't familiar with. She spoke like the Word was her native language. That's exactly what I was looking for; but I didn't know what version she was reading from. When I attended services I heard the man of God say that King James is the base for all lessons just to stay safe and away from man's notes like the Scoffield Bible. What's a Scoffield? A better question, what am I suppose to do now?

The lesson in the Old Testament about David and Goliath applied to me at this point in my life. David couldn't understand why God's people were afraid of one man when the Almighty told them who they are. David had to prove it to them. He was called to do so. He wasn't afraid. He had some major fights that God had already brought him through. Yet when it came time to act on the fight for the children of Israel, here comes the appointed king giving David armor that wasn't fitted for David. Saul, the king, was head and shoulders above the rest and David wasn't fully grown. How was he suppose to fight like he had done before with armor that wasn't made for him?

This holds true with the scriptures as well. When I saw a pastor bring two books with him to the podium before speaking. I thought nothing of it until he referenced the scriptures with a different version. I almost gasped because the morsel was so good. I had to get that reference and see if there was a parallel of it. There was! I read and read and continued to ponder through the Word over and over. It was so delicious to me.

Seeking what was perfect for me was as if God was hiding His face as well. He had not forsaken me, He was making me do some leg work that babies are not equipped to do. Yeah, it was scary but I was determined to find Him and no one can take from me what I have learned especially when I have had success in my own personal battles. I don't care if the Pope says not to use any other version but the King's; David didn't do it. It didn't fit him. This version I use is perfect for me. It is still the Word of God.

Have you been sized up and fitted for that perfect armor? What are you waiting for?

Remember David did grow up to be king and in that time he himself said he could not complete what God called him to do (build the temple) because he had trouble on every side. What can we learn from this?