Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is It Hard To Be Good?

Is that not a question we ask of children? Children find the very things parents try to keep from them
for their own good and yet, there they are, right in the middle of the very thing we told them to stay away from. Parents have been called to school because Billy couldn't control himself or his temper or didn't come into the building along with the other children after recess. What's wrong with Billy? Why won't he get with the program? All of the other children know what to do.

Then we are wired for adult hood, still trying to do the right thing and these days we have to question what the right thing is...or do we? A bus driver states he will never help a woman who seemingly is in need because her boyfriend is slapping her around in public. He stops the bus and gets the man off of this woman who looks like she needs help. Instead not only is the man fighting the bus driver but so is the supposed damsel in distress. The bus driver had to get the woman off of him before he could reassess what just happened, get back on the bus and continue doing what he was paid to do. Never again, he said.

In my place of employment, the employees have been warned (yes, warned) that if there is a resident that needs CPR or help standing up, we have to call 911. Now the employees are trained to administer CPR, but the new rule is that we are no longer allowed to touch any of the residents for anything. When asked why, I was told that because of our training we are allowed 1 for the "good Samaritan" in us, but that's it. After that 1 for a grace period, the employees will be reprimanded. Reprimanded for what? Doing good?

One of the residents fell outside during the harsh winter weather. His neighbor helped him to sit on a bench outside. He then was assisted back in the building for shelter against the cold wind. Not knowing if he was alright or not, 911 was called. He spent time in the hospital for his own good. When he was released he talked about aches and pains which were all understandable because of the weather, his age, and the fall was hard. But then he started asking about details that he couldn't remember. For what? His neighbor suggested that he might have a case. A case to do what and against whom? Who deliberately did harm to him?

I shake my head reading articles and looking over social experiments people decide to have with each other proving the depravity of the world (2 Timothy 3 AMP). How is it supposed to be when the ones doing the video are more then likely the type to fight the one helping or suing the one that had compassion to assist. Years ago, I prayed to God that I not be jaded towards people who have an agenda that is less then empathetic. He has answered my prayer and has given me wisdom to look at matters differently then I had.

Every believer has this love for people. It is in us. It is our light. It is our salt. It is what makes us be called a believer - Him. nevertheless, we are required to pray for a reason (1 Thessalonians 5:17 AMP). Jesus prayed for a reason. God is the one who is omni-present. He was here before we got here. He saw the matter before we even knew it existed. And so we pray because we have a Holy Spirit that comforts us and tells us things to come (John 16:13 AMP). Are the things always going to be good? If we pray, they will be. Why?

Jesus walked through throngs of people that were looking to kill Him (John 10:30-41 AMP). It is written that we will be able to do things better then these. How? Because we know better. We have the guide to direct us. And we understand the purpose. So in answering the question, is it hard to be good? Not when we have prayed and have been instructed to be there at that time to do what we are called to do. The times should not be troubling to us. We knew it was going to be like this. We are troubling to the times because we will NOT follow depravity (Matthew 16:24 AMP).