Friday, August 3, 2012

Presenting This Body As A Living Sacrifice

The title is from a verse in scripture (Romans 12;1 KJV). It is something to meditate on if you really think about it. Border lining on the stories of the volcano gods (or whatever gods used in the story) needing a virgin from the village as a sacrifice so the village could be spared, the scripture's meaning is for life for all that believe. Nevertheless, the virgin, in the stories, is usually dressed in white with flowers in her hair and unsuspecting as to why she had to be dressed especially ethereal on this day. I suppose it wasn't the fact that no one was answering her questions when they were chanting as they dressed her for the ritual. And I suppose she really never thought it strange of all of the villagers chanting a tune she doesn't know the words to. So when the blood curdling shrill escapes from her body, a noise she never used before, was when she saw the pile of sticks on top of a raging fire, rope at the ready to tie the sacrifice, and all of her friends and neighbors looking at her with all sorts of different expressions - then she realizes that the  sacrifice is her.

Isn't it funny that the villagers would be so willing to give someone else up rather then themselves? If really thought about, I suppose all of the women had to become promiscuous so not to ever be offered as a sacrifice. Therefore, what would be the purpose of having such an evil god lording over the village waiting for another innocent soul to be killed if none were virgins? Someone had to have figured it out, but then who would the villagers have as a god? Who or what would they worship that wouldn't demand so much from them? The better question, why would they have to create something that is already here? Does the Almighty God demand too much? Does He expect more then what people are willing to sacrifice? Could villagers from all of those mythical stories have been derived from how people are now (1 Timothy 1:4 AMP)?

In presenting our body as a living sacrifice, the verse is continued with it being holy and acceptable unto God. Therefore even after we make the presentation, it must have two distinguishable attributes...actually one in order to be acceptable. He has told us to be thou holy for I am holy (1 Peter 1:16 KJV). How can this happen? He is God? Having made man in His image, we must then be more like Him to have what Adam had before the fall of man (Romans 5:12-19 AMP). Adam was clothed with God's glory. How do we get to that point? Would you desire to?

Unlike the virgins in the mythical stories, we made up our minds to be a living sacrifice when we believed that Jesus died for our sins (Romans 10:10 KJV). Are we obligated to do anything in return? Would it be an obligation (James 1:25 AMP)? Do we not love Him unconditionally? Do we at least love Him because He first loved us? Have we not asked the question, what more can I do for You Jesus? Isn't it the reason we volunteer and help in the various ministries, feed the hungry, cloth the poor, and administer to the widows and unwed mothers? We give and give because it is the character of what Jesus did for us. It is His character to give. With Him being the greater One on the inside of each of us, we can't help but to do the same. This is a sacrifice. A sacrifice of our time, finances, our education, and skills (Matthew 6:21 AMP). Doing these things is pleasing to God. It is a body of work.

The same verse has also been interpreted as sacrificing our physical bodies. From being physically out of shape to trying to explain why one would have sickness and disease much too often, could also be true as being a living sacrifice. Someone who is obese gives the believer a huge test not to see the person as vile or nasty yet with another who is not overweight but with an illness that the doctor's cannot cure has been made socially acceptable. In the eyes of God, would either be accepted when presenting their bodies (Matthew 7:16-20 AMP)?

Doctors have found that obesity causes problems with the heart, circulation, respiration, arthritis, bone fractures, reproduction, and hormonal to name a few. All of these conditions root out to other problems that arise such as diabetes, gout, edema, thrombosis and more besides. It is also reported that because of the storage of fat for long periods (years), cancer is more susceptible. With all of this looming over the overweight individual, why would anyone just accept the size that he or she has become? Aside from certain people liking men and women with a little meat on their bones, the health of the individual is in question. When there becomes a condition impeding the quality of life, sacrifices must be made in order for the individual to be made sound, whole and complete. Sickness takes away the quality of life Jesus sacrificed His life for.

Nevertheless, people who are not overweight have left this earth much too soon with the same ailments described previously. What would cause for them to turn the quality of life around? Is it as simple as it would be for the over weight believer? Is it as easy as turning away from the dinner table?

Who said that is what the obese believer has to do to come out of the condition he/she is in? To present one's physical body as a living sacrifice, whether obese or not but with a physical ailment, the answer is the same as one with mental illness. If one keeps his/her heart and mind stayed on Him, because the trust is only in Him, then peace is the result (Isaiah 26:3 KJV). Each and everyone of us will be accountable for the life we live. What has been magnified will be evident in how we live. If it is more important for a person to have breakfast first thing in the morning and for every meal to be at the time that is designated with snacks in between, then the trust has been made in the food and not the one that caused the food to exist. If it is more important to make that business deal from the time one gets up and continues to make that money even while sleeping which gives the person a false sense of comfort in doing, when the deals all fall through and a heart attack is the result, it is because the trust was focused on the root of all evil rather then the One who gave the ability to wake up that particular morning. If it becomes more important to please people, who will change as the seasons change, rather then be pleasing to the One that created the people; then when a dissatisfied supervisor forgets all of the brown nosing but gives you blame for all of the wrong done in the office, a psychotic break is expected.

You see it is difficult to continue to do under anyone else's expectations  - even our own, but God asks for us to be one thing, holy. The only reason anyone would think this as being difficult is because he/she doesn't know Him. Jesus said follow me for My burden is easy and yoke is light (Matthew 11:30 KJV). It is easy to acknowledge Him first when waking in the morning (Proverbs 3:6 KJV). It is Him who has given you the ability to do this or that. Just give thanks...everyday (1 Thessalonians 5:16 KJV). Once it becomes a habit, move to the next thing. It is like taking your first steps into walking upright in Him. How hard is that?

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