Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love (part 2)

I was going to write this section of the entry in another blog because it would be more apropos there; however, in order for us all to stay in the blessing of the Lord, we have to walk in the Spirit so not to fulfill the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16 KJV). How else would we do this but by walking in Love in all that we do? Is it possible?

Him being the greater one on the inside of all that believe, I question some of the actions we have taken throughout our lives - don't you? I understand that we are all learning and what we thought was right we wouldn't have known unless we were taught (Romans 7:15-22 AMP); nevertheless, once we have been taught, you do realize the test comes shortly thereafter. Then what is the excuse at the trial? The trial comes after the failure of the test. You have one who is accusing you of righteousness violation. There is only one that would do that (Job 1:6 AMP). But God has appointed to you a defense and a judge who happens to be One in the same. You have no excuse not to know this - none. It is what He expects in that day.

It is the Love of the Father that I marvel at every time I think of the trouble we can get ourselves into and the way He has made for us to escape it. Only one who can love can do that for us all. With Him being the greater one on the inside of us, would we then eventually have that sort of love as well or do we already have it and have not tapped into it yet?

I wondered about this when watching a couple explain the troubles they were having in their relationship. She complains that he isn't at home with her and their children when she wants him there. He says that he works all the live long day and would like some time to himself with his friends. He feels trapped being at home with her all of the time. So she cries thinking that he is really being unfaithful and he swears that he would never do anything of the kind. When asked if he is a good father and a husband, she instinctively retorts that he is an excellent father then continues complaining about the relationship (1 Corinthians 13:4-8 AMP).

The rest of the interview is a quandary to me. How can he be a good father if he teaches his children to disregard the woman that he loves. Would his children respect their mother? If they dishonor their mother, would their days be long? But if a father truly loves his children, wouldn't he see the big picture so that his children would have an easy path to journey in life? Why would the blame be his? It wouldn't be only his but the fact that he is the head of his household and leads them, it is then his responsibility what happens to his household (1 Timothy 3:1-13 AMP). He sowed those seeds of complaint, contempt, and contention. If you don't like the end product, sew better seed. Kindness produces more kindness. Grace produces more grace. Love produces love.

God has an issue with the wife as well. Knowing that God loves a cheerful giver doesn't just applies to the offering plate in church. Complaining doesn't resound love. In fact, the Word says that it doesn't promote righteousness (James 1:20 AMP). Righteousness being an element in Kingdom Living, the disruption in the household has now been discovered at the root.  If you and your house are going to serve the Lord, it will be pretty difficult without righteousness. When the children see that complaining is normal, they could be silent at home but when they are in a social setting with their peers, they just might be terrors. Why? When did they learn about peace? Chaos and torment has been their norm. It is the end product of seed sown (Proverbs 14 :1 AMP).

It is a constant lesson that we must be responsible to go over again within ourselves just to see if we are still falling short. There has to be some things that we will refuse to do. One common thing that we will emphatically not do is rob a bank. We can say with all assurance this is something that will never happen in our life time. Why are we so sure about this? We have learned how God sees stealing. We have learned that there will be consequences for disobedience - some consequences are worse then others and longer. It is something none of us would like to go through; therefore, we avoid of even thinking in that area and know that there is no way we would ever be tempted to do such a thing. Would that also be true when filling out our tax forms ever year? Would it be a temptation if heard there is a way that you could receive a few extra thousand without getting caught? Where is that same assurance that was emphatic when robbing a bank was sitting on the table? What about the continual tasting in the produce section of a grocery store? What about reading a magazine that you have no intention of buying while standing in line at the check out counter? Is assurance in righteousness still there giving you that unequivocal resilience to stay in right standing with God?

There is a love for God that keeps us in right standing with Him. We don't continually fall short of reaching this goal, because we check always of ourselves to stay in right standing with Him. We are accountable (Romans 12:1 KJV). We cannot lose sight of this. Tests will keep coming for us to use what He has given. His love is paramount to be used each and everyday. It keeps the flesh from resurrecting. It keeps us in blessing. It is our source for living.

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