Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, Forgive... But Forget?

Forgiveness is right up there with loving your neighbor as yourself. Its something that we automatically know to do as well seasoned Christians. It is why we have tests in this area because non-believers try to tempt us to do anything but (James 1:13 KJV). How foolish of them because we know where our focus is and our mindset is stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3 KJV). Hah, what folly to convince a Christian otherwise. We can laugh hysterically knowing that it is one of the first things we've gained strength [wiping tear from the laughter].

So once the forgiveness takes place, we can forget that which was done against us....well, because....its...well... you...oh crap! For the longest time, before I became a Christian, I actually prided myself in remembering all of the malicious things done to me and even after apologies had taken place and I accepted their apology, I never  forgot what they did. And when they thought they even looked like they didn't agree with me for what ever the reason, it reminded me of what they had done before and why I didn't like them in the first place. With my siblings, I recalled things they had forgotten about. I thought it was quite remarkable that I had such a brilliant mind to recall it all, verbatim. While I believed all listening were astonished, they were more then likely embarrassed. It didn't matter though, to those who believe they are brilliant are also diluted to believe that the embarrassed are also jealous.

Once coming into the knowledge of the truth, I could see who really was deluded. When I understood the concept of forgetting the matter, I had to justify why it was necessary for me to continue to remember the wrong acts perpetrated against me because I couldn't release the idea of me having such the brilliant mind. I believed that if I forgot what was done, then the person that did what he/she did would continue to do these things and I would look like the fool. What idiot allows for someone to keep smacking him in the face without walking away or defending themselves? Yes, I agreed that we all should forgive one another but to forget was synonymous to being a wimp...a punk... and lamoid (if that's a word). Forgetting was like allowing dementia to come in and have a place to reside. I just couldn't do it. It was too much....way too much.

Then you start growing up and finally digesting the meat of the Word rather then only sucking on its juices. For years I was settled in the forgiveness of others, but forgetting, especially in relationships meant it was alright to be a doormat (Ephesians 4:32 KJV). It took for me to be quiet and rest in the things I learned about God for me to see why it is necessary to actually forgive...really and truly forgive. It is a heart matter. We can say and believe we did this and that; however, bringing the matter up again and again, proves that what we said previously, we didn't actually believe. I recall in having a personal diary. I wrote everything in those books from the age of twelve to the age of thirty-something. Every once in awhile, I would take out one or two and go back and read what I wrote as a teenager or young adult. For the most part, I would laugh at the silly things that happened and how I use to think. But I also recalled what I was feeling at the time I wrote about the particular incident. I would say things like, "oh yeah, I remember that" or just got upset all over again. The matter was over. It was years ago! Just then, I sensed the peace I had become use to, be troubled. I mean really troubled like a physical ailment all of a sudden.

The Word says that if we confess, God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9 KJV). That which we have committed, He sends as far as the east is from the west, never brings up past transgressions again. The guilt that is perpetrated on us comes from those we have entrusted with secrets that are not worthy to keep them and those who can see that some of us have not studied as we should have so can now be easily manipulated. We then learn things on how to do to others because of what has been done to us. This is not good treasure. God says that He sees the heart of man. If our hearts can justify manipulating others through guilt, you will also be judged by the same manner. If,on the other hand, you can forgive someone and forget their past transgressions, as God has done to us, your heart He will recognize as His own because you are truly exemplifying His mirror image.

To think it is lame or weak to forgive and forget is a means to keep you in a state of childhood. You cannot reach your fullest potential unless you can see what righteousness really is. Once the act has been forgiven, there is nothing to recall. You have not because you ask not... but it has been asked. You are to forgive and let the matter go...just as God for Christ's sake had forgiven you (Ephesians 4:32 AMP).

I have since thrown away all of those journals. I did not wish to have anything written of someone else's past transgressions not knowing when they have asked God for forgiveness (Matthew 6:14-15 KJV). He doesn't bring up their past. He doesn't bring up my past. Why do I have their past and mine written in a journal? The time is drawing nigh when we will stand and be held accountable. Have you asked for forgiveness and turn from the past? Have you forgiven yourself, never to bring up the past again?

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