Monday, October 24, 2011

Everyone Likes a Clean House But Everyone Doesn't Like To Clean Their House

This subject matter has been sitting with me for awhile. I have written bits and pieces thinking that I didn't want to step on anyone's toes or make someone feel bad about themselves, but if God gives it to me, about me, then there are some of you that need to take heed to.

I suppose more of the subject matter became relevant when I heard Bishop T.D. Jakes teach a lesson on incorporating one's self with divine partners and not keeping what God has given to you to yourself. Though the lesson was poignant, I couldn't help but think that just because someone is eager to help you get to that goal doesn't mean that he/she is that divine connection. Bishop Jakes has taught lessons on that as well. If I could paraphrase him for a moment, "how can you take me where you have never been?" There are those that can get excited with you for that new enterprise but are only there with you for the ride. Abraham had Lot that I don't recall did one ounce of prayer, counseling, or one bit of encouragement yet when it came time for the blessing, he was right there to get his share. Once Abraham started growing up in the things of God and seeing that Lot wasn't a help but a hindrance, they had to go their separate ways (Genesis 13:10-12 KJV).

Relationships of all kinds also has their course of action. Once reaching the potential of it, you have to know when it is time to say when. I have mentioned in a number of posts that I watch the hoarding shows whether on TLC or AMC. The justification to live in squalor fascinates me right up and when the light comes on for them to change. There was this man, that I believe I have written about before. He was an educated man in his forties and so nice looking he could have been a model in GQ magazine. He is soft spoken and was interested in finally dating. I don't recall him ever stating that he was in any sort of relationship prior to this woman he met. She was nice looking too, but she thought what all of the other viewers were thinking, "really... all of the women on the face of the earth and you want her?" She was so thrilled that  they agreed to move in together. He moved some of his things in her house and when the relationship started to get serious, they decided to divulge in telling other matters about themselves. Apparently, she went first, because afterwards, she was still there telling the camera her narrative wondering what he could possibly say while he was doing the dishes and keeping everything so neat in her house. He finally told her and she was back at the camera with her narrative. She kept saying, "how bad could it be? He is always cleaning here. He makes me a little uncomfortable." They arrived to the house with it looking so pristine on the outside. She even made comment with it being a wonderful looking Spanish Tudor. He smiled. He didn't say too much once he told her his little secret. Then he unlocked the door to allow her to really see what he was referring to. Her mouth gaped open as she glared at the mountain of garbage that met her at the door and spilled into his sunken living room. He took her hand to guide her up the trail and for her to not step where ever she chose to. You see, the sunken living room allowed for him to pile the mess even steeper until they were only a few feet from the ceiling. She tried to be brave to see it as a minor set back. She decided to assist him in cleaning it all. She emphatically stated that it was not a reason to discontinue their relationship. What caused her to drive away was when he grabbed her hand and they had to go to the outside garbage bin together to toss a half full garbage bag and even with that he had to go back in it to take some garbage out of it. She was in total disbelief and could no longer see herself with him. She left him and he sought therapy.

That one episode had so many life lessons in it:
- Just because he says its good doesn't mean it is good.
- The outside of a package can be beautiful, but is it what you asked for?
- Soft spoken and educated can still mean crazy!
- Without God, there are too many blind spots and being side swiped is inevitable.

These same life lessons stems into politics, believe it or not. I was at an impasse as to who to vote for as Mayor of a town where I use to reside. The candidates were nothing to write home about and aside from having an excellent orthodontist, there was absolutely nothing appealing about what they stood for. Both were for getting a casino up in the city and both were for more jobs which was the purpose for the casino. I waited for someone to ask, how was that going to produce more jobs when every manager of every business knows that the best thing to do is hire someone with experience? Having never had a casino in our town before, who was really going to be hired? But no one asked anything. Many people rallied to get this thing built. There were so many other issues at hand like why lay off the police department and social workers, closing down schools, and boarding up libraries. I just couldn't believe the platform was to take the little money that was left and build a casino. It was like putting a band aid on cancer. Sweeping garbage off the floor and tucking it under the carpet. Everyone can see the pink elephant but no one is saying anything.

There were people on every other corner with ballots for citizens to sign to get this casino up and running. Why didn't they remember the promise of getting the lottery put in and the revenues from all of that money was going into getting a better education for the children? 13 billion I saw on one bill board but the news report states that 40 schools were closing down. Were there a shortage of children? Nevertheless, the so called temporary casino was built and then there was another and another. Three casinos in record time. Shouldn't there be more revenue for the city? Where did all of the jobs go? Is the economy better or worse for that brilliant idea? Oh, and where is the mayor who administered the band aid for this? Let's just write for the purposes of this blog, just where you think he is.

I have had friends who appeared to be one way and they were not at all who they professed to be. Every once in awhile, I might see one or two and the conversation will begin as if we missed each other and why hadn't we kept in touch and then within a few minutes on the phone or deciding to have lunch, there it is sitting with us. The very reason we stopped talking in the first place. What happened? It seemed like such a good idea at the time. How could we be so attracted to each other as friends, business partners, and/or a  relationship and then be so different in such a short period of time? Recently, there was an associate who expressed to me that a long termed friendship ended abruptly because she became angry with this person. This associate, when asked why this friend became so angry with her, shrugged as an answer to my question. Really?

We have a responsibility in presenting this body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1 KJV). While some may think in making the presentation of this body as being muscular or curvaceous, God will be looking at the heart (1Timothy 4:8 KJV). Just like in cleaning the attic to an old home and finding certain childhood toys that were put away, there are things we would rather not discuss or even think about. There are matters that were never dealt with. There are people that tend to annoy us for reasons we could not explain. We are responsible for finding those things out. Some of us wear our pain on the outside covered in extra weight, tattoos, or with heavy make up. All of that doesn't hide the truth. No matter what you do,  the truth will come to the light. It is written (John 3:19-22 KJV).

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