Thursday, March 25, 2010

Touch Not My Anointed

There comes a time in our lives where we must move from the nest. We already know that time within ourselves when to move from Mom and Dad's home and into a place of our own. The parents might initially feel ambivalent about the decision because they know they trained you but also you will be embarking on matters that you really know nothing about and that makes them feel insecure with what they trained you with. So what happens to this same instinct for the child spiritually?

We have made up our minds to be devoted to the faith, we have volunteered, have done the work, and we have learned the lessons taught and applied them to our lives - now what? When is it time to put all of that in operation? When do we move from the place where we grew up? That first ministry (church) that taught us the most. When do we act upon what God says when He tells us to move? Is it scarier to move from that first ministry than it was to move from our parent's home? And when we do, whether forcibly or not, do we move quietly or kicking and screaming?

I moved from a good ministry and it took some doing to get me to do it. I had become comfortable with the routine and the work I was doing plus with the messages taught the emphasis was on, why would anyone leave? But I also remember the pastor telling new members, "this may not be a perfect church because you are here, but God lead you here for a reason so get involved." I knew that the ministry was going to train those new members and their particular gift or talent would enhance the church and others all the more.

Apparently God was going to use my gifts elsewhere and I couldn't see as to why He moved me to a Jewish Community where oddly enough, I found others just like me. Not necessarily in the community itself but in places I would have never seen if I didn't do the first thing He said to do - move. I heard people talk of other ministries as if they had been there and knew what was going on. These were influential people to me. So when it came time for me to move, to those ministries I couldn't help but to wonder why would I go there if that ministry is like that? Where I come from the choir is so anointed and the order by which the auxiliaries conduct themselves is timely and well managed. I enjoyed it so much. Why would I go elsewhere where none of this is being done? Man, I would like to enjoy where I am going! I don't feel like complaining about some out of tune choir, haughty ushers, and a nursing guild whose attitude is that they are doing me a favor. After all that I heard those people say about this ministry, why God, why can't I stay where I am?

The answer was in my question. It is where I AM. The Word says to depart from evil, do good, seek peace and pursue it (Psalms 34:14 KJV). If peace leaves for me, why would I continue to stay? Where there is no peace, would trouble fill the void if disobedience is in operation? Trouble in finances, relationships, understanding, work, business, home, etc.? How much more convincing do you need?

Ministers don't usually speak of members growing up and moving because they are gatherers. It is their nature. Taking members from other ministries I find reprehensible but some have done this too (give me scripture signifying that it is okay to do and I will retract that statement). To understand both, you would have to look at your own situation. Has He told you to move? Still kicking and screaming? What do you have to be afraid of? Don't listen to that which can do you no good. The opinions of others should not touch you. Hear the voice of the Lord. Take heed and do.

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