Thursday, March 25, 2010

Suddenly! (part 1)

I was having a frustrating season. It seemed what I was praying for just wasn't happening. The answer I received when attending services, the pastor would preach, "the seeds you sow could be a redwood tree. You know that takes some time and could be a harvest for next generations." That did not comfort me but only added to the frustration.

As much as the bible has about not envying anyone else and build treasure in heaven, it just seemed as if God forgot about me. We know not to be selfish and as hard as we might try in prayer, volunteering, giving - there's just one little thing that keeps tryting to get a voice - what about me? Who is going to volunteer time to me? Who is going to bless me with a holy handshake? Who is praying for me? And while those questions try to get a voice, do you refrain from adding explicatives into those questions (just wondering)? God saw my heart.

A minister was teaching on prayer and added, "you know, you can pray for yourself?" realizing I hadn't been doing this, I let the flood gates go; while praying I also voiced the frustration of waiting so long and allowed it into my asking. The bottom line, while reminding God of His Word, knowing it can not return to Him void of power, I asked, "what happened to my suddenly?" I kept reading about them in scripture. Jesus said this and then suddenly or immediately, or instantly. Well, what happened to mine?

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