Thursday, March 25, 2010

Suddenly ! (part 2)

Being a domestic violence counselor of a fairly large sized Social Service Company, I was content - even enjoyed my job by giving advice, providing resources, and essentially helping people in whatever that was needed.

One afternoon the company called a staff meeting. The director announced the events to come and made everyone aware of the budget restraints but affirmed that no one would be losing their jobs due to the econmy. "The recession wasn't going to touch us," she made us believe and we reciprocated with applause. Earlier, I had received an accomodation for my work and the trainers from the city's capital came to the company to tell the director about how impressed they were of me. I was elated; and then it happened.

My suddenly was a phone call from a disgruntled client who was trying to milk the system. She got a "no" from me so she went to the director. I wasn't afraid but SUDDENLY I was terminated. What?!! The director seemed to scramble for the words. It still doesn't make sense even after the accomadation, her affirmation, the trainers? What else could I do but look for another job?

It rained one day. I was driving through an under pass where the water collected. A woman and her 3 children were stalled. I slowed down and waited for her. Looking in my rearview mirror I saw a pick up truck behind me that didn't seem to be slowing down. Then SUDDENLY, BAM! His bumper moved my trunk closer to me.

Shortly after recuperating from the accident, I was driving home when SUDDENLY I felt the car shaking. Pulling it to the side, I got out and saw the tire was completely flat - like blow out flat. I walked to my mother's home which wasn't far. I called another relative for assistance. When I got home the relative called asking where was my car? I gave specific directions. I was driven to where I parked the car and there was no car there. I had no car?

Walking and taking public transportation seemed to be test of my endurance. SUDDENLY pain like I never experienced before made itself known. I needed transportation. I needed a job; without either, it was seemingly bleak. On my way home with gritted teeth, I tried to be optimistic, unlocking the front door my children greeted me in the dark! The lights were out - not so suddenly. The other utilities were also following suit.

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