Thursday, March 25, 2010

Suddenly! (part 3)

What could I do but get on my knees? This was a beating to me. What was I being chastised about - for asking? What was going on? This kind of stuff never happens to me. I had always been blessed. Granted, there are some things I would have liked, but for the most part, my life had been very happy. Then, SUDDENLY, while in church services, the pastor changes, the way he was teaching. It was as if attending Vacation Bible School for baby saints. He was catering only to them! Doesn't anyone else need spiritual food? What was going on? By this time I was wailing. The restraints were off. Anxiety and stress were tap dancing on temperance and I didn't care. If anyone told me to be patient, at that given moment, they were going to get the beat down of their lives! I don't believe my prayers were coherrent to anyone else, but God saw my heart.

I did get a job. It wasn't what I would normally do, but it is work. To do it well, I have to be still. I never knew how hard that was until I had to do it. In that time I learned that asking for a suddenly isn't bad. Asking for a suddenly at the appropriate time is better. It took 3 years for me to realize that I have grown up and my gifts are needed elsewhere. Provision flowed plentiful at one time, but when changes occur, your attention is being beckoned. I still have provision (God will always supply); however, abundance directs elsewhere. Know when its your time to move.

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