Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scuds and Duds

This blog was written for those Christians that wonder where is the abundance they heard so much about? Asking the question, is this all there is? Or wondering if they are doing the Christian thing right because it isn't at all what they expected (Romans 7:15-20 AMP). Never did I think that I would ever be writing with ministers, preachers, or even pastors in mind. But, as a dean of a Christian college said, aren't we all ministers? I had to think about that for a moment. I suppose once we have established that relationship with God as Jesus did by studying, it is what we all become... in one form or another. So now, I am grouping clergy with the rest of us because we all have to walk this path (Psalm 119:105 AMP). What I am finding is a title is only a title. It doesn't give more wisdom, it doesn't put more anointing on a message, it doesn't show more love, its only a title. Understand?

Every Sunday, I get comfortable and ready myself to listen to one of my favorite pastors on Christian television. The reason I get so into certain ministers is because they seem to know exactly what I am going through for the week and the message pinpoints what I needed to hear (Luke 8:8 AMP). Usually, its the kind of message where you have to take notes and go back to them for reference because you are making those words meat for your spirit to live by. Its good food (Hebrews 5:12-14 AMP). What I would call a scud missile; eradicating the enemy right out of its comfort zone and back to the dry abyss where he belongs (Matthew 12:43-45 AMP). Who doesn't love those messages? Its as if God was watching you and told the minister, evangelist, pastor, or speaker to say this right to you for the time such as it is. You have to just love that!

Well, that Sunday while I was all into the message, it went a little left. When this happens, I sort of
lean in thinking that this is gonna be one of those deep sermons where I might have to go back in the Word and look to see what he is talking about for it to be applicable to my situation or for future use. But then he mentioned the devil and then again, and then he did it again. He said that the devil is organized. Huh? Well, let me wait to see where he was going. I listened and didn't like the neighborhood, so I changed the channel. The sermon was almost over for that episode. How long does one wait before doing something to keep your heart guarded (Proverbs 4:23 AMP)? Now where was my spiritual sustenance for the week? Should I keep tuning in or stop because that one sermon was a dud?

What I am noticing is that ministry is cyclical. Honestly, everything God does is cyclical. In sowing seed: seed in soil, water, sun, plant raises, fruit, harvest. The seed is in the fruit and the process continues. Man and woman meet, marriage, sex, child is born, child grows, meets spouse and the cycle continues. God gives talent, blessing, and gifts to His children, we minister to others, their lives change. God gives to them and the cycle continues. Its a well oiled machine. In studying the Word, one can see this same process in all things. God shows love and gives love. If you operate in fear, you decided not to accept His love, so the opposite comes to collect. The enemy. This happens every single time. There is no getting around it. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Operate in love, its what you will receive. Operate in kindness, it is what you will receive. If deception is your means of entertainment, then you cannot be upset when those around you lie, steal, and cheat to get what they desire. God's harvest is what He has sown. He will not gather deceit, frustration, laziness, malice, and anything else that is not of Him. Be thou holy for He is holy. Its as simple as that.

Ministers standing before a congregation have accepted the assignment to be the mouthpiece of God. When anything other then His Word is being spoken, there will be consequences. You see the congregation is not only there to receive what God has for them, but to pray for the minister who is speaking. Hopefully, he/she realizes that the pulpit is not the place to embarrass or to humiliate others. It is not the time to get revenge (actually, its never the time) and is never a place to focus on your own agenda. There is a cycle in ministry as well. The minister prays to hear from God. He studies to hear from God. He continues to do so until he is confident that the message is from God with scriptural reference. If there is no scripture used, there is no truth in it. If there is no truth in it, then the message did not come from God and this minister will need much prayer. He will receive consequences for feeding God's people food that was not prepared at the Lord's table.

The Word is clear on this matter. Let every man have a good report (Philippians 4:8 KJV). Why? Because this man is doing the will of God. God is good. The cycle is working. Teachers will be held at a higher standard (James 3:1 AMP). If ministers don't think they are teachers, this information is a rude awakening. We already made a decision when we chose life. Life then becomes the answer to every other question where we have to make a decision. If you still don't know, ask God. He sees where every decision will lead you. His intention is for His harvest to be full and abundant much like the life Jesus promised when God sowed His only Son into the earth. Now, that was a one of a kind scud missile!

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