Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Crass-ness of Christmas

I tried not to post anything negative especially during the holidays. People are going through enough not to hear my ranting about what I think this holiday has become over the years. I don't really need to write about it too ? You see it too - right? Where is the love? What has happened?

My whole life Christmas has been a day to market simply everything. If there is not one commercial after another then its hearing your relatives go on and on about what they want rather then finding out what more could they give. If that's Christmas for them, then fine. What more can one say? Hearing that Jesus is the reason for the season has become as cliche as Jingle Bells.

I woke yesterday morning saying, "Happy Birthday Jesus", knowing what the day held for me. There was cooking to be done, I had 2 afghans to finish crocheting and all of the conversation from my children and grand child. Its family. Its what the holidays bring and what some yearn for. The dinner was nice but not as huge as Thanksgiving. I made that decision a few years back. I finished 1 of the 2 afghans and everyone seemed pleased with what they received in the form of presents. That always makes a parent happy. So if that all went well, I wondered what happened to the joy of Christmas for me.

To and from work for a solid week, I listened to nothing but Christmas music. It got to the point that by the time Christmas got here, I was thoroughly tired of Christmas hymns and carols. Maybe that's it. Before Halloween was over, Christmas decorations went up and I could hear them bleed Christmas music in the stores. I didn't really mind it much a few years ago, but if you listen to more then a few weeks of the same music, what happens? My mother used to say when using perfume, "a little goes a long way and too much stinks." Is that what happened to Christmas?

I noticed the nights were coming closer and closer. I saw that it was taking longer for the sun to rise. Was that normal, I kept asking myself. And what came to mind was the scripture where Paul says, you are able to tell the weather but not when the Lord is coming. That didn't make me feel any better.

My mother passed away last year around this time. Maybe that's what was making me feel so...blah. Holidays will never be what they used to be without her. This is true, but the Word tells me that there is a time for mourning and a time when mourning is over. Am I still mourning?

I work for a predominantly Jewish agency. For the most part, they really try to incorporate all faiths...well, as much as they can tolerate. Nevertheless, in looking over that attitude they have about Jesus, I have tried my best not to offend (no matter how much they offend me and what I believe). Am I tired of holding back or is it all culminating around me to the point of needing a vacation?

I suppose this is what many people go through in the holidays and too many times people have this panacea answer that's supposed to wash over you and make it all disappear. Well, in Christ, I always thought it was supposed to and if it lingers that's the fight of faith the Word tells us about - isn't it? We are wrestling not against flesh and blood. So if all of those who don't know Jesus and those who do and don't care what they say, are the ones we are to influence for them to inquire about Jesus, I guess we are failing miserably. With all of the crap that's going on, it is possible in losing sight of what the holiday is all about. If the Holy Spirit never gave us that unction, we would be writing Merry X-mas or saying Happy Holidays like everyone else. I said Merry Christmas to a few people because I was surprised how many days had passed and I had not heard it once. You would be surprised how long it took before the grunts stopped and the hesitations came to order before I heard the greeting back.

Still, God has been good to me. I am here and in good health along with my children. I pray for those who spitefully use me and for those who still have not accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. In this way, Christmas remains what it is: Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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