Wednesday, June 24, 2015

There Is A Problem

Before delving into the Word, please forgive me for not being as diligent as I would have hoped to have been this year. I am in the process of making a career and change in residence. All of my personal belongings have been packed and I resort to going to the library to write in my spare time. I do thank you for your patience and supporting this blog by checking in and reading those entries that may be new to you.

In studying the scriptures, when God recognized a problem, He resolved it. Problem: the world was void and without form. Solution: God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:2 KJV). Problem: God created the Garden of Eden so big there was no one to feed it. Solution: God created 3 rivers to nourish the garden (Genesis 2:10-14 AMP). Problem: It was not good for man to be alone. Solution: God created woman (Genesis 2:22-23 AMP). Now that last problem is a powerful statement seeing that God epitomizes what good is and created all. There was a problem and His solution was to create a woman. Selah.

Here is my question: How is it that man, God's creation, thinks he can create a better solution then the one God made? From having a dog as his best friend to marrying the same sex, how are any of those things better then the what God said and concluded that it is good (Genesis 1:31 AMP)?

Understand if you choose to do anything outside of what God has created as good, that's your right and you have the freedom to make that decision (Proverbs 18:21 AMP). Only, you can't then complain and expect absolution when crap happens. This is basic Christianity 101!!! You, whether you believe it or not, created a bigger problem by going outside of what God calls good.

I just learned a few weeks ago, one of my favorite speakers of all time passed away last year. The way I came about this information was surfing the channels on youtube and finding his face on a few of them. He had been out of the public view for a few years and I was surprised to see him back. But upon closer scrutiny, the channels were commemorating his passing. His name is Arch-Bishop Veron Ashe. He was introduced by Pastor Carlton Pearson way back in the early 90's and was regarded as one of the most dynamic and anointed speakers in the Christian circuit. He went on to be seen on the Potter's House and in various parts of the United States and Europe. I know when it was announced that he was anywhere in Michigan, I was there. In his sermon, he mentioned several times that he was married to the church and had not been married to anyone. Personally, I found that strange but not unheard of because speakers of the clergy like to use Paul as an example for not being married and still being anointed to do as God called them to do (or so we think).The problem here is that we were
never required, taught, or told to follow Paul. Fast forward: Veron Ashe passed away destitute and alone, according to the article linked here. It wasn't until later did I find that he is the grand child to Mary Kay Ashe, the multi-million dollar business mogul of Mary Kay Cosmetics. How much sense does that make?

My son is single and 30 years old. He has been talking to a pastor who is also single and in his mid 50's. The pastor claims that he believes marriage is a ministry and he has not been called to it. I warned my son to guard his heart and be watchful when listening to this man preach (Proverbs 4:23 AMP).

Another pastor had an uncle about 20 years older then himself. The pastor marveled how his uncle could keep himself celibate for so long and maintain holiness in Christ (his words). In his late 70's, the pastor made the declaration that he is ready to be married. The problem was the pickings were so slim, that no one was interested. Eventually, instead of him looking, he went back into the nature he was used to - single life. By his late 90's, the pastor told him it was high time for him to let go of his independence and come and reside with his nephew and wife. He did. One night when all of the other occupants were busy with their lives, the uncle tripped on a stair and fell tragically. He passed away - alone. What could anyone say, but to feel sad.

I just wonder how anyone can question the quality of their lives when they refuse solutions God has created and has freely given. Are you afraid? He created a solution for that (2 Timothy 1:7 AMP). Are you apprehensive because you have no example of a happy marriage? There is a solution for that (1 Peter 5:7 AMP). Do you love your stuff more then sharing it with anyone else? God knew and created a solution for that too (Matthew 6:1-20 AMP). So you see, there is no excuse or special privilege to those who truly wish to have their lives better off then what it is. Its really up to you.

Trust, when God says its not good to be alone- it really and truly ain't.

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