Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hey, Those Are My Kids!!!!

Alright, so we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and have learned some things that we expect should be happening in our lives on a constant. A little skeptical at first, but He has proven Himself over and over again to be true. There were plenty of things we can say, that if it weren't for the Lord, the outcome of many circumstances would have been a lot worse then they were. Thank God for Jesus! Phew!!!

Now as much as you would not like to complain about your life (because you know better then to do that), you have these thoughts. No matter how much you rebuke them and try to think of more pleasant things, the entertainment of these thoughts, you can't help but to admit, how true some of them are. Stuff like:

It was so much easier when you didn't know as much as you do about Jesus.
You had more friends when you didn't know about salvation.
You use to be the "cool" parent.
What's a little drink with co-workers after work? It doesn't have to be alcohol.
You can dance to "old school" music. What's the harm in that? Yeesh!

So you venture forth reasoning that you should be able to be happy too. There can't be an issue doing any of those things. True, you haven't been doing them in a long time because you hadn't had a desire to do them since coming into the knowledge of the truth, but it wasn't an issue before. What's the big deal now? Besides, you were asked by a few of your friends and they haven't been around in awhile. Why not? Its just a little fun, and you deserve it.

That is the attitude I had and have heard while on this Christian journey. I have seen some hard times and have wailed before the Lord, "What have I done to deserve this punishment? Tell me, so I can turn this thing around!" I went before ministers for help and they had no clue. I went to different ministries and expected to hear a more clear message just for me because I was visiting. It didn't happen. I forged through those times of which I remember and wince at the aggravation, frustration, and even questioning if I really received salvation. Because nothing changed and it didn't seem my question was being answered, I stayed to myself and continued to pray and study the Word. 

Did you think I was going to write that I gave up and went back out in the world? Ha! I know better. There is nothing for me out there no matter what turmoil I was going through at the time. I knew enough to know that God gives us tests for us to use the new material we have learned attending services regularly. There is a reason in bringing that notebook and taking notes. I went through the messages for the last few months. I had nothing in my notebook to keep me encouraged with all of the crap I was going through. Sure, I could keep saying the same verses that the ministers gave me over and over again but would that give me a clear understanding what this was? I kid you not, one minister I saw in the hall of the church on a weekday, stopped me. I thought he had heard from the Lord and was going to give me the answer I had been looking for. At first, he thought I needed to hear compliments. This was only irritating me. Then he said a scripture that I didn't hear from the other ministers. I suppose he saw the look of relief on my face and then quoted a few more verses. No, not the actual scripture like the Lord said, this or that. He was stating a specific book of the bible and the numbered verse where the scripture would found. He had a monster list of verses. He asked me if I had a paper and pen and continued on. I wish I had not seen him while going out of the door. When I tried to leave he said, "I'm not finished." He sat at the edge of the window (nowhere near the door I was trying to get out of) and got himself comfortable. He sighed, looked up at the ceiling and rattled off verse after verse for me to list on the back of my notebook.  At the time, I didn't see God's sense of humor. 

When I  got to my car, I wondered what that minister thought I was going to do with that list. I went home and began looking up some of the verses hoping that I would get some relief in what I found. He just rattled off verses. None of them had anything to do with what I was going through. I then thought about the scripture in Proverbs where it says there is safety in a multitude of counselors. Did I need to see more? So I did. It didn't get any better. What to do? What to do? I prayed....fervently....habitually.....with expectation.

Oddly enough, it took years before I got an answer. Why oddly? Because God doesn't work like that. So
why was it years rather then hours or a few days? Because its not Him - its us. We say, think, and do a myriad of things that we believe is normal. We have been trained in it for so long, we don't see the harm. But there is. I have written this message before in much detail. The reason I am writing this again is for the simple fact, its been years and you might be going through something that some minister gave an arbitrary, pedantic excuse for it. Do you know I had a female minister tell me that God is busy right now but He will get to me as soon as He gets the chance to? Uh, what?

There has to come a time where its just you and God and no one else can see you through the stuff you put yourself in. No one else will understand it. No one else will seem to care. God is calling you to Him. The relationship needs to be stronger. He would like for you to spend more time with Him. You need to. You are called to do something great and in order for that to happen, you need to spend that time with greatness. There is no one else greater. No one else. Realize that!

Now look at the title of this entry. You were drawn to the title because it sounds like you. But in reading the contents, you think that could be the voice of God protecting His own. You were right the first time. God would never call you His kid. As much as I have heard and said myself, I am a King's kid, it was wrong and God saw no pleasure in us saying such things. Let's break this down biblicily.

There will come a time (if it hasn't already begun) where God will begin to separate the goats from the sheep.
It is depicted in the parable of the wheat and the tares. The servant tells the farmer that the devil has planted some tares among the wheat. Problem is that the tares look like the wheat and it takes an experienced farmer to know the difference. God's wisdom and infinite mercy shows us Himself where the farmer tells the servant to allow the tares to grow. This will show which is which. Tares don't produce fruit. Tares will be pulled up, bundled together and burned. This is also illustrated when Jesus came upon a fig tree and saw no productivity on it. The tree was cursed to the root. The disciples marveled at how fast this happened.

We call our children kids not thinking that we are essentially marking them. God doesn't see your children as kids. He sees them as seeds of righteousness. Lambs, not goats. Baby goats are called kids. You do not wish to separate them yourself when God has no intention of doing this. You are creating your own chaos. You see that now, don't you? Let the Words of your mouth and meditation of your heart be acceptable in His sight. He's listening to you.  

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