Monday, October 21, 2013

Shout Out To The 5 Fold Ministry!

In light of the scandalous things happening to ministers in the last few years, I needed to take a step back and
ask God, "What is happening?" I asked God for several reasons, the first being, I won't get a bunch of excuses from Him. Man has said to me repeatedly, it is a sign of the times. Yet, Christians already knew there would be various signs of Jesus's eminent return. We either guard ourselves from the crap around us and rejoice in the expectancy of it or we are watching what is happening and praying for those who have not learned to be on their guard. It is not expected of us, those that believe, to be on the broad path of destruction - or is it (if we to judge what is being broad casted)?

Is it obvious to us that those who are doing things their own way and in the name of Jesus have learned all about a liberty that we have not yet grabbed a hold of? The world has decided to tap into the entertainment industry from a different angle. They have been welcomed into the church.  In January of this year, the networks invaded several ministries through the wives. It was intrusive, a poor depiction of what is expected of the pastor's wives, and I was personally surprised that it lasted as long as it did - one season. It was a reality show (wink-wink) called The Sisterhood. I was pleased that the church did not participate in viewing that nonsense. Why nonsense? Because God has forgiven us of our past and many of those women that were blessed in being pastor's wives should not have thought it right to bring up what God has placed as far from Him as the east is from the west. How was the congregation supposed to take the ministry seriously when the first thought before going to the pulpit isn't if the message will be well received, but is the lighting right and will the camera get his/her "good" side. Is that liberty or vanity (1 Corinthians 8:9-12 AMP)?

This year, I saw a new reality show about to begin, Preachers of LA. The trailer introduced a few ministers (Proverbs 16:18 AMP).
that have been in the church circuit for decades. Their voices followed a script that said something to the effect of, "Why should the rappers and movie stars be the only ones driving the expensive cars and live in the mansions? We are blessed and have the right to have the good things in life too." Did those pastors and music ministers know that the producers were going to show the dilapidated homes of those that make up their congregation while they were asking the previously mentioned question? Do they not know that the trailer made them look like idiots? Are they so full of themselves that they cannot see that they are losing the better part of their congregation that they need? What is happening, will not be a question that is exclusive just for me but one they will eventually ask themselves once it happens.

I was looking a this blog and the other that I host. I had a goal to meet every year to write a post from each blog once a week. That means 52 posts per year. I have come close to meeting that goal once or twice but haven't accomplished it yet. I think this has been my worst year in maintaining that goal. I haven't quit but I did notice, I don't have the zeal about writing the things the Lord has given to me as much as I use to. I write them in a notebook and marvel at the simplicity of what I didn't know in those things that can be easily applied to anyone's life. However, the discussions with other believers that know better and has the knowledge to do better, when the test comes, they don't use what they know (John 16:33 AMP). They rely on the old habits that should have died when they came into the knowledge of the truth. This is discouraging for those that believe the Word of God is the only truth there is.

So I put that in the perspective of these ministers that have embroiled themselves in scandal or silly matters left to those who don't know. Have we become bored with what God has called us to do (2 Timothy 1:6 AMP)? Is it all just too academic for us to show and teach what thus says the Lord anymore? Has it become too difficult to repeat things we have said over and over again only to see man do the very thing we have taught them not to do? Isn't that what Jonah felt just before he was swallowed by the whale (Jonah 1:1-4 AMP)? Take heed ministers. Be warned. We have been called for such a time as this and it was not to envelope with what the world has to offer being friends with those principles (James 4:4 AMP). God has set aside a peculiar nation. When Jesus returns, He will be looking for that treasure that has been set aside. If you are not there, you will be left behind. You know better.

There is only one reason a minister becomes bored with his calling. He has stopped praying. Once the prayer stops, the belief stops. When the belief has stopped the faith ceases. You cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). Therefore, if you don't believe, you cannot receive. Its as simple as that. The narrow way is still available for you. Do not find yourself near one of those crying rocks (Luke 19:38-40 AMP). God is waiting.

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