Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fantasy of Abundant Life?

Really? I suppose its difficult for me to fathom that there are actual born again believers that say, text, or whatever means of communicating, that the life Jesus came to give is just a fantasy. So then what is that person's faith for? Is it just to have salvation from God's wrath? If one believes the salvation aspect of Christianity, why not embrace all of the benefits of the faith? What do you have to lose or don't you understand what abundant life is?

I have read articles and comments about how Christians are so against those "Prosperity Preachers", as they have been called. Yet, they don't wait to listen to what is being preached (James 1:19 KJV). What harm would it cause just to listen to see if what is being ministered is the truth or not? Not all preachers ministering prosperity are trying to take from the congregants, or speaking of money, or takes their role as a minister so lightly. Don't pile them all in one bunch. When you do, you place boundaries around God keeping Him from blessing you. Sounds impossible, continue reading.

Before man disobeyed God in eating from the tree of good and evil, man had all he needed. A place to lay his head, a vision, something to do, and everything he would need to sustain his life was already provided. All he had to do was be obedient to God. As man was doing what he was called to do, God looked at all He created and said, "it is not good for man to be alone." This one statement said to me that God has every intention for man to live a life that is full. He gave him everything! When God formed woman from the rib of Adam for him to have help, Adam immediately made her his wife. For Adam, abundance was completed.

When the earth was cursed, it was more then what most of us know about. The earth became hard. It needed to be worked to be softened in order for it to be good again to receive good seed and have good product from it. To do that would be HARD work (Genesis 3:17-19 KJV). Keeping with the analogy of seed and ground, woman was punished for being beguiled by the serpent. She was told that baring children would be in sorrow (Genesis 3:16 KJV). So when man implanted seed into her to have children, once it was time for the harvest of that seed, she would go through pain. It would be HARD for her to deliver children. Mankind also became hard as generations were born into the world. Just as the earth had to be toiled, so did the heart of man in order for him to receive the instruction from God (Genesis 8:21 KJV). We see the description of the heart of man in the Old Testament (O.T.) over and over again (Proverbs 16:9, Proverbs 19:21, Ecclesiastes 8:5 KJV).

God instructed for man to make a decision for him to have some of the remnants left of having a good life. He tells man to choose. He tells man what has been placed before him and in order for man to have those best parts, he needs to choose life. This one decision is what answers all decisions in life. Some men still think life offers so many choices, but all things as permissible as they are, are not beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23 AMP). So when we choose from all of those things, it must be with the same instruction. Which of those things will add LIFE to what you already have? To answer this question would require for you to do the very thing you have heard for years: acknowledge Him in ALL your ways and He will direct your path (Proverbs 3:6 AMP).

Why would a god that loves you unconditionally, give you a means to have a better life, provide all that you need to sustain that life, then wish you hardship and anguish? He wouldn' believe otherwise would mean you are in error and have answered why nothing has been going your way (Hebrews 12:8-10 AMP). God defines good. You cannot have anything good without Him. There is no such thing as a good family, good relationships, a good business, a good job, a good spouse, good health, a good income, a good life without God. You have nothing if you do not have God. You are unequivocally fooling yourself otherwise.

I suppose those that have been fooling themselves have also decided to justify why their life is the way it is by stating that we must take the good with the bad. This makes no sense when God has told us to choose. LIFE is good. Death is bad (Proverbs 12:28 KJV). Where is it in the Word that we must take the good with the bad? I recall Job said such a thing when he was under fire from doing what was not pleasing in the sight of God (Job 2:10 AMP). When he did these things, God had a conversation with the devil. Why? Because what Job did came from fear. God did not give him this spirit, nor did God give him the idea to make atonement for his children's sins which were never confessed to him. Because of these acts, that which he feared came upon him (Job 3:25 KJV). Actually that and then some. Why so much more then he feared? Because the devil does the job God gave him to do: steal, kill, and destroy. God tells us all not to give place to the devil. This is a good directive.

The need for a Messiah came after Adam caused for the land to be cursed. You will notice, the life of man was being depleted from living for over 900 years to 120. For this reason, God gave again. One of the most popular verses of the bible is John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (KJV). If you don't already know, to perish is bad. Therefore, believing (synonymous with faith) that Jesus is the Son of God will give you not only the life discussed from the O.T. but everlasting life. Here's a question, would God have you living an everlasting life in turmoil and pain? Remember, He is good. Turmoil and pain is bad.

I know as you are reading this, it might sound elemental or pedantic, but that is not why I am writing it in the manner. Understand, there are all different levels of maturity reading this entry. The things I have read from believers saying abundant life isn't real are from those who have no understanding of who God is and why He does what He does. He defines good and love. He gave because He is good and He is love. He wishes above ALL things that you be and health and prosper even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2 KJV). To believe or write that abundant life is a fantasy must be from one who has no knowledge. It is written, My people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6 KJV). Again, to perish is bad. God is good. What don't you understand?  

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