Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sometimes The Good You Do Don't Do You Any Good?

I actually heard someone say this. I thought about it for a moment because a moment is all I needed to realize that as quick as it rolls off the tongue, a person not being knowledgeable in Christ, could think that statement is profound. Sometimes the good you do, don't do you any good. Really? Does that type of thinking go along with the saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? When I heard the person say the title of this entry, I had that moment. But when it came to writing material based on it, I couldn't even come up with a testimony. Hey, I don't get writer's block!

Going back to the mission statement for Kingdom Living (written at the top of this blog), the material for me to write started to flow again. In defining good, you already know, that's God. Jesus said it to His disciples (Luke 18:19 AMP). Now when accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we also agree to be followers of Him. It is the definition of Christian. We desire to be more like Him. So when we do things that are pleasing in His sight, it is without malice, grumbling, or with an ulterior motive. We do so because we are blessed and continue to be while others either don't know who they are in Christ or haven't yet chose the abundant life. Twisted statements, like those mentioned above, makes sense to them. To them, it is profound, sound, and words to live by. The road to hell statement, has been said often throughout my childhood.

When we do good for others, we do so for others to be well off. We do so, because we have been provided for. We do so also out of obedience in Christ. He did it, so we do it too. How can this not be good for you? How can this lead you to hell (3 John 1:11 AMP)?

When you are doing something for someone else because you owe it to him/her, do you feel frustration because you don't wish to pay back the debt, or you might have issues with the person that hasn't been sorted out, or you could be thinking that this good thing you are doing is going to advance this person even higher then he already is (1 John 5:1-3 AMP)? Thoughts like that could worry a person into an early grave. Why? Because it is what the enemy does. It might have started out as a test to see if your heart is as good as you would like it to be. The test shows you what God sees and what you need to rid yourself of. If you don't use better words to push out those negative thoughts, then you are what I like to call, "feeding the beast." The more you grumble, complain, or look at what someone else has and compare it to what you don't, the beast gnaws away at the blessings you do have until the only thing you have left is your health. The ease Jesus came to give, you have opposed it - hence comes disease. So if this defines, that road paved to hell - well, I guess it would make sense. But it would also show that your intentions weren't good, which then becomes biblical and the truth (Proverbs 21:27 AMP).

I was going to write an entry on why a Christian would be bored. I had a hard time getting material on that too. Then I saw a banner on facebook. It said: only boring people get bored. Which in a sense is scriptural. Christianity is a faith walk. We walk in the spirit so not to fulfill the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16 AMP). The Word also says that faith without works is dead (James 2:20 AMP). Its as if you can have as much faith that God will do this or that for you, but without any effort from you (the ability God has put in you), would He be a good Father to do it all? A man can guide his children to assist them to walk, but if he walks for them, they will never try to walk themselves. If man assists a baby bird to come out of his shell because the baby bird seems to be struggling so hard to get it off, he kills the baby bird. He might have had good intentions in the assistance, but the bird needs the struggle to get his lungs activated. Because of human assistance, the baby bird never gets that necessary struggle to breath appropriately and eventually dies. God is good.

Some seeds might be a good snack and that's all they will ever be. Other seeds can do more if planted in good soil though it has a process to go through even in the dirt to get to where it needs to be and produce fruit. There is an outer covering that has to sloughed off otherwise, it won't grow. Water and the minerals in the dirt gnaw away at the outer covering to get to the inside. When the minerals do,  along with heat from the sun, the seed then germinates and grows. This is also what happens to a believer. The serpent, when cursed after the fall of man, was told by God that he would eat the dust of the earth for the rest of its days. The dust of the earth was also used to create flesh (man). The struggles man goes through is first because of the curse. Then we find the Lord who came not to condemn man but to give him life. Without Jesus, man would continually be cursed, having good
intentions based on his own definition and still going to hell. God allows man to go through what he does so he can not only live the life he has chosen but an abundant life having produced much fruit (1 John 5;10-12 AMP).

Understanding this basic concept can move a hum-drum life into the stratosphere. But it is up to you. Can you still do good and be content or have you turned to the dust once again (2 Peter 2:20-22 AMP)?

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