Thursday, June 13, 2013


The sacrifice we do for others is in hopes that the others will make better choices to be placed on a better path with less obstacles is something most Christians gladly do. We know this is pleasing unto God. We automatically make those sorts of sacrifices for our children and possibly for some of our family members. Yet, with what we know in Christ, are volunteers and philanthropic characteristics on the rise (Proverbs 21:3 AMP)? Would we still be so kind to sacrifice our time to assist in helping a stranger to understand Christianity and then follow up with where he/she attends services or the very least, pray for their spiritual growth? Do you wake up extra early to make that sacrifice in prayer for someone else (Proverbs 15:8 AMP) ? If not, are you sabotaging your own spiritual growth and success?

An attractive woman, recently divorced and raising her 4 children, establishing a home of her own and a career, she had been approached several times by men interested in dating her. Instead of having to continually reject their advances, she decided to make herself less attractive by wearing a silver wig, large framed glasses, no make up, and homely clothes. She barely looked like herself but the interest that she was receiving from so many men, stopped. She continued to obtain her education and advanced in her career. In reading this, one might think that this woman did nothing to impede her own progress. She got what she desired. Didn't she? Was it God's will? Her children grew and had independent lives while this once attractive woman who practiced being unattractive sits alone. She wishes to date now, but she isn't the same woman. God fashioned a woman to present to Adam (Genesis 2:21-23 NASB). There were specifics that God put in her for Adam and no one else. How this woman looked and behaved was a deliberate training. If her first husband could not see those attributes - oh well, he missed out. She was meant for someone else, but how will she know this now? It is so important to acknowledge God before making even the smallest of changes (Proverbs 3:6 KJV).

Would anyone make a conscious decision in destroying all of the good created? You would think not, yet doesn't it happen all of the time? Why would anyone take drugs with all of the information there is not to? Why does a grown woman have multiple sex partners when she has children fathered by several different men? Why does a thief run from the police then cries for mercy when the judge finds that he is a habitual offender? Why have children that you don't wish to raise? Why speak poorly of your child's mother/father (Proverbs 14;1 AMP)?

Sinners, well, that's their choice to be blind (Ephesians 4:17-32 KJV). For a Christian its insane to work against progress. In counseling, some women allow for me to gain some insight about their faith in God. When they do, the counseling strategy changes. A particular woman professing Jesus as her Lord and Savior has one child and her recreational activity is smoking dope while her child is in the car with her. One of my tasks for her was to find housing. When I did, management requires for this type of housing that the residents are drug free. A urine test is given on the spot. As I was filling the paper work, the test came back positive. The administrator reported that the positive reading was a hard positive; meaning, that the client had a few hits just before taking the test. No matter how many sessions and trials to gain free housing - the results were the same. How? Why? She manages to pass the drug test to gain employment; nevertheless, she consequently sabotaged her own success in the program and had to be excused.

This isn't exclusive to women. Men have their dirt to clean as well. A man is in a hurry to marry. When  he does, he expects his wife to be the woman his mother never was to his father. She cooked and cleaned for her new husband. One would think he would be pleased with her efforts. Instead, he would spill a drop of red soda on the floor daily just to see if she would clean it. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year until she couldn't take it (Proverbs 21:19 AMP). His actions served as fodder for arguments until the new couple sounded just like his parents (Proverbs 17:1 AMP). Oddly, he was content. She eventually left him. His parents divorced at the same amount of years married as well.

Yeah, you can blame the enemy and to some degree that would be true; yet, if you know better, why not do better? Why not practice what the Word says so the enemy is never allowed a strong hold (Luke 11;21-26 AMP)? Is that too much trouble to do too?

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