Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Its the Pin Dots Too

If it looks good and the rest of the fruit around it looks good, there is less of a chance that any of the fruit wouldn't be good. That's practically the basis by which I told my children because of certain types of people I had to do case studies with. One rarely saw the unseemly element with those that try to do something with their lives. Their focus is different. Those that apply themselves don't have the time for distractions. They have been trained that with studying and some drive the result will always be beneficial (Joshua 1:8 KJV).

To some extent, I still hold fast to this; however, due to some life lessons and this analogy, adjustments were needed.

The analogy comes from  the old adage, "one bad apple spoils the whole barrel." Most people would be able to spot a bad apple. Going to the produce section upon sight, bruises is the tell all sign. Another way is to pick up the apple and squeeze to see if it is still firm. The sight and touch signs should be all that is needed; yet in these last days, men have devised a means to spray apples with pesticides not only to keep the bugs from ruining a crop but to maintain the color and superficial texture while displayed in the produce section. Recently, while waiting for my guests to arrive at a family dinner, I felt "peck-ish" and got an apple to snack on. Seeing the red color, I went to wash it off. Just out of habit, before taking a bite, I shine the apple first. It looked delicious. When I took a bite, it tasted nothing like it looked. The skin was taut and a beautiful bright red, but the flesh was like a dry sponge. This has happened to me before, but then I clearly saw small black pin dots on the bright red skin. This time the apple color was darkened and the dots weren't clearly as visible. The experience was disappointing, appetite destroying, and can turn a customer from purchasing apples ever again.

From the perspective of people getting rid of spots and wrinkles in their lives, it would take God (Ephesians 5:24-30 AMP). We are given the foundation of righteousness and have to conduct our lives accordingly. It takes studying to replace the old, wicked ways into new habits. Some seem harder then others not because it can't be done. Its hard because of the will to relinquish those ways (Acts 3;26 AMP).

An alcoholic can get to rock bottom, losing everything and even his health is in jeopardy; yet, unless the taste and desire is no longer as strong as the desire to live, then he will mostly certainly die (Proverbs 23;30-35 AMP). This would also be true for an addict, thief, murderer, liar, idolater, and the like. A true believer knows this because of the Word, experience, and history. A fool disregards what is most certainly obvious (Proverbs 1:7 AMP).

The Word says that God inhabits the praise of the righteous (Psalm 22:3 AMP). The Word says that He hears the prayers of the righteous. It is all do-able for us. To others we are like iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17 AMP). We assist those that try to do right and teach those that don't know what is the right thing to do. Our work is to remove the spots and wrinkles to be ready for His return. So would there ever be a time when pin-dots could not be visible on you or those you believe to be your friends? Something I use to desire in my life were long term friendships. I have seen people have 30-40 year friendships and then get married. It is truly a blessing to have. If this is a desire for you and you believe you have this sort of friend, would you leave if God tells you to? What if the bond is with finances, a good paying job, an expensive car, the perfect house, the best deal, your favorite suit/dress, $100,000.00? If you winced at any of these suggestions or can make an excuse for not doing so, you have discovered pin-dots on you. What is your recourse now (2 Peter 3:14 KJV)?

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