Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its An Eviction!

I have never been evicted from any residence, I don't suppose that it is very pleasant. I have seen pink notices on doors before and could imagine that feeling coming home from work or looking for a job only to see a notice to add to the troubles that distresses a person. I have been fired from a job (or two) before. I recall once it was a relief because I just detested it so. I even thanked God when the three staff asked me to come with them. The other time, I was surprised and hurt. It felt rejected even after I did all of that work for the company too. Yet, an eviction is very different, especially the sort that is necessary to function in the manner God created.

First, comprehend some elements before the eviction occurs. A lease was signed with the understanding of the rules and guidelines given. Rent must be paid and the property must be as put together as it was when moving in. The landlord also knows that if there are any malfunctions within or around the property, he shall be there upon contact to make sure the problem or issue is resolved. The tenant and the landlord are agreed. It is a business partnership. Any deviation from this agreement will cause conflict. If there is still no resolve, legal matters are enforced and the landlord will have the right to proceed with  an eviction.

Would these proceedings also apply spiritually? You know what I mean. Like when there is warfare going on and the prayers of the righteous are doing what it is suppose to be doing. When the good fight of faith is in operation, would there also be an eviction proceeding (1 Timothy 6:12 KJV)? If so, how would one go about with that?

Jesus didn't talk to the throngs of people plainly even though they came in enormous numbers to hear what He had to say (John 16:25-29 KJV). Many of them practiced the traditional and ritualistic ways. Jesus was initiating something so different that it caused the people to become angry. The information didn't digest (in a matter of words) because of what they allowed to be their truth. Them wanting to crucify Him was the accumulated efforts of the undigested and rejection of the spiritual food. His disciples, however, asked questions after Jesus spoke. They seemed to hunger for more of what Jesus was giving. Why did that happen? What was the difference between the 2 groups other then the size?

Jesus chose the original 12 disciples. They were all doing something in their lives and none of them were strapped for cash. Notice when chosen, none of the original 12 questioned in following Him. Though they all had their own homes, they spent so much time with Jesus, it was said that they spoke like Him (Mark 14:70 KJV). It is what we all strive to do. How would that happen now when Jesus has ascended into heaven?

Jesus had a goal to complete on this earth before ascending to heaven. He is the Savior of this world. In order for Him to complete His goal, He was found in the temple asking the elders questions and He studied the Word (Luke 2:42-52 AMP). He was praying and getting to know more and more about His Father. When the time came for Him to start His ministry, He left His mother and earthly father to go out and see to His bride - the church. This is what is required of all of us as well. The Word tells us to meditate in the Word day and night, then we shall have good success (Joshua 1:8 AMP). The Word tells us that the prayers of the righteous avails much (James 5:16 KJV). This would then be your answer if wondering where is your blessing or why this and that is happening in your life. You had to give credence to something that isn't apart of righteous living. It has made a home in you and causes you to think the way you do (Ephesians 4:27 KJV). How does it have communion with righteousness (2 Corinthians 6:14 KJV)? That is what you call yourself - the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus, right?

Recall when Jesus spoke to Peter after the last supper. He told Peter that he would deny Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Peter said he never would. He said he loved the Lord. He just couldn't believe he would do such a thing trying all he could to please Jesus in all things. Nevertheless, Jesus must have seen something in Peter that he also needed to see in order for it to be evicted. When Peter saw what was happening to our Lord and Savior, the people that was about to crucify Jesus, looked around for the disciples. Peter feared for his life. Because of that fear, when the people asked if he knew Jesus, he said he didn't. He said it twice and to prove for the third time, he cursed. Then the cock crowed and he was reminded what Jesus had said to him. Peter grieved (Luke 22:34-62 AMP).

How can the intentions of a believer, being so pure still have something within that isn't? When being confronted with wrong doing, I have heard people say, "well, God sees my heart." As if that is a panacea to continue to do wrong. I've spoken to an elderly woman for a little over three years on a regular basis. She loves the Lord with all of her heart, yet when she is upset about a thing, she is quick to use a little profanity now and again (2 Timothy 2:15-16 KJV). At first I was surprised with the both of us coming from the same ministry and receiving the same training. I expressed my shock to her and she thanked me. She did give an excuse for why she now and again says the things that she does, but ended with that she was going to stop doing it. I also noticed when I asked how she was doing, I was surprised that she would give similar answers to that question as those that didn't know the Lord as she does. We had a talk about that as well. It wasn't as often as she was doing, it just didn't stop as I thought it would. After three years, I stopped talking to her about her behavior that would be foreign to righteousness. I didn't sign off to her being elderly and didn't know any better, I signed off to her liking the attention it gave amongst the other elderly people so that they would have something to continue to talk about. She came to my office to speak to me, as it is her practice to do. She then proceeded to tell me of her ailments and I didn't speak. She paused before continuing to complain about this and that. Still, I said nothing. When I looked at her expression, I distinctly saw her looking at me at the corner of her eye. It was as if she were hoping to stir me up to chastise her about her conversation. I still didn't say anything. She then got up to leave.

It was as if my time was being wasted saying the same things to her over and over again only for her to keep saying what she knew not to say. I was getting annoyed with her because she knew just as I do that the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts must be acceptable in His sight (Psalm 19:14 KJV). How then can we speak anything outside of what God says we are. Even if every single joint in your body aches it doesn't mean, it is what one who believes in righteousness should say. The words that would be fixed in our heart and mind would be, by His stripes I am healed (1 Peter 2:24 KJV).

This past weekend, I went to visit my mother. She is being rehabilitated to move from the hospital back to her home. She was having respiratory issues according to the doctors. When I visited her, I came in the room slightly annoyed. There was the very woman that introduced my Lord and Savior to me! How is it that she is in this hospital bed - still? I began talking to her about the Word. She conveyed to me that she has been saying the Lord's prayer and the 23rd Psalm which has got her through for the most part. That is good. Then I said something that caused a reaction. I said, "well Mom, its time to get that thing out of here so you can go to your home." I started with that and continued to speak on the Word. I didn't see her facial expression react at all, but she reached to grab the alert button to signal to the nurse. I asked what was the matter. She was making a request for her panic attack medication. What? As the nurse left, I asked my mother, "God didn't give you a spirit of fear but love, power, and a sound mind. Why are you taking this?" Her expression changed and I didn't know what else to say but to pray.

The Word tells us that we all come short of His glory (Romans 3:23 KJV). This conveys that there are times where we make mistakes, failed tests, and have said somethings that we shouldn't; nevertheless, it doesn't mean that God has turned His back on us for doing, saying, or thinking these things that aren't of Him. He has the requirement for us to walk in love. It is what we can hang all of the law and prophets on. If we love Him with all of our heart mind and strength and love our neighbor as we do ourselves, we are doing well. It is that love factor that keeps us clean (spot and wrinkle free). We have studied, much like Jesus, so we know how to act and react to every situation. It is our goal in life in order to have the life Jesus met His goal to give to us. It keeps us free.

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