Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Intentionally Deceiving

You know there are specific reasons why a person tells lies. In a nutshell, to deceive the one listening. There is no purpose in sugar-coating it and calling it a tiny white lie. Tiny or colossal, its intent is to deceive. Now knowing that God said for us to be thou holy for He is holy is a command to reiterate to be more like Him (1 Peter 1:16 KJV). We are already retaining a renewed mind, keeping our hearts guarded and Kingdom of God flourishes. Would a faith filled person lie? Could a God fearing man bear false witness? You would think the unanimous answer would be so simple. If there is a complete trust in God, bearing false witness would be as abhorrent as drinking sour milk. No one deliberately does it.

I was going to write this entry about why a person would lie, but we understand that already. Besides in the entry, A Dried Up Kingdom, I wrote about the history of lies and what happens to the listener of lies. Only, that entry didn't show what happens to the bearer of the false witness. According to the verses I supplied in that entry, it would seem Abram came out pretty well. Sure eventually he did only because God said he would; however, just like adhering to that small voice, you can miss the small statements that have been strategically placed.

I have worked with this co-worker that has had some physical ailments that might leave her with some memory loss (allowance for excuses), yet in conversing with other co-workers, she has said several things that haven't been true. I got fed up with it and began calling her on it just to see if she was going to act as if she has memory loss. She couldn't stick with her story. She was all over the map trying to gather some truth to what she had done. The last straw was involving others in her lie. I immediately asked those others. Again I confronted her. Once found out to be a liar, I told her privately, "if you ever lie to me again, I call you out in front of everyone." She was quiet. I suppose no one has ever said that to her before.

Another woman from a different company was talking to me. I noticed one of her co-workers (we will call her Jane) hadn't been around in quite awhile. I pulled a company photograph of Jane and asked the woman what happened to her thinking that Jane had been fired or transferred to another site. The woman I asked had this elaborate story about Jane finishing school and deciding to move to Florida with her children. She said that Jane had a house and a job already set for her. I believed this worker. There was no reason for me not to. One evening while working in a different building but the same position, who would I see come and greet me but Jane. I replied, "back already?" She asked, "back from where?" So I told her what was said to me. Jane said that she was needed on the 4th floor as a constant rather then roaming from one building to another. She continued to tell me that she has been here all along and has never been to Florida. I tried to make an excuse for the other woman who gave me the information stating well, she must have made a mistake. Jane replied, "mistake how? She sees me everyday!" Why would anyone do that? What amusement would she have in telling me these elaborate lies? Who does it benefit?

I didn't say anything about the matter to the woman; however I did notice within days, she was the one that was MIA. She returned a month later stating that she had been taken to the hospital. She couldn't understand how all of a sudden she got so sick. She had gout, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, and was on all sorts of antibiotics and steroids. I just listened to her. It wasn't until I started writing this entry did I recall the verse that is apropos here. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7 KJV).

Abraham is a blessed man of God. It was only while he was Abram did he have a dark horror that came over him causing him to shutter with a great terror (Genesis 15:12 AMP). Where did this fear come from? Could it have been the lies he told to cover himself from what he thought would hurt him? Could it have been all of the deception he did while he was with his family? Isn't it interesting that God would have him move from his kinfolk in order for him to be who he became as one of the giants of faith in scriptures? Would Abraham met his full potential staying with a family who made it a habit to be deceitful?

What about you? I have to check my heart on a constant to see is something there that shouldn't be. I know God will test my heart from time to time (1 Thessalonians 2:4 AMP). Whether it be on the road where I was cut off from a lane or faced with someone being belligerent when the situation doesn't warrant it. Many times I have let matters go allowing to choose my battles; other times, I will meet the opposition head on and win. Yet, when it comes to being deceitful, no matter if it means that I will not be looked well upon - I have to keep my trust in God. I have more to fear with Him then what any man can do. This is the conclusion I came away with after reading  what happened to King Abimelech when he welcomed Abram and his lies into his palace (his kingdom).

We have a Kingdom too (Matthew 6:33 KJV). It is the one sought in obtaining peace, joy, and righteousness (Romans 14:17 KJV). Personally, once I have found a liar in the midst, I can and have been angry. Whether the liar realizes it or not, he/she is extracting from the kingdom...that is, if you are willing to believe what the person is saying without acknowledging the one that sees the hearts of all men. Because the liar doesn't know why you are angry, it would be to your benefit as well as the soul of the liar, if you maintain your kingdom by speaking the Word at every chance. Incorporate the Word in your everyday language. Understand, speaking Elizabethan English isn't what I am referring to and it isn't necessary to quote where the scripture is found; however, seeing that the Word is life, it will cause discomfort in the liar. I have done it. Liars shouldn't be comfortable around you. The Word is life. Use it!

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