Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready....For What?!!

I was looking at one of my favorite speakers, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Senior Pastor of World Changers Ministries in College Park, Georgia. He is the first pastor that could make me understand the practical application of the Word and that it actually could be a life style rather then just so many words a clergyman says to a group of people just because he was hired to do it. Once I understood what was being said, I knew I could do it and not turn to the left or the right - like I have heard so many times in the past and it just didn't make sense before.

Sunday, April 8th, the message that aired was from an Easter Sunday service. Pastor Dollar began the sermon by stating that he received permission by the Holy Spirit to get up into their business (the congregants). I was intrigued, as I usually am by the message, I just never expected for him to say what he did. On Easter Sunday the sermon is as routine as it is on Christmas Sunday. Pastors who have had their ministries for any length of time almost never venture off of the script of the birth of Jesus during Christmas and His resurrection on Easter. You would think with so many people coming to church on those days that the message would be a little different in order to embrace the new comers or the novices so that they would have the desire to return through out the year.... but nope, year after year, the same thing over and over again until I made up in my mind that on those holidays when there are so many people to hear what is necessary, I decided to give up my seat seeing that I am there throughout the rest of the year. Nevertheless, this morning, Pastor Dollar began the message as expected. In describing the crucifixion and the state of Jesus' body, he told the reason why the other men had to have their legs broken and Jesus didn't. His point being, it was prophetic even before Jesus was born (Psalm 34:20 AMP). Pastor Dollar mention other things that happened in our lifetime that also are mentioned in scriptures. He then asked the question, with these things taken place, shouldn't you also be concerned that the rest of the bible will also happen as well?

It was typically quiet amongst the people. Whether they were thinking of the question asked or whether they have something in their own lives to clean up was between them and God. What wasn't expected was the direction he went after that. He spoke on sin, as most pastors would, then he got on the men. That's right, he actually said something that wasn't in the best light about the men! I was glued. The years and years I have gone to church services and heard how much women have to change this and that. If its not the way we look on the outside then its the look of our bodies. How we must accept our husband's crap and more and more and more. I don't know how some women could stand it. But this time, it finally was the men's turn. Actually, if no one else will say it, I will - it should have started there. But, with most pastors being men.....[sigh]. Seriously, view it here for yourself.

As a counselor, I have heard the frustrations of people on a continuum. In so doing, my job is to root through all of the complaints and actually try to find where all of the pain and hurt comes from. Most often, the underlying problem is not what they are complaining about. Many times there is childhood pain coming from an abusive or neglectful parent, neighbor, or family friend. If therapy is delayed, the direction of one's life is dictated by that pain in marrying the very people that caused the pain subconsciously or deliberately thinking that it's normal to be abused or treated with little to no respect. If the therapy is in church services hearing the Word in order for the person to straighten up, stop treating people like a day old newspaper, and turn your life around - then so be it. Its cheaper and it has more benefits (Isaiah 32:17 KJV). Its just putting the blame on someone else for the shortcomings of one person has to stop (Genesis 3:11-18 KJV). A child might be able to get away with that because of his/her lack of resources and life experiences - not a grown man or woman in Christ (Ephesians 2:1-10 KJV).

Life comes with many decisions, yet for the born again believer the decision remains to be the same - life. When ever there is a choice of two or more things set before you, the answer is life. Case in point, you have three colors to choose from to decorate your office: blue, yellow, or cinnamon. What color should you choose? The one that is your favorite? The one that your boss likes? The one that will make the girl or guy you are trying to impress like you? Or the one that will cause the customers you serve feel relaxed when making their decision to use the company? What do you do? Who will you seek in finding the correct answer? Answer: you seek the giver of life - Jesus. In praying and acknowledging Him first, you are keeping life, abundance, joy, peace, and righteousness at the forefront. Success is eminent.

The message Dr. Creflo Dolllar came with, was much needed - for the women as well as for the men. It was like the spiritual food doesn't have to be diluted anymore. There is more then just a handful of us that can actually chew on the meat of God's Word and the vegetables are quite tasty too. Finally...finally....finally! Change has to take place with servings like these. Fighting the good fight of faith emerges power before, during and so much more afterward - if you stand. Because like it or not, being ready or not - Jesus is coming!

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