Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The way I was introduced to faith was too scary for the time. I refused to go up for alter call to get "saved". It wasn't explained to me for a better understanding and I didn't trust the preachers. After services and later that night, I had a dream. I was 12 years old and I recall seeing myself at the edge of a cliff. Below the cliff were jagged rocks, stones, thick roots resembling branches, and I couldn't see the bottom of where I would land. I heard a voice telling me to jump because He will catch me. Of course, I didn't do it, I knew I had much to learn. If I recall correctly, it was dark outside (I capitalized He because I assumed it was God. I didn't know any better). Every now and again I think about that dream and instinctively know how far I have come and where I will never be again. I thank God for all of the tools He has shown me over the years (once I received Him) and the power given by the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus can never be taken away.

I began this blog because of those times when we look at where we are and wonder, if this is all there is? Those feelings of frustration and discontentment while being in righteousness have to be addressed so that when or if they return, you understand why. Because of the understanding, frustration is obliterated and discontentment will have to find residence elsewhere.

Frustration comes when you think your will is better then God's and what you would like to do isn't being done when you want it to be. We then usually get on our knees (because of training and for answers) and we ask God, "why, why, why?" Have you ever heard yourself saying this? Have you ever heard children asking their parents this? It is a special parent that listens to every why question from a child and answer each and every one for the child's satisfaction. Does it end though? Is the child ever satisfied? And what becomes of such a child that has so many questions? Private Investigator, Reporter, Research Specialist, Scientist, Surgeon, Doctor - these are some of the careers that are ideal for such a child that needs to have the answers right now. Nevertheless, listen to yourself saying why three times. Do it. What does it sound like? If you still don't know, do it again. Make the last why linger a little. Now, what does it sound like?

Babies instinctively will never be still if they are wet, hungry, thirsty, needs to be burped, sleepy or bored. They like for their environment to be a certain temperature. They like what they want when they want it. And as much as we would like to believe that we are the heads of our manors, we know when there is a baby in the house, everything changes. Its just that when the baby gets to be of some age, things slowly with each year, will get back to normal. Children cannot and should never be able to have run of the house. They have no idea what they are doing and all that entails in keeping a house to run smoothly. Why? Because of inexperience. It is why God entrusted certain people to be parents. This would also be true for babies in Christ... and then we grow up.

Satisfaction comes as we learn more about ourselves in Christ, just as Jesus did when his parents went looking for Him and was found in the temple. He answered them that He has to be about His Father's business (Luke 2:48-50 KJV). He was reading about Himself and asking questions of the clergyman. He gained an understanding of His calling as He read more about the Word. It is what we are also called to do. To be discontent is a sure sign of what you are not doing in Christ and therefore your questions of why have been answered.

Knowing that it impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6 KJV), He, being a good Father, answered all of our whims way back when. We didn't know any better, but each day as we drew ourselves closer to Him and finding more about Him, He showed us our faults and we changed what we could while He did everything else. We are willing and obedient. That's how we got as far as we have. When I recall that vision or dream on the cliff, if I ever see that again, I know what to say and do. First, I would no longer be in the dark. Second, I know that the Holy Spirit leads me away from danger. And third, if ever a voice tells me to do something that I would question the sanity of it, instead of just venturing forth as some have preached, taking that huge leap of faith and it could be to my death, I will whip out the many tools that my Father has given me to test that voice to see if it is from God (1 John 4:1-6 AMP). Because even though, it was a dream, one thing that God will do in those dreams is speak to us. If it isn't a warning then it will tell something about ourselves that we need to get straightened out. Still having the questions of why with all that we have to do means you decided not to do what you were told.

The time is coming sooner then we know. We have been warned ever since coming into the knowledge of the truth. God is still seeing when the bride is ready without that spot or wrinkle. I declare being a part of the body of Christ daily. I try to make sure there are no cob webs in my closet by renewing my mind daily, checking the cleanliness of my heart, and the death of the flesh. My walk in the Spirit has been tested more then I can count and when the voice of the Lord is quieter then usual, I know I am still going through one of those tests again. I wake in the middle of the night and pray because He has trained me to do so. When I hear people talk I am more apt to listen then make a reply (James 1:19 AMP). There have been times when the conversation was so juicy, I had a load to add, but had to remain quiet to learn those lessons- life lessons or deal with the consequences later. It is much easier to listen then it is to gossip and easy is the path we are supposed to be on anyway (Matthew 11:29-30 AMP).

Watch. Pray. Listen. What's hard about that?

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