Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Its Not What I Expected!

This friend that was telling me what financial strain she was in. She said the Lord told her that she was supposed to be receiving some money from a certain couple that happened to be ministers. She waited patiently thinking that any day now it was supposed to happen. It never did and I never inquired about her thoughts on the matter. Personally, I figured she got her signals crossed and didn't do the test to see what voice was she listening to (1 John 4:1-3 AMP). After all, a person can be so desperate inviting insomnia to have place (Ephesians 4:27 KJV). Once there is an invitation, all sorts of voices could be heard and if it sounds good, he/she will claim its God hoping for this spectacular outcome. Not to say that God wouldn't work through our mess - just make that test an accurate one.

I prayed for this person, as we are all supposed to do when hearing a fellow believer in dire straits (James 5:16 KJV). Another thing to do, if you can, anonymously pay the bill. This way the believer doesn't think you are the source and can praise God for his/her prayers being answered. Is that giving the person a false sense of faith? Well, doesn't He live big on the inside of you (1 John 4:4 KJV)? Do you know what the Word says about giving a stone when your neighbor asks for a crust of bread (Matthew 7:8-11 AMP)? Then God used you as the servant to fill that request. The thing was, at the time, I was unemployed, and prayer was the extent of what I could do.

So now thinking of the matter on a larger scale, I was wondering, what do all of these pastors, preachers, and teachers that receive these huge offerings do with them? The congregants give because it is what they are called to do, but what happened to the giving of the ministry? I see ministers that have this calling to preach and the anointing is on them so strong and at the end of the message you can tell that they have fulfilled their assignment. Fast forward a few years later when the money has rolled in and their living conditions change. I am sure they rejoiced for the blessing of the Lord has made them rich...but would the blessing of the Lord make them wealthy? There is a difference and would a minister know what that difference is?

You see, I recall before everything went digital, I was studying the Word and read a passage in Proverbs where it says to obtain the Word but sell it not (Proverbs 23:23 KJV). How can that happen? One must purchase a bible. How can this be done without someone selling it? What about those in the ministry that have become authors? The millions of books explaining various verses for the student to understand. Those products have been bought and sold. Were we wrong for doing this? Tapes, CD's, DVD's over the years of different messages where the pastor has encouraged those sales to pay for the utilities and other means within the building. Was that all wrong? When the networks went digital, I recall some of the Christian stations sending out a service announcement that the viewers should send a letter to congress for them to allow the Christian stations to remain local so the viewers shouldn't have to pay to see it. When things went digital, I didn't hear anymore service announcements. I didn't hear about how many letters were received. I didn't hear about anyone fighting for the Christian stations to stay local. It took a little time for all of the Christian channels to become digital, but it did happen. The cable company has them and the viewers have to pay to hear the Word? What is the matter with this picture?

The pastors of well known ministries are well known because of the people of God gave. The life style of those pastors have changed because of the people of God gave. So while all of those ministers have set aside all of those monies, why haven't they pooled those funds together and bought a network that can be localized for the people of God? Why do ministers think that money is for them to live better then the people of God that gave the money? Those tithes and offerings are for the betterment of the saints and not for the increase of the individual minister! How dare you tell any of the congregants that we all should be living in mansions and driving luxury vehicles when our assignments isn't for the up lifting of self (Matthew 18:4, Matthew 23:12, James 4:10, 1 Peter5:6 AMP)! Don't you remember Solomon? Its why people have not come to church as they should because the messages have been laced with self preservation rather then love, give, and doing the work. Oh, I have heard the messages but haven't seen the one preaching the message do what has been preached.

That friend waiting for that couple to do what she thought they were supposed to be doing for her, I personally believed she was losing it. But then I see what other ministers do and what they won't do. They don't testify about their struggles until they have been humbled to be delivered from them. Why haven't they figured out why they went through them in the first place? Why do ministers tell the congregants to sow a seed to meet every need but the ministers don't. Do they sow among themselves instead of the people of God that gave for the ministry to be what it is? Its kind of convoluted, isn't it? Who would be the author of that (1 Corinthians 14:33 AMP)?

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