Friday, March 4, 2011

The Flesh Has Its Own Affections (Part 2)

Now for the topic at hand. To be affectionate is showing another how much you care. The flesh warps those cares into something that can move you into lack. The flesh stirs up emotion, worry, and fear (Galatians 5:16-25 KJV). Fear brings torment. Torment could be in one's own mind, on the job, or day to day activities when nothing seems to go the way you planned. Jesse Duplantis, a well known traveling evangelist stated it best, "the principality is in the personality." With a discerning ear, listen before reacting to all of what is said to you. As mentioning in Part 1, the wilderness could be a number of things and coming out of it sooner then later would depend on your reaction to it.

Personally, I had a tantrum. I hollered, cried, pounded my fists and made demands all while in prayer! It took years before  realizing where I was (wilderness) and why. In those spiritual baby years, I professed being a son of God rather then enjoying that spiritual childhood. I was using my faith but also rushing God for me to get to where I would like to be. I prayed for wants and when to get them. I was already getting what I asked for right up until I changed my confession. But the only reason I changed the confession was because of the message I heard, "babies don't get the keys to drive, sons do." So I rushed growing to get the training on "driving." Doesn't that sound like a teenager? God answered me. I had all of these plans, inventions, and witty ideas. I wrote them down in detail, making them plain, and then the waiting began. It was a suffering I couldn't describe. From always having cash to do as I please to feeling like my purchases were all on impulse rather than fulfilling any one of those plans given. It was aggravating, frustrating, and tormenting me.

The plans were huge. Much too much for me to do. So I waited until Wisdom helped me to break it down to smaller portions. When I could envision doing those things, I was ready; but the cash flow was no longer as accessible as it had been. I had to wait. Wait when thoughts were like, "well, who needed that service will have to go without because you mismanaged funds" or "if you don't hurry up and do it someone else will and make millions off of your ideas" or "you are wasting your time and after awhile you will be too old for anyone to ever want to listen to you."

What do you say to that? Should you care? Who's idea was this in the first place? Wouldn't He have provision for it? What do you have to be afraid of? Weren't you created for such a time as this? Think of it in this manner while in hiatus (wilderness acceptance), God is all knowing. He sees what you don't. When in a traffic jam, you are sitting behind dozens of cars waiting to move. Honking you horn doesn't cause the jam to dissipate but its only noise that irritates others. Having an SUV allows you to see past a few of those cars more than someone without an SUV, but if farther from the reason for the jam, you can't really see it. A Winnebago could really have a better view, but again, if the traffic jam is a long one, all of the Winnebago driver sees is more cars unless he is behind another Winnebago. If that is the case, all he can see is the back of the driver. God sees all. He knew about the traffic jam and if you would be focused on Him, He would have directed you away from it. The same would be true for any plans or vision you have.

While some may have the desire for it now, others aren't in place to make that vision truly a blessing for all. That table the Lord prepared for us, some of us need the food cut in smaller portions. For all you know the wait could be that very process for someone else. In that traffic jam, there are those that refuse to wait it out so they turn on the shoulder to get ahead of everyone else only coming face to face with construction, debris, and the state patrol. With all of those obstacles the impatient driver finds himself waiting anyway and more then likely with an expensive ticket he wouldn't have had if he just waited.

Oddly enough the wilderness can be quite pleasant. Just look around and see what can be done while you are there. Recall when Jesus took the people out to the dessert to be fed. Once he got there they sat in the grass. What dessert do you know of that has grass in it? Where ever Jesus went there was food, water - in actuality, provision. Grass had to grow even in the dessert. If we follow Him we become more like Him. We can not only have all we need but be a blessing for someone else. No one needs to know what troubles you are having. No one is interested in hearing all of that grumbling and complaining. Rest assured they more then likely have problems of their own. God knows and sees how you are handling it. FYI - Jesus spoke the Word. Take the page out of His book.

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