Friday, March 11, 2011

Bless Them

We know the scripture to bless those that despite fully use you (Matthew 5:44 KJV). Now do we know who those are or do we do a panacea and just bless everyone because its just something that Jesus would do? Sure, babies can get away with stuff like that but when you start really getting into the Word there are reasons why specifics are made. I believe one of those reasons is because people will take an interpretation of the bible to the extreme and no one will challenge it - which means error can be created. Another reason is doing away with tradition. When we get into a habit of doing what we believe is the right way and find that we could have done things differently, there are those that refuse to make the necessary changes because it is too difficult. But the Word sets the captives free and those who have been set free are free indeed.

There are  specifics in blessing people in the way God puts in our hearts because He knows what people need at that specific time. To wait and give when we think is best not only takes away the fullness of the blessing from the people but it also takes from the blessing we have in the giving. God says that He loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7 NIV). This verse is used over and over again when  the offering plate is going around the congregation but this verse wasn't just meant when giving our tithes and offering. It is also meant for our everyday lives. If we contemplate on the giving, it is not cheerful. When we find excuses for not giving right away, it is not being cheerful. I recall the testimony of a pastor who was sitting next to his friend, also a pastor. There was a hush over the congregation while the Lord spoke to the hearts of all attended about what they are to give as an offering. Both of the pastors had been blessed well in their lives and when it came time for them to give, the Lord spoke to each of them clearly as to how much. The Lord told the first pastor to give one million dollars. The Lord told the other pastor the same amount. Neither moved right away even when all of the other congregants were getting their envelopes ready. Then one looked at the other and asked, "how much did the Lord tell you to give?" He answered, "a million dollars. How much did He tell you to give?" He answered back, "the same thing." Then they both said at the same time reaching into their pockets, "I guess we both better give a million dollars then." When he told this testimony, he said it in a different matter and completely in a different context then this. When he told this testimony, everybody who heard laughed - including me. Yet, how quickly did their blessing return to them (Luke 6:38 NIV)? Was God pleased with their apprehension (James 1:6-7 AMP)?

As we grow up into the body of Christ and be where we can do the most good, our lives tend to have the peace and joy that Kingdom Living is destined to be for each and everyone that believes. It is easier for us to be more inclined to have it to bless others. Yet when we are in the process of getting to that place of opportunity, storms come, the pressure is on, and financial abundance is taking that faith ride, at the ready to release the mother lode. Its still not an excuse to with hold that which has been given to you (Luke 12:48 KJV). How else are you going to learn to trust in God? How else are you going to be blessed?

Now I think the biggest blessings come when you have to chomp down into that horrid dry tasting humble pie. Know that it only tastes like that because you aren't use to it. Yes, it is an acquired taste and is delicious along with all of the rest of the courses of the prepared table the Lord has set for us (Psalm 23:5 KJV). You know what pie I am referring to. The one where God tells you to bless the very person that talked behind  your back when in high school or that guy that flirted with your girlfriend, or the jerk that sold you that crap piece of a lemon and refuses to do anything about it. Those people really need a good swift kick in the butt, its just that you aren't the one to do it. You are the one whose heart is being tested (Proverbs 17:3 AMP) and the mere fact that the idea of anyone of those people getting in any hurt, harm, or danger causes you to have a smile on your face means the blessing you are about to give is going to hurt you more then any harm you could imagine for them. See how that pie tastes - ew, right?

You see as many reasons we have to do what we think is good to do, God shows us the best way. For whatever the reason as to why we might not initially agree to it, its still better because He sees all. If you find that being obedient to His will is a hardship to you, ask yourself this question, that which you are feeling that keeps you from giving cheerfully, is it love for the person or yourself? Jesus told  the Pharisees to love God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength and love you neighbor as yourself is the greatest commandment of the law (Matthew 22:34-40 KJV). Everything else comes when we do these two things. So what's the problem? Is it you?

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