Monday, August 24, 2009

The Prayer Closet

What has happened to the prayer closet? No one speaks of it or teaches it to the younger believers. Is it no longer necessary? Or maybe its so archaic, it has passed away with all of the other old things?

I was taught to pray unceasingly (as it is written), but only in the Spirit which doesn't mean you have to stop doing your regular tasks. I never thought of the lesson much just incorporated it into my everyday life as with all that I have learned since coming into the knowledge of the Truth.

There is no harm. I am still doing what is written; although, I don't recall Jesus doing this. It would seem when He prayed, He made it a specific time and place though it may not have been a closet, it still had some scope of solitude.

Being isolated from everyone can make some men go crazy; as we know of prison inmates who misbehave. They are already in prison. Their freedom has been taken away and still they have a tendency to be mischievous? What else can be done but to put in a real life time out? There he sits all alone in solitary confinement to think of what he has done with his life. The longer he sits, the more he thinks. If he is not saved, he will talk to himself. If he is in there for a certain length of time with no human contact, he will answer himself or a voice will answer that he knows not of (that's schizophrenia). What would be the benefit of this having no good training for him not to misbehave anymore? Won't he come from there angry and do worse? Yet, we are not prisoners but have been set free through Christ Jesus.

The prayer closet is a means for those who can be distracted not to be. The isolation from media, family, the telephone, work, and anything else ceases because of this specific place for the purpose of being in His presence. While one might think it is complete solitude, with practice you know that you are not alone. Peace, Love, and joy encompass the focus you now have in Him and all that you may have thought you would have liked for yourself is no longer important. Life becomes more pleasant - even brighter. Rhema knowledge sits before you and still how can it not be taught the importance of the prayer closet?

Skeptics? Well, best thing to do is make this more visual for better comprehension. My youngest son comes to me with his personal plights. Many times I think he makes some things up just to see if he can stump me. As he got older his attention span seemed to be equivalent to a gnat. He asked me a question and as I was trying to get him to understand, he had papers to gather, the channel to change, he's walking, looking outside the window - so I stopped talking for him to collect himself. He stopped being busy the moment I stopped talking and said, "what?" I asked him, "are you finished?" He replied that he was multi-tasking. I called it being rude. If you are interested in what I am saying, you will give me your undivided attention.

When we have problems too big for us to resolve and we go before the Lord, aren't we believing that He is listening to every single wailing word, snifle, and cry we have? What if He was multi-tasking and you could see Him do this? Wouldn't you think that what you were asking wasn't very important to Him? Then why would we do this when we come to pray and worship? Is that honoring Him? Is multi-tasking reverencing Him? Is He pleased with your efforts?

Tell me again, how archaic is the prayer closet and why don't we teach it to the next generation?


Evan said...

Wow this is extremely intresting i never thought about some of the things that you were talkin about it was very inspirational keep it up because i know that from the information you provided my prayer life is so much different thank you

Lenora said...

Thank you for reading the post and your comment. It is greatly appreciated.