Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Man Pleasers

Christians are all over the place. We have to be to do as God has called us to do. Some make it known and at one time the mood of the room changed - for the better. Others make it known and their behavior says something else. Then there is a small amount of those who let their lives speak for themselves which also allows an immediate response. In any of those cases, it is still good. Why? The Word tells us so and it still works today.

True believers make it their aim to be obedient to God. This allows spiritual maturity to the point where God trusts the believer to do as he would like. To acknowledge Him is still there only because the practice of the faith walk, the believer knows with no doubt what is good and acceptable unto God. The quandary of the voice of the Lord has dissipated and is replaced by the assurance of righteousness. This is prosperity and God is delighted because of it. Therefore, this does not mean that God's servants should focus on their prosperity. It means that because serving is the focus prosperity ensues. Its much like meditating on the Word day and night - then you will be successful. With the saturation of the way God does things, then it is obvious that person will do what he has meditated on. This person not only speaks it but lives it as well. Blessings can't help but to pursue this person with force.

Only, how is this person recognized? Would a Word saturated servant of God, mature in Christ, be looking to appease every situation? Would he be the "yes" man to those that are in authority? Would he be the brown-noser? Would he be working hard to keep his reputation? Would he be in the midst of chaos? If asked, would everyone he works with know that he is a Christian?

Jesus asked His disciples, "who do men say that I am?" Was He asking about His reputation, if His fame preceded Him, or if what He has been teaching has made an effect on the people? Jesus came to set the captives free. Would the calling we have be any different than His? Who do men say that you are? What effect have you had on others? Who have you influenced and in what way?

Having a career and making as much money as you can is what the next generation has been taught in the public school system. It was taught in my generation too. With career being the precedence, faith becomes secondary (if that). Pleasing God is no longer the goal and if that is not troubling enough, there are those calling themselves believers of the Word who have no qualms with this. There is nothing wrong with making money. True, only what does your heart look like while making it? Can you or would you still allow your light to shine? If making a six figure salary and the CEO announced something for all employees to do that could compromise your reputation (integrity or character), could you do it? Would you remain with the company? Could you refuse the directive and risk losing that salary?

If answering those questions trouble you, leave you in a quandary, or even causes you to hesitate before responding - you have man pleasing tendencies that need a faith fight. To those who answered the questions with boldness and total assurance in your right standing with God, I suggest that you look for the test. It is coming.

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