Saturday, February 28, 2015


One of the things that I believe has become a cliche in sermons as well as in articles is beginning the information with a definition. It just slows down the process for the reader to get the information. Shall I write as if you don't understand? Will it be as if going through grade school again? Won't it be frustrating for you? Do you think its annoying for teachers to go over the same lessons as they had done before only to see their students in Summer school to learn it again? Its as if all of their efforts was for nothing. Do you think God thinks like that? Parents know they have to go over lessons again and again for their children to understand. Therefore, it can't be unusual and has to be a part of the learning process. Phew! It makes me feel better and explains so much in my own life. What about you?

As you recall in many of these entries, I made up my mind not to look at so many news stories. At the end of an hour or so, its just depressing. It doesn't make me more aware of the current events because there is always someone at the ready to tell of the bad news that was reported the night before. For instance, when a city's mayor was in all sorts of scandal, I believe that's when I stopped watching the news. I couldn't understand, why they gave this man so much press when he proved himself over and over again to be a crook. Then a pastor welcomed him in the church so he could further embarrass himself. He used God in his soliloquy making sure we all knew of the word forgiveness (Matthew 6:15 AMP). We also know of the words humility and being apologetic but we saw nor heard those things coming from him. He was a young mayor and his impeachment did not come as a surprise to anyone. Even when the District Attorney became involved and made the statement, "kindergarten children know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. For a grown man to use the defense that he didn't know, is ludicrous (paraphrasing)."

A famous news reporter had a relationship with a man who carried on with shady dealings. Her career is based on her credibility as a reporter, stating the facts which happen to be the truth. Many times a person is guilty by association and the police will pick up the friends along with the actual perpetrator (1 Corinthians 5:11 AMP). When her boyfriend was implicated in a scandal, the police also had questions for her. This ruined all that she was trying to build in the city where she was employed. She was fired solely because the news story had much to do with her involvement. Was she to report the news on herself? Was it that important to stay in a relationship with someone she knew that wasn't doing right and had no intentions of changing. Her salary was over a quarter of a million dollars a year when she was suspended. Was it really worth it?

As it stands, Brian Williams is in a mess. He lied about a news story for no other reason but to gain more notoriety. How much more does one need when the position you hold is an international news reporter? His questionable tactics also caused his suspension and a leave from his position and salary. Why go there? Why make statements that aren't true? Why mess with a life that was perfectly framed? What more would one need or want (Psalm 23:1 AMP)?

These questions are what also can be asked of you. I began this blog because I heard so many believers ask, is this all there is. I asked it myself. But as I continued to do research and write, I found that what I didn't have and needed was a better relationship with my Lord and Savior. Everything I need is in Him. It is why the scriptures state for there to be less of me and more of You (John 3:30 AMP). It is the reason I have to move out of the way for Him to do the leading. It is the reason we crucify the flesh daily so we can walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:24 AMP). All of these require Him. We don't know more then He does. We are not omniscient, omni-present, nor omnipotent. He is. So when we ask such foolishness like is this all there is, or where is the abundant life that was promised, or we are bombarded with all of the rules and none of the fun stuff, it tells others how immature you really are and how much more of God you need.

Without Him or believing you can do it all on your own, puts you on the path as the aforementioned. You are building on sand and with the storm that comes, your structure (your life, career, worldly possessions) will most assuredly fall (Matthew 7:24-27 AMP). That's a life of constant jeopardy. This doesn't make living more interesting. It puts a person on a broad path described in the bible as destruction, danger, and demise (Matthew 7:13-14 AMP). Where are those adjectives also used? Who is it that has access to those very things? You know, what's his name, whose entire assignment is to kill, steal and destroy. Oh, and for those still wondering if I am talking about the game show, the definition of jeopardy is a hazard or risk of or exposure to loss, harm, death, or injury. Calmly think
on that.

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