Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Farm Life

What if life were like living on a farm? Things wouldn't be as difficult. If you needed anything of sustenance, all you would have to do is go out to the barn for the milk and eggs and any other food items would be right out in the middle of the field. What ever you planted, that's what you would live off of. People don't do it because they think it would be back breaking hard work. But if you knew that it is more beneficial for you and that it would improve your health, would it still be hard?

I was watching this reality show where this father and husband was in a financial and legal battle. He was at a quandary as to what to do. As he pondered over the matter, he thought about his childhood and went out to purchase chickens. He remembered how simple his life used to be. His wife didn't understand why he would do such a thing since they have been city folk most of their lives and their children really didn't understand it. Later in the episode, their German Shepherd dogs that were having more of an issue then the entire family had an early morning snack even before any of the family woke up. A bloody mess and nothing the children should have seen - yet, it was an opportunity for a lesson, if he only knew. It was an interesting plight of this man, who was trying to make sense of all of his legal battles and what he found comforting was to find something in his childhood that was carefree. Yet he never taught his children those values and he didn't choose a wife with those simplistic traits. Because of his choices, the dogs, indicative to his own personality, did what their instincts told them to do. He was not surprised. The children were devastated having only seen chickens for the first time the day before.

A divorced father had partial custody of his children. While they were growing up and he was still married, he was harsh with his words and in disciplining them. He would almost always use corporal punishment. His wife warned him, if he continued in that manner, the children would become immune to the beatings and they would resent him. Believing he was doing the right thing in raising his children, he continued. Now his children are grown with lives of their own. The divorced father has grand children that he doesn't see unless he calls and pleads for them to come and visit. There are many things that his children are talented in and many things their father needs help with, yet instead of asking, he uses the fact that they have been raised as Christians to manipulate them. Resenting the predicament he created and waffling with what they know in Christ, they try to avoid him whenever possible. He is amused with their efforts.

A young man finished high school and struggled through his undergrad years of college. He made some contacts and some associates but was never close enough to anyone to call them a friend. While trying to get a job, he heard of an opportunity in a company from one of his classmates. At first chance he got, he looked into getting the job. Once he landed the position, he focused on doing well for his superiors to notice him so he could be promoted or at the least get a raise. In the mean time, his classmate asked if he could put in a good word so he could get a job as well seeing they were both in the same field. The young man explained now that they have entered into the corporate world, things work differently and he has to look out for his best interests. His classmate looked at him bewildered wondering if he meant what it sounded like. If it weren't for him telling about the job he would have never known. The young man patted the shoulder of his class mate and said, "good luck."

The Word tells us if we have the faith of a mustard seed that we could do great things (Matthew 17:20 AMP). It continues to describe all what a mustard seed can do. If sown into good ground and taken care of, that seed will grow strong and be able not only to withstand the harvest of crops but could also house nests for birds (Luke 13:19 AMP). Through out the bible, the Word continues to use sowing and reaping as analogies for us to use in our day to day lives. When there is such a struggle for everything, we are quick to believe that it is supposed to be this way. If this is true, what is the abundant life that Jesus came to give? I ask this continually because Christians believe we are supposed to struggle throughout the life we chose to live. It simply is not true.

We make decisions. If those decisions are contrary to the Word, there will be a struggle to resolve the issue (1 Corinthians 6:12 AMP). The man with the financial and legal battles had much to deal with because of his dishonest practices. He could simply apologize and make good on his promises in order for his life to resume in peace. Instead he creates a childhood memory to gain some sort of stability in his life. Yet his dogs destroy it which is indicative of the life seeds he has sown. The divorced father with partial custody of his children might be amused with his manipulative antics as he was when they were children. Yet he is already begging for his children to come see him. If he doesn't change, and sow better seed this man is already experiencing the harvest he had sown for the majority of his life (Ephesians 6:4 AMP). The young man ceased an opportunity that came upon him through information. While he can justify why the classmate didn't seek the position for himself, he was not incapable of assisting his classmate in obtaining the position. Disregarding in helping is also seed sown. Though he wished his classmate good luck, the classmate should have said the same thing to him (Matthew 7:9 AMP).

Here is a question that true believers have issues with. The flesh continually wars with the Spirit and the Spirit wars with the flesh (Galatians 5:16-25 AMP). How long does this last? If the flesh is crucified daily and we grow to be more like Christ, are we still warring with the same issues that we know better not to do (John 15: 1-27 AMP)? Aren't we supposed to do better because we know better or do we need the milk of the Word again?

With each struggle there is a lesson learned and a means by which it is manifested. The Word tells us everything that the Lord has not planted, He will pull up by the root (Matthew 15:13 AMP). So if there is a hardship that continually comes your way, ask God where did that particular seed comes from and how you can change it to receive a better harvest (Galatians 6:9 AMP). He hears the prays of the righteous. If you truly desire to be back on the right path, do your due diligence and pray. It is a command that is required anyway. Consider it the labor of a different sort of farmer. Its how he lives (James 5:7-20 AMP).

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