Monday, October 20, 2014

Too Ruined To Serve?

A minister said he would rather use an old rot gut sinner just getting saved to do a job for the Lord before getting someone who is more seasoned in the church. Why? Is the minister looking for the zeal the seasoned Christian used to have? Interesting.

How did a more seasoned Christian get that way? How long will it take for an old rot gut to get the way of a seasoned believer? Whose fault is it that Christians get that way? Who do you believe should be doing the changing first? How can you keep from loosing your zeal? Is it always good to have? Why would a minister or pastor need a zealot to do anything for them? Is there a ministry for the zealot? Should there be? Do they need special protection? Interesting...isn't it?

Think about someone who is always excited. Can an overly excited person listen to do what is
orderly? Or will he/she run to do something they believe will be pleasing to the person they are trying to impress? Are overly excited Christians impulsive? What can you do with this sort of person? Is there a way to redirect someone without hampering their spirit?

There was a middle aged man just coming into the knowledge of the truth and realizing the importance of making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Every praise and worship service, he would be in front of the congregation dancing and worshiping God. He didn't care what people thought or how much they talked about him (if at all). He just loved the Lord and wished to express himself at every given opportunity. When he decided to volunteer in one of the auxiliaries, his reputation preceded him. All of the leaders and/or ministers of such groups already established how they liked for things to be and didn't need any shaking up. They tried to be subtle so not to hurt his feelings but how else was he suppose to perceive what was going on in the ministry where he would also like to serve? All of the leaders/ministers suggested for him to try this group where Sister such-and-so needs some help or try Brother so and so because he asked for volunteers...and so forth and so on. Finally, someone heard from God and asked for him to join the young people service to keep the children excited during praise and worship but manageable during the message portion of the service. That was it! His place where he fitted in comfortably. Not only was he a good influence for the young people, he was able to settle down to hear poignant portions of the sermons that assisted him in being a mature Christian.

There is always a place for someone who truly loves the Lord. All gifts and talents given by God are welcomed to be used in the body of Christ. Is there a time when gifts cannot be used (1 Corinthians 12:27-31 AMP)?

A well known celebrity had a horrific accident. He was bed ridden for months and the doctors did not have a favorable outlook. A minister heard of this celebrity's plight and decided to have a few of his colleagues go to the hospital to visit with him. The celebrity was awake and welcomed the visitors. They introduced themselves then proceeded to tell why they came. Afterwards, they witnessed to the man and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Personal Savior. Then they prayed for him. They explained that by faith he could be healed. During his stay in the hospital, the ministers came to see him regularly and rejoiced at the man's speedy recovery. The doctors were astonished. The ministers told the man that he was more then welcome to attend their church but if he chose not to, it was very important for him to attend a bible teaching ministry. He thanked them and asked when was their next service. The news traveled fast that this celebrity would be attending this ministry. That Sunday, the church was packed. The celebrity sat on the front row. When the pastor came to speak, he told of the celebrity's accident and asked for him to come and have a testimony about what God's goodness has done for him. Reluctantly, the man came and spoke. There was such a stir in the congregation by his status as well as what he endured but God delivered him out of it. When he was finished, the congregation stood and applauded God's goodness. But because the man knew nothing about Christian principles, he received the applause as he would in making a performance and thanked the people with a slight bow. At the end of the service, visitors came to the celebrity and asked if he could speak at their church or event they were having as well. He accepted. From that church came another speaking engagement, then another, and another. Finally, he was too exhausted to keep up the pace and began declining the invitations. As much as he would have liked to attend services, he couldn't. Eventually, he reconciled within himself to go back to the only life he knew. He would not receive any other phone calls other then from other celebrities and/or those that had paying jobs for him. Slowly but surely even the paying jobs stopped. Where were the original ministers that visited him in the hospital? Do they see the harm they did to this newborn Christian who happened to be a celebrity? He did as they told him to but he was never fed the Word. Where was the protection from all of those who wished for a piece of him as well?

There are a number of different incidences that has happened to me while in ministry. I have seen ministers do things that caused me to pause not knowing that my mouth was still open in shock. In asking questions and was flabbergasted at the answers I received back from those who have been serving in ministry far longer then I have been a Christian. In all of that and those other things not worthy to mention, it took maturity to realize it wasn't them I was trying to please. The Word is magnified in my life to where resorting to means that would have resurrected the flesh wasn't a thought; however, if it was, there would be a disillusion of what I believed Christians should be (actually, that has happened). Should there be a ministry for that? Is there already one set up for that? Should the shepherd in charge of the flock be checking on that? Isn't that what he is supposed to be doing or am I expecting too much (Romans 8:8-17 AMP)?

In all 3 incidences described, ministers were involved in one capacity or another. Were they not prayed up? Did they not hear the voice of the Lord and just chose to disregard it? Are the ministers/pastors overwhelmed with their duties? How can that be? What is the responsibility of the church in that regard or in the place of the 3 incidences described?

There was a black out at my place of employment. The administrator had all of the staff come in to assist the elderly. For whatever the reason, the administrator failed to call one of the newest employees. When the administrator left for the night, I was responsible to do some designating to make sure all of the residents were safe. I called the new employee not only because we could use the extra help but so that she could feel needed. I would think the church would do the same thing. When the pastor or the minister fails at a small detail, pick it up and keep going. There is a job to be done. We have all been assigned to do what we must. Prayer is the first thing and knowing what to do comes right after. If you believe you have done all you can, stand therefore (Ephesians 6:10-18 AMP).

To the pastor that would rather have a rot got sinner just being saved to use for the Lord then a disciplined, more mature Christian, shame on you (Matthew 24:39-51 AMP). The reasoning is clear whether it was said or not. You are not looking for that baby in Christ to be a well rounded servant of God but rather one to serve you in whatever capacity you choose. This entry is for all pastors to know that the congregation isn't at all as naive as we use to be and if there isn't a ministry to keep the babies close and watch out for them, there should be (Matthew 7:15 AMP). We know that these are the last days. We have learned to read the scriptures for ourselves and whether the clergy aren't as steadfast in their prayers anymore - we are. Calmly think on that one (Selah).

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