Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Russian Roulette

"We all make mistakes" has become a catch-phrase for everything done wrong to someone else that has been confronted. It is a phrase I have grown tired of hearing. It cannot be the excuse for everything a person ... a believer does when caught in a compromising position and he/she doesn't wish to apologize. Did you know there are those in Christ that never simply ask for forgiveness? How can that person be in Christ? It is the beginning of salvation. Salvation doesn't exist for the individual without asking for forgiveness first (Matthew 6:15 AMP). Saying, we all make mistakes is not an apology, it doesn't show remorse, and in a nutshell...its kind of arrogant.

This blog initially was created for the more mature Christian that seems to have done all that has been asked of him/her and is dissatisfied with the results. He/she then asks, "is this all there is?" Thinking that God was supposed to give them all that is asked on a platter with little to no effort on their part (2 Thessalonians 3:10, James 2:14-18 AMP) . To summarize, it is to show all who believe we have arrived in God, how much more growing we still have to do. What made me think I was qualified to write such a blog and continue to do so? Arrogance? Huh, as hard as that maybe for me to swallow, I think so. I had to ask forgiveness for that but still I keep the mission statement up because we have all been there. There is also another generation growing up and the direction I have seen some going isn't a place they need to be in.

Pastors and ministers of yester-year are going home to be with the Lord. Who is left teaching the next
generation have made some changes in their style of ministering God's word. The new pastor didn't wish to be known as one who is now walking in the shoes of the pastor that has transitioned. He desires to make his own mark. But was that what God told him to do or were these his own thoughts of fame and glory? It comes out in the preaching (Proverbs 18:20 AMP). A man with the ideas of doing what is on God's heart will have a prosperous ministry (Proverbs 13:2 AMP). He will draw more souls to Christ rather than trying to audition for a television pilot. This minister will see the direction the people are headed and avert them back to the narrow way (Matthew 7:13-14 AMP). This is what the pastor of sheep do....feed and watch over the flock. So what happens when the sheep aren't being watched over (Matthew 9:36 AMP)? What happens to sheep that are hungry? Shall we see this from a natural perspective and then bring the analogy where its supposed to be?

According to farmers of sheep, they know that sheep feel protected when they are in groups of 5 or more. Sheep are highly stressed when separated from their pack. Rams or mature male sheep can lead a flock if there is no shepherd doing his job. Rams are very aggressive. If petted on the head, the ram will see this as an act of assertion and will react to it. There is an article about a ram leading a flock of sheep into a ravine. Because it is the nature of sheep to follow; 1500 sheep were jumped that day. No shepherd was around. Is it necessary to put this in terms of what can happen to a congregation if not taught well?

I have been to the ravines and was practically dancing on the edge of it along with others. If it wasn't for the Lord, I could be a statistic right now. Was the placement of my own doing? Definitely. Would I have been there had I not been told/taught to be there? Definitely not? Understand, I have the responsibility to read the Word for myself. I cannot count on men, ministers, or pastors to do that for me. I don't know what they have been through or going through. I don't know if they prayed that week or studied or if he is angry with the Lord for not doing what he desired. It is why the congregants have the responsibility to pray for their pastors. Responsibility is a big word for children. It is why sons of God are expected to accept the task and move onto promotion.

In Russian Roulette, sinners take a gun and place a bullet in the chamber. The chamber is then spun before closed. Each person takes the gun, places the barrel on his/her temple and then pulls the trigger. If the person gets a click rather then the blast of the bullet, the gun is passed to the next person. As each one lives to pass the gun, the odds for the next person gets worse and worse. The barrel continues to move with each click. It isn't spun again. Those that have decided to participate in such foolishness have essentially chosen death. In Christ, does this happen within the church and if so, how?

As I have written in this blog over and over again, when we know better therefore, we do better. God has not changed. He is the same God that told Jonah to go and preach at Nineva and when he didn't wish to, he got swallowed up by the whale (Jonah 3:2 AMP). He is the same God that allowed Sampson because his anger caused him to be rebellious. (Judges 15:1-4 AMP). He is the same God that caused Samuel to choose Saul as king, direct Saul what to do and not to do; but when Saul was disobedient, He told him that he would lose his reign (1 Samuel 13:1-14 AMP). There are more accounts of God doing what He said He would do if we choose not to be obedient; especially when we have chosen life. We are His children. He is a good Father. He will not tolerate acts unbecoming of righteousness.

So why play the foolish game of Russian Roulette? Why dance on the side of death when God has provided all you need? All you are required to do is ask. When you don't ask, its as if you began spinning the barrel of the gun. Why smoke when you know it will cause physical illness?Another day passes and the Lord hasn't returned yet (click). Why drink strong drink when He has told you to stay away from it? Another day passes and the Lord hasn't returned yet (click). Why have sex with whomever when the Lord said to flee fornication? Another day passes and  the Lord hasn't returned yet (click). Why teach a message that didn't come from the Word when you are angry because you didn't get what you wanted? Another day passes and the Lord hasn't returned yet (click). Why treat another believer with disdain because you think he/she is more blessed then you? Another day passes and the Lord hasn't returned yet (click). Why choose to live any sort of way thinking this isn't the day of the Lord's return anyway? The day is coming. Not knowing when isn't the excitement you think if you are caught on the wrong side. Its His grace and mercy that has allowed for the clicks instead of the final bang; however, remember that God is not mocked. In that day when you see Him, He will have a question for you. When He asks you why, saying, "we all make mistakes" just won't cut it. BANG!

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