Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deck The Halls!

Its that wonderful time of year again. Its the time when all religions come together whether they believe in the reason for the season or not, and do what we are all supposed to be doing all year. Its the time when all people recognize and acknowledge that there needs to be peace on earth and good will toward all men. Its when joy is abound and giving is the foundation for all. Though unbelievers say when they give, its not for the holiday, yet they aren't giving at any other time with as much happiness. I love this time of year!

For believers, we waffle with whether to decorate the house, home or even have a tree. I did the same thing. It was lousy not having a tree. It was only lousy because I was so use to having one. The reason I didn't put up a tree that one Christmas was from what I read out of the scriptures. I saw that the tree was idolized and decorated as a thing to worship. I then equated what I was doing must be insulting to God. I felt guilty and repented. I was so young in Christ back then. I laugh at that behavior now.

You see, what people did in the Old Testament they did trying to recuperate from the disobedience of Adam. They were under the old covenant law of which they had to abide by or die. Being a new creation in Christ, gives us the liberty that the Old Testament Christian didn't have. The Word is clear about abiding under the law (Galatians 3:10 AMP). You must do all that is required to maintain righteousness. This includes animal sacrifice for atonement of sins. Though some think this act is unreasonable, how can you (in your state of wrongness) pick and choose what to and not to do, not knowing what is right unless you are taught? Who is doing the teaching? Is it someone who fared well in making excuses for not abiding under the whole law or
has God been merciful to you too?

Believing in Christ is much more then just enjoying Christmas. His birth is what the children of Israel had been waiting for. They called on the Messiah and He came. Born in a manger with the very animals that were used to sacrifice for atonement (Luke 2 AMP). His birth in of itself is a message to all who had been bound under the law. The stirring of those who had been waiting came to see the miracle of His birth. The 3 wise men traveled for miles being led by a star. Through the weather conditions, the outside elements that they might have come against, with all of the other stars shining, those 3 men presevered to get to the Messiah (Matthew 2:1-12 AMP).

This is the image I think of when I trim my tree every year. All of the twinkling lights represent the stars in the sky. This one tree is representing all of the other trees that the wise men had to go passed to get to the manger. The ornaments represent the outside elements that may have or not served as obstacles for them. And at the very top which God is the Head of it all, is His guidance leading them through to get to their destination - the star. The presents, isn't it obvious?

In keeping with the theme of this blog, wondering why life is treating you like this or that, could it be what you have done to yourself (Galatians 4:1-7 AMP)? Could it have anything to do with believing a lie when on the inside you would like to celebrate the Savior's birth too? Its alright, enjoy Christmas, it was meant for you too. By the way, have a Happy New Year!

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