Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foreign Matter

I wrote a statement sometime ago that caused a negative stir among those that read it. It was something to the effect of Solomon being told by God not to marry a foreign woman (1 Kings 11:1-4 AMP). It caused such a rebuttal and I continued to read as to why there was such offense with that one statement. As I did, it became obvious that the offense had no foundation if the entire post had been read rather then writing the refute. I felt like someone's mother trying to chastise who may have very well been a full grown adult. Why act so childish?

Would that question also be apropos when studying the first 3 chapters of Genesis? At the creation of all, God looked at what He done and made the resounding statement that defines who He is, "it is good". When He says that, one can actually picture Him standing back like an artist would a painting after adding the finishing details. Like an expecting parent preparing for the blessed event. Provision has been made. Everything is in its place. Sacrifices have been made to shop for the right color and specific items in anticipation of what would be needed. So why would God ask these questions in the 3rd chapter of Genesis?

 Didn't Adam have all that he needed? Wasn't he happy with what he had? Could Adam just ask God for anything else? How could he disobey the very one that gave him everything? It doesn't make sense.

In studying the Word, I gained such insight I just couldn't contain it all. I looked for a venue to teach others because I felt like an expecting mother about to burst. However, it seemed with everything I tried to use as a venue was like pulling teeth from a brick. I created a bible study group and had to close it within a few months due to cultural conflicts. I went to ministerial school, without going into detail here (can be read in "Got Trouble" entry), it didn't work out either. I wrote manuscripts to books that are either sitting on my shelf  or stored in an USB stick waiting to be published. Yet none of those things sufficed. Creating this blog and the other for single Christians began to sustain that need. With each entry published, a sigh of relief came with them. It was like serving a full course meal to my family.

In making a meal, I know that certain colors have to be on the plate in order for it to be nutritious. That takes planning before preparation. Introducing new things that my family has never eaten takes preparation too. If its foreign, it just might stay on the plate. I rarely eat in places I don't know of. I have experienced food poisoning before and made my children aware of what could happen when trying something they know nothing about. Prayer does come in handy, especially during those times (James 5:16 AMP).

It is why I couldn't understand with the eloquence of the prayer Solomon had when asking God for provision over His people, why he didn't do the same in obtaining a wife (2 Chronicles 1:7-11 NIV)? God told him not to marry a foreign woman and with specifics as to why he shouldn't do it. Solomon disobeyed and not only married  a foreign woman  but almost 800 of them and they brought their foreign concubines. Solomon read the Word. He understood righteousness. He wouldn't have had the position he had with God without understanding. So why muddy the waters? Ecclesiastes doesn't have the easy read as Proverbs and Song of Solomon. Ecclesiastes was written after he married his foreign brides with children to be raised in the manner different then how Solomon was raised - without God (the definition of foreign for Christian principles).

In asking Adam those questions, it was because of seeing Adam in a manner that God did not give to him. How Adam replied was with information God did not provide. The behavior Adam showed in blaming the woman  was something God did not tell Adam. It was foreign. It was not good.

God tells us these things in the Word. He shows us because of Adam's disobedience, this is what has happened to mankind and to the world (Romans 5:12-15 AMP). Certain portions of scripture, men made statements of their circumstances. Statements were written in fear, anger, and some with a lack of faith. When being taught or listening to messages in church, be attentive. There are verses in scripture that should not be used in prayer. Solomon was in a certain state of mind after being disobedient to God. It is why Ecclesiastes isn't quite as easy to study as Proverbs. Verses in Ecclesiastes isn't something you wish to remind God of when coming boldly to Him in prayer and yet I hear preachers in various ministries use these verses to get their points across to the congregation. When God tells us to remind Him of His Word, look for what He says and not necessarily what man is saying to Him.

Jesus was found as a child in the temple talking to the elders about the Lord - Himself (Luke 2:49 AMP). He studied scriptures about Himself. He made mention of what God said about this and that showing the disciples to do the same. Jesus disputed tradition with the Pharisees and Sadducees which angered men but pleased God. I believe Jesus came at the time that He did so that foreign ways wouldn't become the norm.

Jesus ascended for us to have a Comforter (John 14:16 AMP). We don't have to rely on men remaining righteous in hopes to tell what is good in the sight of God. We can read and study scripture for ourselves (Joshua 1:8 AMP). We can make decisions based on the studying of the Word, listening to the voice of the Good Shepherd, and of course, prayer. We decided to maintain righteousness in our hearts because it is what Jesus told us to do (Matthew 6:33 AMP). We are in right standing through Christ our Lord. Keeping that stance takes skill and practice (Romans 5:3-5 AMP). No matter what happens the righteous will stand. Now multiply that (Genesis 1:28 AMP)!

Can you see it? That's the church without spot or wrinkle. That's the bride of Christ. That's what God is looking for. That's when God will again say, "it is good." Once He is pleased to say know what happens next. Get Ready!


Blythart said...

I read The Secret Stash. You forgot to include money. I don't understand the significance of the photo of a handful of money, but love of money is the root of all evil. The wicked receive their reward on earth. The righteous will receive their reward in heaven. Money is for helping others with; not for accumulating. If you pray for money to feed the poor maybe God will give you some; but not for yourself.

My secret stache is food. I was awaful for eating between meals. Six weeks ago I decided to stop eating between meals and have lost 13 pounds.

Blythart (Dave) said...

As for Foreign Matter, I can understand that being mistaken for racism but I don't believe that's what you meant at all.

I think God's command was related to culture rather than race. Technically speaking my own wife is "foreign" as she is not British, but she is Christian and we speak the same language as Ireland was once British.

{Phew - imagine having 800 wives and them all being bossy :-) Let's hope they all had sweet natures.

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