Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell The Younger

We all have favorite scriptures. Whether it is because the verse has given us comfort in our time of need or it was the epiphany that we were looking for in answering a question - the verse is a favorite and something to remember in our quest with Him.

Then there are those verses that keeps a furrow in our brow wondering why it was in the bible at all or why doesn't anyone preach a message on such and such verse. Without an answer at the moment of asking, we leave it alone believing that it must not be for us to know right now (Proverbs 3:5 KJV). But what about the verses that aren't adhered to. I mean the ones that are so obvious to a 5 year old and still it is put on the back burner until....when? How long will it sit there? Doesn't it nag you? Aren't you concerned with how you will explain to God why it wasn't used? Do you not remember the parable of talents (Matthew 25:14-30 KJV)?

The scripture that I have meditated on over the years and have continued to come back to me only when I think about this teacher in high school. I have written about her before. She was the chemistry teacher that when asked a question that she didn't have the answer to, she would humiliate the student so that the child would not ask anymore questions. I did whatever I needed to do to avoid getting her class because I was such the student that asked questions until I understood the matter. As an adult, it bothered me because she was teaching the next generation to be as intimidating as she tried to be. How will the next generation know unless they ask? Here is the pertinent question, wouldn't you want them to have it better then you? Would you have them endure pitfalls if they didn't have to?

The chemistry teacher answered the question when it wasn't asked of her. What was asked of her pertained to chemistry and her reply was, "aw, honey child, you should have learned that in elementary school." She continued with (I am paraphrasing as it was said to me), I got mines, you have to get yours the best way you know how. She was referring to a college education. The grammar speaks for itself; nevertheless, she refused to make the class easier to understand for the students. If they passed then they were exceptional. If not, returning to that same woman to be berated in front of everyone was inevitable. Who willingly wants to get a beating? Would this encourage or discourage students to return to school much less her chemistry class?

The point is, there is a scripture that instructs for the elder woman to tell the younger (Titus 2:3-4 KJV). The purpose for this is so that the mistakes won't be repeated. This chemistry teacher will have much to answer to if she hasn't already got it straight before the Lord (James 5:16 KJV). Teachers are held at a higher standard then any other office in the sight of God (James 3:1 AMP). Would that you could be off the hook. Its the reason I meditated on the verse about teachers. There were several members in my family that pronounced over and over again that I am supposed to be a teacher. It wasn't something that I was willing to go into. I did not want to be in charge of a group of 30 (or so) children and keep them interested in material when they had so many other things that served as a distraction especially in these days and times. If it wasn't the dysfunctional family life, it was the opposite sex. If they weren't looking for something to fill the void of having a fatherless life, it was some new electronic gadget the parent bought to keep them from being bothered. Never mind the crack babies growing up, the children coming to school in their pajamas looking for something to eat, the 10 year old girls looking 16, and administration overwhelmed by the absenteeism calling the parent that couldn't care less. All of that still does not alleviate the responsibility of being a teacher. This took time before I could really understand it and why God continued to have me face that scripture over and over again to the point of tears.

There are people that are just jealous in his world. There is no getting around that until they accept Jesus Christ in their lives and walk in the principles that are mapped out in the Word of God. There are those that finally get certain concepts that have been drilled in their lives for years and now that they have it, they noticed how much time has passed and believe that it is too late for them. Well, if that's you, it still doesn't take away from giving someone else those lessons so they can have what you believe is too late for you. Why wouldn't you want to do for someone else and make sure that whatever you didn't understand due to you being distracted or not interested or the person just didn't connect with you in such a way that you could have caught on all the more sooner, it doesn't give you a reason to hold out what you have for someone else. My family members may have wanted me to be a teacher because of the way I express myself, but aside from the excuses I gave, I still didn't want to conform to someone else's rules that would have me stifled from what God intended in my life. I do teach and have accepted that responsibility. I understand that the words that I speak and my reaction to any action is influencing someone whether it be directly or indirectly. I understand whether I decided to take on the label as teacher or not, there is still an expectation in the eyes of the Lord for me to do what I know to do (James 4:17 AMP).

If you have accepted your role - congratulations. If you haven't, what are you waiting on? Are you the jealous one seeing the cliff at the end of the road, knowing where the children headed and aren't going to do a thing because of the scrapes the fall caused you so many years ago? How dare you! How dare you keep all of those talents and gifts to yourself when God gave them so freely. How dare you not use them for the benefit of others. How dare you try to blame anyone but yourself for being in the predicament that you are in. Selah.

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