Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I write another blog for Christian singles. In it I make sure to show all of the reasons why a person should marry, why a person shouldn't and the warning signs for the decision made. The goal is for no one to go through rough patches and to struggle to get to the abundant life that Jesus promised we can all have (John 10:10 KJV). With every life given to Jesus there has to be some sort of significance for it. What sacrifice was made? What did the person do to assist someone else in making their life better? I use these blogs to partially answer those questions. It is a sacrifice for a writer to do what he/she does. The material and how much of it to write takes time. To do so with the right conditions has its own sacrifices. Personally, if one person's life is changed by the words written here, it was all worth it (Luke 15:3-7 KJV).

As Christians, we have much to consider, not only about ourselves but for those that watch and are influenced by what we do. The bible tells us to watch and pray (Ephesians 6:18 KJV). Prayer as we know is a humongous part of the faith life style. The watching part has much to do with specifics. Exactly, what are we watching and for what and for how long (Luke 21:36 KJV)? We watch the way people treat one another. We watch current events and the prophetic word come to life. We watch where to walk and when it is the best time. We watch the fruit a tree bears and govern ourselves accordingly. We watch how to conduct our own lives to be pleasing unto God. Basically, we watch what to pray for and the changes that are made because of those prayers (James 5:16 KJV).

With that simple instruction, why would there be any anxiety or a reason to be discontent about anything? I listened to Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas, last Sunday. He talked about all he use to go through with constructing a sermon before he became computer savvy. As many times as I have heard him, all of the messages he ever spoke on seem to be simple and care free. It wasn't like he had to develop anything. Most of the time, it's as if he was just talking rather then reciting something that he had to create. Very simple instructions on having a joy filled life. Such practical application, almost as if it were common sense and yet too many people make mention of how he is tickling the ears of his listeners (2 Timothy 4:3-4 MSG). He doesn't talk about Jesus as he should and why He died for the sins of others, they say. The criticism for not being so hard core like all of the other pastors before him and even now is almost comical. I didn't debate these view points with the individual; however, I did tell him that if Joel Osteen wasn't for him, he could move on to someone that was. For all of those that came to listen, their lives had to change for the better other wise, why keep returning? Applaud his efforts rather than try to put your foot on his throat. He has a coliseum full of people every week!

What efforts do you make to have that joy-filled life? Have you given up and decided to crap on someone else's parade because no one came to see yours? Did you lend a helping hand or do something else to be productive or did you criticize and delude yourself in thinking that would be your version of productivity? The point is, there are very simple matters that could take your life from the mundane blahs as it has been into something you could look forward to. I noticed something so simple and that most people would more then likely not even give a second thought, nevertheless, have you ever noticed the effort that someone takes  after giving you an invitation somewhere...anywhere. The fact that they thought about you at all is pretty nice, but when they make certain accommodations for you because it was you that was on their mind, most people try to reciprocate those efforts. This came to my attention when I was asked to certain places and these people (all separate occasions) said that they would pick me up and do the driving. When I came to the passenger side of the car, it was filled with something. If it wasn't a purse, it was their meal from hours earlier. If not that, then it was all of their crap from days prior. I felt like I was more of a burden then a welcomed guest. My question was, if you didn't want me there, why ask? One person did this so often, now, if she asks to take me anywhere, I decline the invitation. It was a small change, but it made my life easier.

What changes can you find to make your life easier and more joy-filled? How many changes will there be? Will it get you closer to the abundant life that Jesus promised or did you think it was suppose to happen with a snap of your fingers, if that much effort at all (James 1:22 KJV). The word tells us to examine ourselves and consider our ways. If this is instruction for us to do, why scoff at it?

The second part of the holidays are practically breathing down our necks. There will be family reunions and gatherings that is the highlight to some and for others a reason to crouch in their closets, close the door and start mumbling to themselves. Why do it, if there is no joy in it? So what if your family will expect you there. Would you rather compromise your peace and joy to make your family happy for those few hours or would you rather be happy for the entire time? Did you enjoy your childhood or is it something you would rather forget? Memory Lane isn't for everyone. This could be one of the those small changes that can be made. Make some new family traditions of your own. Who are you allowing to write your story. Let it be you and make your own happy ending. Live forever after. Amen.

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