Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crap Can't Attach Itself

I was listening to a woman on her internet ministry giving advice to all of her listeners. She said something that I had an immediate response to. Yes, I do talk to screens and to anything else that is trying to give me life lessons where there is no Word to back what is being said. She had started off well, as with most messages. The listener relaxes believing that what is being said is a Word from the Lord; however, it is written for us all to watch and pray. Just as she was teaching that one must be "prayed up" for daily living, you still must have all of those prayers in order when listening to church messages. Because the next thing she talked about was going through spiritual warfare. I listened attentively for the verse to back that up. I didn't hear any and  therefore could not receive the message she was giving.

I had contemplated whether I was going to subscribe to her ministry because there are so few ministries that preach the Word of God online on a regular basis. I decided otherwise because of the message I heard. Did I judge her (Matthew 7:1 AMP)? No, I examined the meal that was placed before me. I don't like receiving a plate that I have to pick over to find the nutritional bits and pieces. If I have to pick over a plate, I am not going to eat from it. In deciding not to subscribe to her website was turning the plate she was offering back to the waitress. I was not interested in upsetting the peace I searched for. My Kingdom Lifestyle is fine without adding what she was offering into the mix.

I am a firm believer in the 23rd Psalm. It was the first passage I memorized. Even though I had no idea what it meant, in due time, when I could pick it apart to see all of the benefits that righteous has and there is no way I was going to eat anything different then what the Lord prepared. Everything He has for me is good and will sustain me until the next meal. Why pick up something that He did not prepare? If you don't hear the Word of God with the messages, it was not from the Lord!

Now, with that preface, take a hold of this example and apply it to your life where it fits: A woman, having the  position of a social worker for a population that is not used to the American culture, was given the task to find resources for this group of people. She had to make sure that all that was needed was in place for them to become American citizens. In so doing, she got attached to many of them and when their behavior was less then exemplary, she made excuses for them or defended them so they would not get into trouble. At times, this was admirable but when the people became residents for more then 10, 15, and 20 years, she was no longer their confidant but an accomplice. She continued to defend or minimize the rebellious behavior. One day, one of her clients had a disagreement with her. He became belligerent with her and threatened her life. For weeks he would see if she came to work and then threaten her. She believed his threats and the last straw was when he brought a gun to her office to intimidate her. She let the administration know what was happening and how she was being treated by this client. Oddly, administration listened to what she had to say and began to minimize the threat as being just a slight misunderstanding. The client continued to harass her and she was beside herself as to what to do. No matter who she went to, their answer was she couldn't prove it or it wasn't taken seriously. Eventually, she was placed in a cubical so her clients didn't have free access to her anymore. I found the entire matter extremely interesting and wondered if she learned any lesson. I did.

I understand that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities, powers and evil spirits in high places (Ephesians 6:10-20 KJV). Here is where is gets tricky. When you are doing what you are called to do, those evil things cannot come anywhere near you (Psalm 91:9-11 KJV). When Jesus said to seek the Kingdom of God first and all things will be added unto you, this was a command that has some necessity to it. It is a paramount act to gain the full abundance that Jesus came to give. There is a scripture that I refuse to place here because there has to be some effort on your part to seek what the Kingdom is. Spiritual warfare is a term that is not used in the scriptures. It is not in King James or the Amplified versions of the bible (as far as I have researched. If you find otherwise I will make a retraction). Jesus was around throngs of people that were seeking to kill Him; yet because of His calling, He walked right through them without being touched at all. Daniel in the Lion's den and in the fiery furnace - he was compliant to what he was called to do. It is why the lions didn't touch him nor did one singe of hair was burned on his head.

The fact of the matter is spiritual warfare is a religious term for trouble. When trouble happens it just doesn't come about out of the clear blue sky. It manifests because it was created by words and actions of the individual. Job created trouble for himself and his family because of his fears that his children were sinning even when they never went to him and confessed a thing (Job 3:25 KJV). David's son died because of his pre-meditation on having sex with a married woman and then sending for her husband so David wouldn't be saddled with a child out of wedlock and a product of adultery (2 Samuel 11 KJV). Solomon's blatant disobedience was what caused him to lose his reign and change his tone when writing Ecclesiastes (1 Kings 11:1-4 AMP). If all of these men were in right standing with God there wouldn't have been the trouble that was written about them.

Here is where believers state that it is what is suppose to happen in order for us to learn lessons and have maturity in Christ. I would really need the scripture for that. God doesn't give us trouble for us to learn lessons. Trouble comes because of disobedience. Why would Jesus come for us to have an abundant life and  have trouble included with it? That is not written. It wouldn't make any sense. We were in trouble as sinners! Being in Christ takes you out of trouble, out of sin, out of death, out of lack, out of poverty. If these are the things you are battling, you must with all diligence, consider your ways (Haggai 1:7 AMP).

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