Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yeah, But What If...?

I find it amazing that we as Christians haven't quite figured out what it is we have in Him. Its almost aggravating that we cannot see why God does what He does in our lives and all we have to do is acknowledge Him to get what He has promised us. He is good. So why would He give children something they don't deserve? He has already given us His only begotten Son and look... look how we treat that gift. Do you really think you should expect more? To much is given much is required!!!

I was watching Kenneth Copeland and Keith Moore this week on the Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast (Friday, February 11, 2011). The topic they were having so much fun discussing is the richness of God and how so many of us are still wondering, how come I don't have or why is he blessed more then me or when is it going to be my turn? Keith Moore explained how people get into a rut because they refuse to yield their will over to God and because of this their vision is as if there is this veil covering the blessing that is right in front of their faces.

We have all been there, on our knees travailing as to why we are going through what ever it is that seems to pain us even knowing that someone else's pain is worse, it doesn't completely take away what it is we would like to happen in our lives right now. Personally, I am notorious to be a multi-tasker. I like to keep busy doing something. To just sit still and do nothing but sit would be a pain far worse then.... well, I just won't go there. The point is, God had me to enter into His rest, which was good but I still needed to do something while there (Hebrews 4:10 KJV). I needed to be still and I just couldn't. I didn't even realize that this need to be overly productive was also seeping into the day of rest - the Sabbath. When was I going to have one? If I wasn't going to school, working, managing a house, and taking care of my family, I was in church services, or volunteering my time elsewhere. I truly believed that helping in ministry was taking a rest during the Sabbath time. No one in the ministry was telling me any different. They were glad someone was there to do the tasks at hand. It seemed to be, at the time, the hardest thing for me to do, just to sit down and be still. Aarraaagggh! Even when I saw that there was a need that no one was going to step up to do - I just knew I could do it because God gave me the ability. He gave me the skills. So it must be Him speaking to me to do this thing.... so who was telling me to be still? I wasn't confused. I was being tempted and had to sit still to clearly hear the right voice. In that time of stillness, God showed me two women that were fabulous multi-taskers as well. Each had their own stories of hard times and what they did to get out of them. Each profess Jesus as Lord. Each had a stroke and is working diligently to regain their health. God is good.

The whiners waiting for God to give them that million out of the sky and repeating day in and day out, "money cometh to me... now," why do you suppose it hasn't got here as of late? God will not do for a child who refuses to be obedient. Creflo Dollar, a well known pastor of World Changers International Ministries, had explained something in the beginning of his ministry. He confessed daily that he was going to be a millionaire. He more than likely used scripture knowing the Word would not return to God void and therefore knew that it would eventually happen. After so many years, he asked God why it hadn't happened for him yet. God answered him by stating if he knew how much money he has made in that year. Pastor Dollar answered that he didn't. There was quiet which was indicative for him to go and find out. When he went over his records with an accountant, he learned he had made exactly what he asked for months ago, but because of his passion for what God led him to do, he didn't see it. How different of a pastor would he have been had he received all of the money in one lump sum? Would he have heard God as clearly as he does now? God is good.

It is just ridiculous how people try to blame God for stuff that they won't take responsibility for. I find specific things so fascinating that is in the Word and some things that I have to wait for God to reveal them to me. This one fact should preach all on its own because it is so good and I am hoping that I can write it in such a way that it would be clear to those who really can see.

There are people who love science and what answers they receive from the experiments, observations and hypothesis created from it. When coupled with scriptures, it is undeniable what God tells us to do and not to do. Oddly, though, when believers have the facts, their refusal to let go of what they have enjoyed for so many years is baffling to me yet it explains why one gets in the state that one gets into. I am referring to what we eat. It is clearly defined in the Old Testament and then when Peter has a dream, God reveals to him that he can eat those things that he refused to eat before. Peter answers, I will not defile my body. That is the end of it. Peter isn't punished for rejecting God's suggestion and his answer seems as if it is well received in scripture. However, believers have misinterpreted that verse as meaning that they can eat whatever and has God's permission to do so. Why would they not question Peter's reply? Because they like what they are doing and are not willing to give it up. Fine. Let's take a look at the science of the matter. There are certain animals that are scavengers. They clean up whatever is left behind. They are the natural garbage collectors. That which God created is good and is necessary for them to have these tasks on earth or the earth would be overrun with waste, decomposing carcases, and rotting food. These animals have certain enzymes in their bodies that can break down the things listed and are desirable for them to eat. For humans to eat these animals that have been listed for us not to eat and Peter said would defile his body, would mean for us to consume those enzymes that are not in our bodies. Those enzymes that break down matter we are not eating. What would those enzymes that we don't normally have be doing then? Could they form together and cause sickness and disease in our bodies so that they can have something to breakdown? Would that sound like what cancer does? So I ask how important is it for us to eat those thing listed in scripture? Can we yield this matter over to the Lord so we can be as blessed as He intended? It is ridiculous to holler that you really need that shrimp or one more taste of turtle soup when there are so many other things for us to eat. God is good.

I have to end this post knowing that there are other things that is keeping us from God's best. I have been writing about them all along. Just go through the other blogs. I would just like to close with a verse that is continuously over looked and has really made sense of so many things in my life. I have had a dickens of a time finding this verse (in the past), but once listed here, hold onto it and never let it go. It will assist you when you have major decisions to make. Ready? That which is permissible is not always profitable (1 Corinthians 6:12 MSG). Go through this post again with that scripture in mind and you will see why it had to be written. God is good. 

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