Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protect The Anointing

I suppose it is what the pastors do when they have about 6-12 deacons walk with him/her to the podium or to their perspective seats. I heard a pastor say that he assigns such an entourage to the guest speakers because the members or visitors will reach for them and distract them from their message. I figured it was so that when touched virtue wouldn't be perceived to have left him/her. You know, like what happened to Jesus with the woman who had the issue of blood (Luke 8:42-48 KJV). The only thing I find a little disturbing is to go through such drastic measures for the congregation to see this man (or woman) of God is really protected. Where is the faith?

There have been recent reports of pastors and ministers going through all sorts of turmoil. From scandalous affairs to acts not becoming of a Christian much less a pastor of a church. I recall when I first heard of anything scandalous, I cried as if it happened to someone in my family (1 Corinthians 12:20-26 KJV). It was actually a grieving process I went through. I didn't think about the anointing then, but now that it has been mentioned, where is the entourage when you really need it? Someone or something had reached out and disturbed the message in order for a scandal to break out. Someone or something disturbed the flow in order for an affair to have happened. Someone or something distracted the sermon from going forth. Is it only important to have the protection when in church services to preach a message? What about throughout a person's day? Who is protecting all of the other anointed people?

Is it clear that to make such a dramatic scene for a number of men to follow a speaker is specifically staged for entertainment? The men can no more protect the anointing on the speakers then they can in protecting the anointing on their own lives. Maybe baby Christians needed to see that before getting a complete understanding.  All of the disciples that was around Jesus to get Him through the throngs of people didn't keep the woman with the issue of blood from touching Him. For He asked, "Who touched Me?"

One of the pastors I heard preaching said in one of the many messages, "you must watch what you hear, see, and say." That simple statement is the weapon in protecting the anointing. If anyone ever wonders what happened to such and such pastor or ministry? It is because of what he/she heard, said, or thought of to do that caused the ministry to change or close.

I was invited to a woman's retreat so many years ago. It was so peaceful and anointed for the entire weekend. I was relaxed and in such a state of peace and joy, I didn't have any desire to leave and go back home to deal with all of the tasks I had to do. When I got home, I didn't watch television. I stayed to myself and prayed and read my bible. That joy and peace continued for awhile. But then the weekend was coming to an end and I had to think along the lines of getting my schedule together to manage the rest of my week. In so doing I got back in my regular routine and when finished I sat down and began watching my usual programs on T.V. It was then I became aware of that peacefulness I had coming back from the retreat wasn't the same. In fact, I was started to feel "normal" again. Not that "normal" was bad, it just wasn't ... well, like angels singing on high feeling. Could one feel like that all of the time or did I make it disappear because of what I was doing, thinking, watching, and saying?

The blood that was shed on the cross is all of the protection we need. When people were coming to stone Jesus for what He said, He was able to walk through the crowd of people without anyone seeing Him. How could that be? God gives those who He has called an anointing to do what he has called for us to do. He is the Almighty One... the Creator of all. We do have a responsibility to maintain what has been given to us - that is, if we are strong enough to stand (Galatians 5:1 KJV). It is the purpose for the helps and five fold ministries (1 Corinthians 12:27-31 KJV). It is the purpose for the studying of the Word (Joshua 1:8 AMP). It is why we have sought out the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33 KJV). Is why we keep from arguing (James 1:20 KJV). It is why we do what we do (Matthew 22:36-40 AMP). If it is too difficult for you to do - then the entourage is understandable (Romans 8:5-7 KJV).

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