Monday, August 9, 2010

FarmTown (c)

I opened an account with Facebook(C)about a year ago for purposes completely void of playing games. Eventually I got into some of them and others I didn't see the amusement in. However, there is a game that I believe is so closely related to the bible, I became fascinated with the dynamics of it.

Let me first explain why I chose this topic to write about. I am employed to work in a senior community that is predominant in a particular ethnicity. Though I have a college education, the position doesn't require one and therefore there are many preconceived notions not only because of my position but ethnicity as well. I have worked with a variety of nationalities and am not one to sterotype people because of how it feels when it is done to me. With this in mind, picture it: I was sitting in a common area using the computer when the maintenance guy said that he had to clean the room for a meeting. I then started to finish what I was doing on the computer to leave. The women from the same company that I am employed started coming in for the meeting with files and various materials in hand. They spoke to each other when entering the room but said nothing to me. They are very aware that I work for the same company or they would have said something about me being in that room using the computer. But they said nothing. Not even a good morning. I was offended and left so they could have their meeting.

Earlier in the month, the company hired a new social worker. She does the same work I went to school to do. She was introduced to all of the other employees in the building, including myself. Though there were many who interviewed for the job, she obtained it because of her familiarity with the nationality and their observances. As racist as that may have sounded - it is what the administrator said to me. Be as it may, a few weeks into the job, I noticed this same woman only speaking to certain people and not others. While in the small office area, about to start my shift, the new social worker was also in the office speaking to the receptionist. When she was finished, the receptionist said hello and the new social worker said nothing. I said hello, and still not one word. I then stood in her face and resonated my voice. She immediately turned red and spoke. She heard me the first time. Why did I have to go through embarrassing her for her to be civil?

In a meeting that I was apart of where we discussed the residents in the building, with my position there isn't a whole lot to be said. But because of my training, I can spot domestic violence when others wouldn't really notice it much. I brought the subject up to the new social worker only after giving her a brief synapse of my resume. It became quiet and she said if she and I could speak in her office. After that day, it was apparent that my other co-workers forgot that my employment here isn't because it was all I could do. The mood was different and I was treated with respect that I didn't realize was absent from them.

This dynamic with people has also been found virtually as well. We don't see each other (just a personally created avatar) in this game of FarmTown, nevertheless the abilities and attitudes of our environment, genetics, and stereotypes seem to follow no matter what others may think. Those that have achieved a certain status in the game, when they hire workers they aren't as forth coming to speak. They only wish for the worker to get the job done and move on. The worker could have a PhD but who would know that? I have achieved a certain status and have hired people on my farm as well. I speak to them but when they see my farm, they aren't very talkative. I had a woman work for me in the several businesses that I have. She just looked at how I designed my farm and commented on it. Funny, both of us were cordial to one another, she wouldn't extend her conversation any farther then vague information. This was not the case when I began the game and at the beginner's levels.

Now where does the Word fit in this? To be meek and humble (Matthew 5:5 KJV) is a decision as with obtaining life as opposed to death (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV); however, when we make up our minds to be ourselves with people no matter what the status, this comes from the Word as well (James 2:2-4 KJV). The problem is, once achieving a certain level of social or financial status, we can't help but behave and speak differently from those who have not. The Word says, let the Words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and redeemer (Psalm 19:14 KJV). Well, isn't it obvious that people with a higher social and financial status had a different vision than someone on a lesser level. With a different vision comes a different language - doesn't it? Tycoons don't hem and haw, they get the job completed. It is obvious in real life, as I depicted here and in a virtual game where people don't know where you are from, the color of your skin, or the gender unless you tell them. How could I be offended with them being so rude? They see me at a specific age doing a job that doesn't require a college education. True, they are assuming, but wouldn't you?

Personally in the game, I don't hire as many people as I used to. The men wouldn't complete the task and the women started to get uppity. By that I mean, if I hired more than just the one woman, she would pitch a fit for her to do the job herself or she would leave without completing what I hired her for. For myself, I don't usually accept jobs from other farmers unless I am trying to increase my level. I have more than enough money to do whatever it is that I need to do. Even in the game, it feels good.

The working on the farm with the plowing, sowing seed and harvesting to get to where you are trying to go is just a life lesson for a Christian all the way around. See what God says to you.

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