Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have been writing for quite awhile about pastors preaching messages that have led people out of the will of God, whether intentional or not. I was angry and made it my point to make some changes based on my own experiences and what I studied in the Word that was much different than what was taught to me. Then this morning I got up and realized something that I taught my children and no doubt have said in conversation and have counseled to my clients and it wasn't right. Even knowing only apart of the truth, wasn't the whole truth so deception could be used through the process of elimination, assumption, and deduction. I had to make this wrong right.

I believed that if we try to escape from a situation that is not favorable, then we will eventually be met with the same situation again because we had not learned from our mistakes. For instance, if Job continually behaved in such a way where his punishment for the behavior was him being out in the field scraping his sores with chard and contemplating why he was born, without change he was going to be out in the field again. I thought this to be true with those who dated out of pity or believing no one else would understand the person but you. Then maturing you realize you made the biggest mistake of your life because pity is how the he/she got along in life and you fell for it too. Should you run or teach the person a lesson so not to do this with anyone else?

If you ran, I believed the situation would be incomplete and something you would face again because you could be tricked again. Running would be conducive to fear. God would not be pleased with this sort of action. But then, isn't that what Joseph did when Potiphar's wife began to seduce him? Would God have been more pleased if he sat down and tried to reason with her? You know, quote scripture to convince her of her evil ways? Would she be less attracted to him and not try to seduce him again any other young man? Why contemplate? Just run!!!

I write this because Solomon wrote that there is nothing new under the sun and I believe that someone else might have an epiphany as well but not be thoroughly convinced that there are others like you who thought the same thing. If you realize that you have a weakness in a certain thing, know that there are others who can pick up on that and will take advantage. There are predators who wait for timid people who won't speak up themselves for a reason. Pimps at bus terminals wait for the runaways for a reason. Drugs are given away free to newbies for a reason. Older men marry very young girls for a reason. You see, the weakness here is not knowing. It is witten those who don't know perish. You won't repeat the same mistake if you run. Running isn't necessarily operating in fear but in many cases it is using Wisdom and keeping Peace.

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Joseph said...

Ah, I liked this. Sometimes is it wise to run when we have knowledge of repeated issues in an area.

Otherwise, I say stand fast against the principalities of darkness, in the full armor of God. We are heirs, sons and daughters.. of the Most High God.

Paul said to stand and fight.. except in 1 case..He says "Flee sexual immorality."

But yes, we are taught to repent, turn around, go the other way. Pluck it out, cut it off.. Instead of running away, I like to think of it as trampling it underfoot and continuing to march forward. :)

Onward Christian Soldiers! :)

Thanks for sharing. I found your website on blogcatalog where brethren are looking at each other's websites, and giving some ideas/suggestions. My only suggestion is that the colors on the site was hard for me to read. I had to highlight the writings with my mouse so I could easier read it.

God bless you and yours. your loving brother,