Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Have you ever went on vacation and returned home more exhausted then when you left? Have you ever gone on a day of shopping and couldn't wait to get home? Have you ever been invited to someone's house for a nice meal and time just seemed to stand still? Then why do it?

I work in a place where it is relaxed and casual. Being sociable in the community is welcomed but not necessary. I have worked as a Social Worker, Counselor, and Director and some of those skills I am pleased that I have for this position; however, to be extroverted can be a detriment. People smile in your face but when you finally leave to mingle with others, they will roll their eyes as if relieved to be rid of you. My co-worker says I am anti-social yet the rolled eyes are those I see when she moves on to talk to others. I don't defend myself nor do I tell her what I have witnessed. What purpose would it serve when she believes her personality traits are commendable? I smile and greet people as they walk by and oddly enough they tend to migrate towards me to converse. My co-worker doesn't have what the community jokingly calls my "entourage", yet she tries so hard for those rolling eyes to ceased. It has to be tiring and she must be so relieved on her days off.

I use to know someone who spent most of his time thinking of what someone else might say in a conversation before actually having the conversation. How well he fared in trying to manipulate matters in his favor were statistics he kept to himself. He more than likely believed this to be a skill or gift from God he could use his whole life to be successful. Someone else watching the process unfold could see the fledglings of mental illness. How could he keep separate the thoughts of one person from another and among his own?

I recently saw a tele-evangelist explain when having two choices and God said for the person to choose. The tele-evangelist chooses from the two with an unsteady hand, saying, "what if it is the wrong one?" Then states that God replies, "if a mistake is made, He will find you." Which sounds so loving and so God-like; however, if given a choice to do one or the other and you don't know which is better, instead of choosing and be wrong why not remind God of His Word (Isaiah 1:18-20 AMP)? I did the very thing the tele-evangelist described. It was either stay where I was or move to another part of the country and start over. I prayed about it and moved. The trip began with excitement in experiencing the journey before me. The result having spent most of what I saved, trying to understand people I didn't like, and in a place that was bothersome from the word go. I returned where I should have been, exhausted from the experience and a little jaded from that side of the country.

My point, as it will always be, if Peace isn't there, why go (Proverbs 12:28 AMP)? Why must one try so hard to gain results that should already be there? The Word states He has already paved the way so why climb the rough side of the mountain? When given a choice, I reply to God, "I already chose life. Which one of the two will that be for me?"

Talking to people comes easy for me. The ease tells me that it is a gift from God. Excessively speaking trying to have the last word and giving out entirely too much information is exhausting and not God at all.

When one does those things previously mentioned on a regular basis, when will he get rest? Does one ceased from that mental/emotional work on the Sabbath? If you don't is it unrighteousness?

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